How to carry out the procedure "hair happiness"?

In modern beauty salons increasingly popular procedure becomes "hair happiness". About it became known not so long ago, but quickly she managed to win the respect of many people. To date, the procedure "hair happiness" by Lebel (Japan) no longer need advertising and false promises, as we all know, and so its benefits and incredible results. After the procedure, it is impossible not to enjoy the resulting effect, which could not be expected.

How to carry out the procedure

What Lebel Cosmetics

The procedure of "happiness for hair" from Lebel is not just a fancy name, it contains a wide variety of manipulation aimed at improving the quality of curls. It received the name of a whole line of tools from a reputable manufacturer Lebel Cosmetics, which is a leader among Japanese cosmetic products.

To help these products

A unique procedure "happiness for hair" is carried out using a variety of means - serums and oils. Thanks to them, there is a chance to get rid of the following problems:

  • are thin and brittle strands;
  • locks affected by chemical exposure, dyeing, bleaching, and so on;
  • curly, unruly hair and porous;
  • hair loss due to hormonal changes (eg after childbirth).

conducted in the home or in the salon procedure "happiness hair" guarantees the recovery of curls. Cosmetics of brand has a therapeutic effect, not only outside but inside. As a result, the client receive shiny and silky hair, which are not confused with each other and not pushatsya.

How to carry out the procedure

In addition to all these benefits means used for the procedure, "an absolute fortune for hair", it should be noted and stimulate hair follicles. Due to the production of Lebel Cosmetics accelerates growth, which makes it possible to surprise surrounding a luxurious head of hair.

Specific details of

Now very few people wonder about what kind of procedure - "hair happiness", but not every woman knows about its features. In the process of its implementation uses seven funds, the composition of which necessarily contains vitamins, minerals, lipids, ceramides, proteins and moisturizers. They promote restoration of hair cortex, external lipid layer, as well as the stimulation of hair growth and getting rid of dandruff and itching.

It is these features of the procedure "hair happiness" attract young girls and older women. Become more beautiful every woman wants, and the latest tools and procedures help to achieve great goals.

How to carry out the procedure

The first phase of

At the beginning of "hair happiness" procedures are used only four funds:

  1. C Serum This product is made up of ceramides, which are lipid components of the cell membrane and play an important role in the acquisition of hair smoothness and shine. Together with them, and other working elements: oleic acid, betaine, glycerol, tocopherol, phytosphingosine and lactic acid.
  2. Serum N. The product contains a unique moisturizing factor NMF, which is a complex of hygroscopic molecules. Glycerol, amino acids, urea, linoleic, hyaluronic, lactic acid and pyrrolidone at teamwork well retain moisture that enters from the outside.
  3. Serum R. With this hair product become more elastic and gain protection from the negative impact of the environment. Serum helps restore the protein structure, and thickening hairs. This is due to soy protein, hydrolyzed keratin, silk protein, soybean protein and wheat.
  4. The Fix. This tool is fixed. Its main task is to form a thin film around each individual hair. Achieve the purpose of means to help the following ingredients: hydroxypropyl cellulose, litserin, soy protein, as well as castor oil.

Particular attention must be paid to the additional active components, on the basis of which a variety of effective tools for hair care - betaine, glycine, arginine, threonine, leucine, and allantoin. All of them are also active on the first stage of the procedure.

How to carry out the procedure

The second stage - the mask Gum Lipid

For the next stage of the mask used Gum Lipid Gum Lipid 1 and 2. Each of them is designed lipid-based are safely disposed into the hair structure between the cortex and the cuticle. It is due to lipids hair is shiny, strong and elastic.

The structure of the first mask includes:

  • linoleic acid;
  • plant wheat cystine;
  • creatine;
  • tocopherol;
  • citric acid.

The second method consists of:

  • santanovoy resin;
  • anhydrous wheat protein.

The third stage - means Relaxing Slime

In the final stage, taking part means Relaxing Slime. This mask is designed to stimulate the scalp, which is why as a main component, the manufacturer chose konnyaku.

Due to the effects of plant polysaccharides on the skin there is a pleasant and soft feel. As an environmentally friendly product, produced by means of a multi-level filtration plant tubers, he copes with moisturizing, softening and skin enrichment of fatty acids.

As part of the mask contains vitamins and minerals that provide power follicles and prevent the hairs falling out. Polysaccharides having a protective, regenerating, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action, helps to get complete care.

How to carry out the procedure

means Relaxing Slime consists of the following components:

  • konnyaku;
  • glycerol;
  • chitosan;
  • raffinose;
  • succinic acid;
  • tocopherol;
  • algae extract.

in the home Procedure

On hair care at home often do not have enough time and effort, but Lebel Cosmetics products it will be only joy. For this program of care did not require unique knowledge in the field of hairdressing. Here you can perfectly cope on their own, without the help of a specialist.

The first thing you need to wash your hair with regular shampoo. According to the instructions of clear recommendations on the selection of the tool is not, but still masters recommend to use shampoos from Lebel Cosmetics. Then it takes a little wet hair, so that they are not too wet. After you wash your hair should be divided into smaller strands and apply mousse Float Cleansing formed by partings. Then you need to add a little warm water, carefully massage the head and fingers to distribute the formed foam over the entire length of hair.

The next step required to rinse and thoroughly dry the hair. Further, they are applied in serum clearly specified sequence: C, N, P. If the curl length is vane, the need to take approximately 10-15 ml means.

Element Fix should be carefully spread with fingertips all the hair and then conceal them a plastic cap and leave for 10 minutes. After that, in the course are Gum Lipid 1 and Gum Lipid 2. They need to be applied over the entire length, carefully combing through the strands. After 10-15 minutes the means necessary to wash off.

How to carry out the procedure

Immediately after the procedure, and for 3 days after it is strictly forbidden to use shampoo. During this time, the components will have time to perform their functions, while washing away all they will disappear, and the procedure will have to take place again.

The choice of shampoo

Often there are disputes over the pre-treatment of scalp and hair. On the recommendations of experts, it is necessary to use funds from one line, so successful the procedure is necessary to choose the right shampoo Lebel. The most popular options are:

  1. CYPRESS. Shampoo is great to owners of sensitive skin prone to flaking and dandruff. In its structure there are: cypress oil, licorice root and soy lecithin. All these elements are perfectly fight against dandruff and revitalizes hair.
  2. means of oil calendula. This shampoo is ideal for greasy skin types. The manufacturer recommends the use of his teens, who prefer to wear dreadlocks and afrokosichki. In addition to oils of calendula, as a part of there chamomile extract and menthol. These components eliminate itching, eat well and moisturize the hair.


Ironically, reviewed the "hair happiness", there are only positive. Passing it, women are happy, because the result it is noticeable immediately. They claim that after washing off the last component they see changes in the structure of hair. Earlier confuses strands can now be divided even when wet and when dry there is a beautiful shine and silkiness.

How to carry out the procedure

"Happiness for Hair" fits all, without exception. Means an excellent job with this task. Due to the procedure many women were able to say goodbye to dry, shove, brittle hair and be confused.