Leopard manicure how to make at home

Fashionable leopard manicure do not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Minimum necessary tools and materials, a little imagination and creativity. In the fashion came in this type of design is not so long ago, but already very fond of girls and women from around the world.

Leopard manicure how to make at home

Manicure Forms with this design

Leopardovy manicure can be configured in several different ways. For example, by using special stickers, Photo Design, painting or varnish. The latter, incidentally, refers to the easiest way to perform a manicure. Special varnish on the type of varnish with effect craquelure can be with leopard print, and with any other animal.

Leopard manicure how to make at home

Preparation Nail Design

No matter which way will be executed design, you must first prepare the nails. Firstly, do edging or not edging manicure. Second, give the shape of the nail, to align its surface a special buff. Third, apply the base color. His, by the way, must be chosen with great care.

The color palette

Manicure with leopard print varnish can be made of practically any color. But this does not mean that it does not need to be carefully selected. Firstly, manicures should be appropriate. So, its main color should also fit into the selected image. Secondly, leopard manicure bright colors (such as pink background) fundamentally changes the perception by others of such prints. Classic under the animal's skin is considered unfashionable and outdated. It is time for improved leopard prints.

Leopard manicure how to make at home

Manicure with stickers

The easiest way to use special stickers, to create original designs on nails. Before making a leopard manicure, you must choose the right size. If desired, trim the scissors stickers so that they lay flat on the surface of the nail plate. You need to stick exclusively to trained and already covered with the chosen color nails. At the end of the design is covered with transparent varnish.

Leopard manicure how to make at home

Photo Design

No less simple but more accurate than the previous method, a leopard manicure made with the help of Photo Design. Nails are prepared in advance, are covered by the foundation. If photodesign transparent, it is necessary to put and colored lacquer for him. If the finished images are already full design, we can restrict an exclusive basis. Photodesign carefully removed from the film, cut to size of each nail, then soaked for some time in warm water. Thereafter, using tweezers print is transferred to the nail plate, is firmly pressed. You must wait until it is completely dry before you apply the fixer.

Leopard manicure how to make at home

lacquer painting

There is another way to make leopard manicure using lacquer. It needs a thin brush and already pre-prepared nails. Lacquer painting has a huge flaw dries quickly. This means that the work will have to cover quickly. Dip thin brush to paint the color, which will pick out the print. Surplus press on the edge of the vial. Quickly put on nails chaotic zagogulinki-spots. When they dry out, they can be supplemented with embellishment of another color (for example, on one of the photos). After complete drying, cover design nail fixer for nail polish.

Acrylic painting

Overall performance of the technology is similar to the lacquer. The only difference is that acrylic paint is not necessary to work quickly, and they do not thicken in the process of drawing as many lakes. You can dream up with colors, mixing them together, to get an unusual and original color. Apply spot possible and entirely on the nails, and only on selected portions thereof (e.g., oblique line, or only at the tip). And you can do only one fingers.

Fan jacket "Leopard"

Leopard manicure at home, which is extremely simple to perform - this fan-jacket with a print. First, you need to prepare your nails, put on their basis. Further variants are possible. For example, the nail coating by a single color, then execution fan jacket thereon. Or drawing smile lines without base. Effectively leopard manicure look for the tips, covering a light beige or brown. Then the dried spots jacket drawn in a chaotic manner. Some even use just two designs: the nails on all but one - print, one - the trace of the cat's paws. As if there was a leopard and an active heritage. It looks spectacular, stylish and very original.

Leopard manicure how to make at home


How do leopard manicure at home quickly and accurately? Use kit for stamping, if he is at hand. You need: punch, spatula, special paint and a CD with print. Varnish is applied to the nails of the selected color, and then dried. After that, the disc is covered with ink of the desired shade, the excess removed trowel. The stamp is pressed first to the drawing, then the nail to create the print. After drying, cover design fixative. Nothing complicated in this manicure not, at the time the procedure takes 20-30 minutes (15 of them out to dry the nails!).

In the short nails

Leopardovy manicure (steps described above a variety of ways) may be formed on any length nails. Moreover, it considered the ideal length of 3-5 mm. Ie on short nails done leopard print is not only possible, but necessary. And along the entire length, and not just at the tip. Nails are prepared as standard, are covered by the selected color, and then drawn spots of one or more colors. For greater effect, they can be made glossy varnish on a matt surface. This combination (even of the same color) looks as impressive, which immediately forgets what is actually the colors and stains form these cats in the wild.


Leopard manicure is considered one of the most simple and easily executable design that fits your nails of any length and shape. In addition, with proper selection of colors, it can be appropriate at any time and for any reason. In carrying out their own leopard print, it is worth remembering that the spots of the leopard in the chaotic, unbalanced and not even proportional. That is, if the first attempt failed to draw neat zagogulinki, then there is nothing wrong - imitation of real skin, not annoying slip. You can combine any colors, but so that it was appropriate and beautiful. For example, good-looking black nails with golden-brown print or pink with a purple mint. Such combinations make leopard color interesting, unusual and spectacular.