Green Manicure: description and ideas

Making green manicure people have started long ago, about the eighties of the last century. Such a bright nail art has become a kind of protest against the grayness. Currently quite popular green nail polish and other bright ideas. This nail art looks terrific.

Suitable for?

It is believed that green manicure with crystals and without them is not appropriate for the office dress code. He will be appropriate only for beach holidays. Also, many believe that this nail art suited to young women of fashion.

Green Manicure: description and ideas

All of this is speculation. Since green manicure is appropriate at any age and in any situation. Note that the green mass has shades. More saturated colors suitable for the office. Manicure green to gold may be in the autumn. You can also decorate the nails with varnish needles color this time of year.

Experts have concluded that women who prefer green manicure, open to everything new, very dynamic, ready for adventure.


Do not make green nail art, if you are too dry and there are dark spots. Since this manicure will only accentuate the above-mentioned features. If you have dry skin with pigment spots, then before the procedure should whiten and moisturize it.

Green Manicure: description and ideas

Green manicure with rhinestones on short nails are not very good looks. Also a continuous coating is not appropriate to nail triangular shape. In this case, better green manicure complement artistic painting, which visually lengthen plate. From bright acid green shades should be abandoned women middle-aged and older. So ladies better to choose dark and deep tones of color.

Green nail polish gel lacquer. Photos and ideas

So, what to do nail art? The mass of options. Now let us consider some interesting ideas.

Green Manicure: description and ideas

For example, you can decorate your nails with drawings of fruit. Making summer manicure, supplement it with the image of lemon, kiwi and watermelon. This nail art perfectly fit into light images. Manicure give extra boost of energy its owner.

If you think, than to decorate their nails on the New Year, you will notice the green lacquer. Nail art in these colors fit perfectly in a solemn way, most importantly, choose the right outfit for him.

Note that the green paint is combined with pink. What are some ideas for creating? For example, you can get a manicure with stripes, polka dots or a cage. Soft pink color will give a playful way.

If we take the rich green, you should know that it perfectly complement all kinds of patterns with fine lines. Quite impressive on nails looks "lace", which is made with black lacquer.

If you are a fan of pastel tones, then you should pay attention to the following varnish shades: mint, light green and pale lime. You can also play on contrast, alternating with painting dark and light shades.

Green Manicure: description and ideas

Good green jacket will look, based on which will be beige. Regrown part of the nail should cover the green tinge.

Other ideas

If you are planning to go to a ceremony, you should know that this is not a reason to abandon the green nail art. This framework should be supplemented by some silver pattern. Also suitable for special occasions manicure green with gold. To be completed with a nail art sequins and rhinestones. Then a green manicure acquire a luxurious shine.

Sometimes even at weddings brides can see a similar nail art. Only to create it, as a rule, take a soft green tone lacquer.

Green Manicure: description and ideas

Doing manicure, remember that it must be flawless. Any negligence are not forgiven. Remember that you need to carefully remove the cuticle and the nail plate processing. About lacquer trim, it seems to us, is not worth talking about. It's obvious.

How to choose the right nail manicure?

Choosing a shade of green to create nail art, should be considered a skin tsvetotip. They are four. Tsvetotip: "autumn", "spring", "summer" and "winter".

Green Manicure: description and ideas

Let's start with the "summer". This is probably one of the most popular in Russia. What are the main characteristics of this tsvetotipa? In women, facial features "Summer" is very tender skin. Usually it is light pink or light olive. So the girls will approach varnishes turquoise tones. well as malachite will look muted shades. The girls with tsvetotip "autumn" skin peach, bronze or ivory. For these women, manicure suit, made in coniferous tones or shades of khaki.

Women with winter tsvetotip easily identified by the contrast between skin color and hair tone. Usually these girls have light skin, and the hair dark enough. For these women, it is desirable to use icy-green and emerald green nail polish.

Green Manicure: description and ideas

A rare tsvetotip considered spring. What are its main characteristics? This pale gold color and pink blush. For these girls suit warm shades of green, the color of lime. It is also well will look nail aqua.

A small conclusion,

Of course, the green nail polish will be a bright accent girl image. To bow was completed and the individual, it is necessary to add only the appropriate accessories. For example, the green manicure is perfect cocktail dress with shoes and belt to match the lacquer.