How to make your own gradient manicure

Every girl should be sure to maintain the beautiful appearance of your hands and nails. After unkempt hands can ruin even the most exquisite way. Manicure with flowers stitched smoothly - gradient manicure - it looks gorgeous and very unusual. In addition, he is the most fashionable in this year. Make a gradient manicure at home is not so difficult. It needs your perseverance and some skills, which will be discussed in this article.

How to make a gradient manicure

How to make your own gradient manicure

To begin, armed with the necessary tools:

- a small sponge or a sponge;

- small sheet of foil;

- glass of water;

- a fine brush;

- nail polish remover;

- varnishes, one for the basecoat the nail plate (clear or white), the 3-4 colored lacquer base coat lacquer Glitter and fixer.

Gradient manicure. Methods of

So, everything you need to create a trendy manicure prepared. We now proceed to its implementation.

  1. Apply nail base body and allow it to dry completely.
  2. Now prepare bottles of varnish that you have chosen for the base coat polish.
  3. sponzhikom soak in a cup of water and a good squeeze to become almost dry. If it is too wet, it is quickly absorbed the varnish that is not desirable.
  4. On the edge of a damp sponge, apply a rich lacquer line.
  5. parallel to the first line, apply the second color lacquer. How to make your own gradient manicure
  6. The same method, apply all other shades. strip length must correspond to the width of your nail, and the height should be approximately equal to the length of the nail. Strip apply as quickly as possible, so as not to give a varnish to dry.
  7. to the foil (or sheet of paper) attach sponzhik with stripes. Make a mark in such a way that the transition from color to color turned out blurry.
  8. Then, to perform a gradient manicure, sponzhik attach to the nail and apply lacquer to the nail plate pat. Do this several times to get a dense coating.
  9. All the same with the rest of the nail.
  10. cotton swab or a fine brush dipped in nail polish remover, wipe excess around the nail varnish.
  11. After drying, apply varnish on top with sequins.
  12. And the final stage - applying a fixative to the nails.

Gradient manicure from nail to nail

How to make your own gradient manicure

Such a manicure done is also quite simple. First applied to the nails, the base foundation. Next you need to choose the right varnish - should be five shades of one color. Then spread these colors that was on the little finger of the lightest and the darkest was on his thumb. Apply them will be using five sponges. You need to start the application with the thumb. After all the nails varnished, remove the excess around the nails with a brush or cotton swab as described in the previous method. In the end, apply a fixative to your beautiful manicure lasted as long as possible, and rejoice in their perfection. That's all! Fashion Nails is ready!