How to update the interior in a rented apartment

Good to live in his apartment - you can do everything the way you want it you. And what do those who rents an apartment and forced to endure the harsh realities of the Russian design?

I want to tell you how to simply and inexpensively update the interior removable housing and not to quarrel with the owners.

1. Use temporary wallpaper

How to update the interior in a rented apartment

In search of the perfect home, I'd seen a lot of apartments, wallpaper which is a sad sight. But we choose an apartment, because it fits the budget and close our eyes to the designs of the hosts. If your version is particularly desperate, use temporary wallpaper. Their meaning is that they can be easily removed from the walls, if you need to move out. In addition to temporary wallpaper there are removable panels, where you can do any print, for example, the image of the dire wolf Game of Thrones, adorn the wall and live in the comfort of knowing that the owners will not be able to anything to find fault. Typically, decorative wall panels made of PVC or MDF, and you can buy these in any building hypermarkets and even produce custom-made. They are easy to install and dismantle, so that cosmetic repairs you can do yourself.

Just imagine: you live surrounded by pleasant colors and an old wall, broken sockets or uneven plaster masked and do not spoil the overall impression of the interior.

2. Add personality to the wall

Hung framed on the wall, and live immediately became more pleasant, there was a feeling that in the interior there is part of you. Decorate the walls of paintings and photographs - budget and stylish way to update the interior. Where you can unleash the imagination: combine photos and paintings in different styles, add your own artwork, print photos from Instagrama. A wall with pictures will add comfort, and if they come to visit, make sure you will consider your collection.

3. Is garlands

How to update the interior in a rented apartment

The light is able to give the room a completely different look, and for that you only need to try different bulbs, materials, sizes and shapes. My best friend in the kitchen puts a light bulb, which works as a disco ball when her bad mood, but you need to cook dinner. The question price - 300 rubles, but the fun is limitless.

Use garlands, hanging on the curtains, and small lamps with pleasant colored light near his bed.

4. Draw

You can add simple graphics on the kitchen cabinets. Simple patterns like minimalist tattoo, golden line. Several motions bright marker on the line, and within 10 minutes of your standard white wardrobe unique.

5. Bring the garden inside the

How to update the interior in a rented apartment

green indoor plants goes well with any color. If you are lucky enough to have white walls in a Scandinavian style, the abundance of flowers in pots only will improve the appearance of the room. In addition, the flowers - a lot of oxygen, and thus you will feel better, you will start to work productively with little effort.

Depending on how much color and moisture need to flower, you can place the pots in the living room and in the bathroom.

6. Change your taps

You do not notice, but even a simple kitchen mixer can shine brightly in your kitchen, and you do not need to spend a lot of time to clean him up. A Aliekspress playground offers small LED nozzle to the crane, which create a feeling of running tap water color.

7. Do not forget about the

How to update the interior in a rented apartment

Designer HomePolish Jennifer Wallenstein says that always begins with the interior curtains. Balance the bright curtains faded wallpaper or fabric inquire diligently with certain prints.

8. Try decoupage

Girls who are addicted to decoupage, do not need to explain how to update the furniture and also happy to spend time. Decoupage - drawing an image on the surface - can make from an old box vintage and from dull - bright and stylish.

If your apartment is furnished with handles, you can find special nozzles in the decor stores. They look very bright and bring to the interior a touch of antiques. They can be painted door handles, drawers and cabinets, and even the faucets in the bathroom.

9. Renew agreement

How to update the interior in a rented apartment

to negotiate with the landlord, he would react to that, if you add some new furniture. You can purchase inexpensive countertop in Ikeja or hardwood floors over his boring. In the end, you can always arrange a mini-bar in your apartment, and there will be more fun. Typically, the owners are not against it, and some are even willing to deduct these changes in the rent.

10. Finish with accessories

HomePolish designer Anna Gray says that accessories may seem a small addition, but in fact they increase the quality of the space, as well as jewelry complete your image.

Add a few colorful pillows or decorative trim souvenirs. To avoid the feeling of kitsch, stick to one color scheme to create a cohesive palette.