Bright jacket: the idea of ​​a beautiful manicure

Almost every woman at least once in life appealed to the master nail service with a request to transform their pens. Currently, there are many different options for a fashionable manicure, including the jacket has a special place and is regarded as a classic nail art.

What is the jacket?

Bright jacket: the idea of ​​a beautiful manicure

French - type of manicure, which was coined by French fashion designers. This explains the unusual name of this type of coverage. Often, coming in a trendy beauty salon or beauty to the private master, the client called the second title jacket - French manicure.

Secrets of the popularity of

The popularity of this type of manicure is associated with universal coverage. French is ideal for the business image and complement the festive attire and makeup. And for everyday use French manicure is considered the most convenient and acceptable for this coating.

In addition, the jacket is simple to perform technology that enables many representatives of the fair sex to cover the nail plate in this way at home. In addition, the French manicure looks very natural. Thanks to him, nails looks strong and healthy. Such manicure suitable for both long and for short nails.

The evolutionary development of the French manicure

Bright jacket: the idea of ​​a beautiful manicure

If at the end of the XX century and in the early 2000s had a little jacket coat varieties, it is now a classic production technology has a lot of extras.

So, the tips of the nails may be coated with non-white staff and black or any bright color. They can be decorated with special crystals, sparkles, patterns. Furthermore, the main part of the nail will not necessarily be coated with a pink lacquer or beige. The base can be used as a bright coating or discreet patterns. Furthermore, the shape of the tip of the nail plate will optionally have a crescent shape. It can be triangular and have roundings. Everything depends on the professionalism of the master and his imagination in creating jacket. Bright manicure could be the perfect addition to any image.

Bright jacket: the idea of ​​a beautiful manicure

The History of

This type of coverage of the nail plate was coined by French fashion designers of the late twentieth century, namely in 1976. The design was developed by the American company ORLY beauty-especially for Hollywood celebrities.

The main task of such nail was versatility thanks to which the star had the opportunity to not change the nail plate coating by changing the suit. That is why the basic shades to cover the nail beige and light pink colors were chosen in the performance of his tunic. The tips of the nails were covered with white paint.

Forms French Manicure

Bright jacket: the idea of ​​a beautiful manicure

At present, there are many varieties of jacket:

  • classic jacket;
  • a bright multi-colored jacket;
  • French-millennium;
  • wedding jacket;
  • art-jacket;
  • Lunar jacket;
  • french twist;
  • Fan jacket.

Each of these types has its own characteristics and distinctive features. It is worth noting that most brides to create their own individual and unique wedding image choose exactly jacket, with bright assorted colors and gentle with a predominance of light colors.

French on short nails and nails of medium length

Bright jacket: the idea of ​​a beautiful manicure

For short nails and nails of medium length approach, not every type of manicure. French is the best to decorate your nails short length. Moreover, many masters of the opinion that such a coating for short nails, even more than the greater length of the nail plate. French manicure on short nails look very nice and natural. Tip shape may be different: triangular, square, oval, almond. All depends on the characteristics of the nail plate. But more often the master of beauty opting for short nails round or oval French manicure, which can easily complement any image.

Select a color depends on several factors:

  • the individual preferences of the client;
  • fashion trends.

For example, during the warm spring and summer Most common shades of lacquer considered pink, yellow, blue, green. At this time, use cover popular with sequins and shimmering. In addition, the manicure is supplemented with drawings, patterns, sequins, beads, rhinestones. Bright summer jacket with a pattern can not only complement the image of the fair sex, but also to demonstrate the individuality of the client, if the design was developed it independently.

Bright jacket on short nails can be executed in different variations. Thus, one or more nails may be completely covered with the gel, and other design may be made in the art French manicure.

Very popular multi-colored jacket, when the colors that cover the nail plate, not repeated. Despite the playfulness of the nail, it is appropriate to look and with a business suit and with a festive dress. This is the universality and indispensability of the French manicure.

French on long nails

Bright jacket: the idea of ​​a beautiful manicure

French manicure is also very suitable for long nails. In addition, the master is possible to play with the shape of the tip of the nail plate and jacket. If a French manicure polish small and medium length often made in a round or oval shape, the more suitable for marigold absolutely any species. For the bold and playful natures ideal option would be a bright pink jacket, complete with patterns, sequins or paillettes. For a more low-key and modest female representatives of an ideal option would cover the quieter colors: blue, beige, light pink.

Very often, the ends of long nails master cover different shades, contrasting with each other. In such cases, it is often used a pair of white and black, red and yellow, red and black, and so on. D.

The color of the coating depends on the individual characteristics of the client and fashion trends. For example, some women flatly refuse to wear the nails bright pink or red hues. Others do not like black.

In addition, time is not standing still. And despite the fact that the French manicure has long been considered a classic, fashion trends and deal with it. So, a few years ago the trend had long nails with pointed tips. Ffrench then repeats the loop of the nail plate.

Currently, the fashion for long pointed nails receded. It was replaced popularity nail medium length, which plates have the shape of a rectangle or rounded.