Stylish design french nail and its variants

Beautiful manicure - it neprilozhnoe rule for every girl who wants to make a good impression on the people around them. Manicured nails with a beautiful design allow to look solemn and festive, even in the most

Stylish design french nail and its variants

normal weekday. And this can be done even at home. It is not necessary to attend the expensive salons. But how do you choose the design of nails? French - is the main fashion trend for today. However, it can be different. Ffrench may vary the materials used, as well as shape and color. You have a great choice.

The classic version

Standard jacket is the most preferred for those girls who appreciate tradition. The free end of the nail is painted white. Then the plate can entirely cover the pearlescent or translucent lacquer special protective enamel, which will prolong the life manicure. This design jacket is also relevant in the case of artificial nails. Then the free edge can be immediately put out of the gel or the corresponding acrylic white hue. You do not want to spend a lot of free time? Then resort to the so-called express

Stylish design french nail and its variants

Frenchy. It is made with special TIPS. They already have a clear line of the standard form of a smile. Will only apply on top of the material.

colored jacket

Why not diversify your manicure new shade? This will help refresh your nails. jacket design can be different. It can be not only white but also in color. To do this, use your favorite nail polish shade. If you build your nails, then the tip can be immediately put the right color material. However, there is always a place of fantasy. Do not limit yourself to just one color. Make an original transition with the help of a thin brush. Also relevant variety of patterns and designs on the regrown nail tip. For example, print a tiger skin.


Nearing the party? Then it's time to make your nails really bright and shiny. nail design french-millennium will not remain in the shadows. With it you can easily add the colors and in everyday life. In this case, the nail tip is laid out with small or large sequins, crystals, beads or special mikropylyu. smile line you can additionally decorate. Coating

Stylish design french nail and its variants

should be dense and uniform, so that gaps do not show through the natural nail. To do this, try not to use too large ornaments. They are best individually glued on top. This nail design french particularly relevant in contrasting shades. This immediately attract attention.

Fan jacket

Make your nails volume. Add to manicure mica, artificial pearls, dried flowers and bulonok. They can be put on top or fill material to decorative details lasted longer. In this case it is better to make a custom line of a smile. It may well be fuzzy and adorned with decorative elements.

Custom option

If you like to be different, in this case, make an unusual manicure. Custom design french nail - this is what you need. It can combine all of the above options. In the case of the oval shape of the nails or stiletto smile line is better to make deeper.