Red manicure and its features

The hallmark of every woman is a manicure. That is why the modern industry of beauty and fashion giving him enough attention. In this article we will look at a classic red manicure and its features. And let's talk about how to diversify a traditional nail design.

Features red manicure

Red manicure and its features

Bright nails are not always a sign of good taste. However, it is red manicure is considered a kind of standard of what should be a woman's hands. When only just begun the mass production of nail polishes, namely red, pink and magenta occupied leading positions. Only in recent years it has become popular and extravagant bold neon colors.

But it is a manicure with red nail polish remains a timeless classic. Its main feature is perhaps the integrity of a dress and makeup. After all, just the right blend of style and color is able to save from the visual dissonance. It looks perfect red manicure, a photo of which are presented in this article, only on well-groomed nails. In this case, they must be the correct form and have no defects. Contrast that creates a red lacquer, commits to achieve perfect nail design.

Suitable for manicure with red nail polish?

Today afford to use red lacquer can women of all ages. Since fashion standards have gone a very long way since then, when the bright nails could only flaunt adult ladies. However, it should be noted that the bright color nail polish requires to comply with certain rules. For example, wearing a red manicure can only owners of long nails. Since short-bright nail polish will not look harmonious. In the latter case it is better to resort to build acrylic.

In addition, the important role played by the choice of quality tools that will provide lasting manicure. Red lacquer, which you can see the photos in this article, should have high durability to various mechanical damage. After all, the slightest crack or spall spoil the whole look. Therefore it is best to give the preference to shellac. Its gel base will create a perfectly smooth layer, and special components in the composition will have a therapeutic effect on the structure of the nail plate.

Red manicure and its features

How to choose the right shade?

Complement the appearance of any woman are beautiful and well-groomed nails. Red manicure will help create a unique and unique image. However, immediately raises the question of how to choose the right shade. After all, in today's cosmetic market there are so many different variations on the theme of red.

In fact, everything is very simple. Since 2015 the trend allow all kinds of experiments on himself, a woman can safely experiment. The choice of nail color depends on the color of lipstick used. It is this rule has remained unchanged for many years.

Red manicure and its features

How to apply red nail right?

Bright nail color means its perfect application. Therefore it is better to entrust this work to professionals. But if you do decide to make the red manicure yourself, then proceed according to the following instructions:

  1. Remove any old varnish and put nails for 5-10 minutes in a warm bath of soapy water. For additional care can add 1-2 drops of lemon essential oil, which has excellent bleaching and reinforcing properties.
  2. Carefully remove the cuticle and give your nails the desired shape.
  3. Degrease the nail plate special spray.
  4. Apply paint in three stages, starting from the nail root to its tip, and then - at the edges of the nail plate.
  5. When the varnish is dry, apply a second layer. It is also possible to fix the result of a transparent varnish or finish. If you use a shellac manicure then dry under a UV lamp.

The main thing - keep in mind that it takes a regular manicure correction for a well-groomed appearance, which must be carried out every week. Otherwise, others will be evident your untidiness. And in order to keep the beautiful nails for a long time, always use gloves when doing things around the house and do not forget about caring means.

Red manicure and its features

The different variations of red manicure

Classic design nails with red lacquer can vary. For example, to execute a French manicure. But use red but instead nyudovoy bases instead of white nail polish - any other bright color. This will give the image of a very unusual appearance and accentuate your individuality.

In addition, you can use different kinds of decals on top of red manicure. They can be any color and size. The main thing that you liked the result. Attach the label can be by a conventional clearcoat.

Red manicure and its features

What to combine the red manicure?

Everyone knows that the main requirement to bright manicure is compatibility with the color of lipstick. However, the color and style of clothing are also important. Red manicure perfectly matched with classic dresses, women's trouser suit and elegant coat. A volume of silver accessories will give the image of the aristocracy and the special status. If you are the owner of romantic appearance, it is better to give preference to calm pink or coral color. A extravagant red manicure reserved for special festive occasion.