Bankruptcy "Tsentrobuv 'company: in Saint Petersburg is a few shops

Once "Tsentrobuv" loud and successful company has lost its customers, and therefore a large amount of cash flows. The reason for this was the crisis and the wrong policy holders of this business. Greatly reduced the number of stores "Tsentrobuv" in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other Russian cities and abroad.

The history of the development of

Founded a chain of shoe stores two businessmen - light and Gurevich - in 1992. The calculation was made of the fact that the footwear market to provide cheap goods for the whole family. Affairs of the company was doing well, shoes sold huge quantities, which contributed to the opening of stores "Tsentrobuv" in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Yekaterinburg, and even in many towns and cities throughout the Russian Federation.

After seven years of successful business joined the company two investors (once created a network of "penny") Artem Khachatryan and Sergey Lomakin. Sell ​​"Penny", the entrepreneurs decided to invest their money in the already successful "Tsentrobuv" network for innovation and its further development.

In 2011, the network had more than 700 outlets across Russia and was considered the most promising and rapidly growing company in the Russian market.


The company, which traded cheap footwear for all family members, took a good acceleration in the wake of the crisis, which grasped the global economy a little earlier. Revenue grew progressively: from 14, 2 billion rubles, which was obtained in 2009 to 45 billion rubles in 2013.

Actively open new stores "Tsentrobuv" in St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Novosibirsk and other Russian cities. There were days in which could be revealed about twenty shops in different cities of Russia.

"Tsentrobuv" became the leader of the sellers of footwear and clothing, and in monetary terms had a 6% share of the Russian market.

Shops "Tsentrobuv" in St. Petersburg, catalog which is constantly replenished with a huge amount of low-end models for different age categories, were opened in many leading shopping centers in the city and took a huge amount of customers.


beginning of the crisis

In 2012, the Russian footwear market has another chain of stores with low prices - Kari, becoming the network "Tsentrobuv" serious competitor.

In addition to external factors that influenced the success of the company, reconnect and internal - change of control, which was Sergei Lomakin. He proceeded to lead the sales and began to borrow funds for the promotion of business and maintain its leadership in the footwear market.

After the occurrence of the next economic global crisis in 2014, the company lost Polish and Ukrainian markets. Accordingly, the fall in sales volume, the company started to pay loans with a delay, constantly delaying paying rent of premises.

The criminal case against Sergei Lomakin

Another important reason for bankruptcy online "Tsentrobuv" was the fact that a huge amount of money was invested in other companies, and is not used for its intended purpose. In 2016 "Gazprombank" sued "Tsentrobuv" for illegal use of credit in the amount of eight billion rubles.

Suspicion fell on the illegal actions of Sergey Lomakin, against businessman opened a criminal case.

Recognition of bankruptcy

Financial analysis of the company was held as a result it was found that the solvency of the company can not be restored because the debt is more than nineteen billion rubles.

In December 2016 the Moscow City Arbitration Court declared the group of companies "Tsentrobuv" bankrupt. Lenders did not object to the company's bankruptcy.


In March 2017 it was placed under surveillance for two major companies - "Tsentrobuv" and "Center", "and all former directors of the company have been suspended from their duties.

Now there are several stores of this network in the northern capital, one of them - "Tsentrobuv" in St. Petersburg, Leninsky prospect, 122.