6 ways to diversify the interior in a rented apartment

Apartment rent - great for young girls who can not rely on his own apartment, and do not want to stay long in one place. You have the opportunity to explore new areas, move to another location or even the city, you do not need to worry about mortgage rates or to think about how to drop the price of apartment depending on what happens in the market.

The main disadvantage - you can not change the space or make repairs as you want, for example, in the style of "Game of Thrones". Things that are in the apartment, because it just would not leave, as well as not instead of new ones.

Nevertheless, there are several ways to transform the space so that it became like an apartment of your dreams. Most of these things you can take with you when you move, not delivering any inconvenience the owner of the apartment.

1. Add the kitchen shelves

6 ways to diversify the interior in a rented apartment

Use the magnetic suspended shelves for spices and knives, to save more space in the kitchen. You can also use metal rails to fix them bottles, glasses, cutlery and pots of herbs suitable for salad.

2. Change your pen

Old door handles and fittings on furniture to change much easier than you think. The question price - no more than 100 rubles, and bright variety of items will allow you to choose not only the color of the material, but also his style. Introduces more than mirrors and shiny surfaces, to visually expand the space and add light to the room.

3. Make the emphasis on light

6 ways to diversify the interior in a rented apartment

You are not able to control the location of the sockets and switches, but you can change the light fixtures and chandeliers. Choose showy lampshades or unusual lights that change color and brightness of the backlight in order to diversify the interior. Do not neglect the opportunity to establish a floor lamp, and not just a small lamp, as well as add more light to the cabinets in the kitchen.

4. Add a patterned paper to surfaces

Stick shrink film with a pattern or marbled effect on the horizontal surface to get rid of the need to change the whole kitchen countertop. You can use a plastic coating, which will be protected from heat and simplify cleaning.

5. Change your bathroom mirror

6 ways to diversify the interior in a rented apartment

Mirror - one of the key elements that can visually expand the space in the bathroom and make it fresh. If you do not have the possibility to change it, because it is attached to the cabinet, though it thoroughly otmoy and add a bit of bright parts on the edge: crystals, LED ribbon or other decorative elements.

6. Replace taps

Replacing the faucet may seem an impossible task, but it will have a significant impact on your comfort in a rented apartment. It is not expensive, but the shiny surface of the cranes and the absence of unnecessary leaks will lift you up even during a routine washing dishes.

And that you change in the first place in a rented apartment?