Yoann Gourcuff: biography, career, personal life

"New Messi", the "new Maradona", "new Pele" - what only epithets did not empower today's young players, trying to highlight their quality and to emphasize the significance of the new generation. If we look truth in the eye, then the level of the very light of their protégé grows extremely rare, and sometimes even two or three years for them no one remembers.

French midfielder Yoann Gourcuff in time for class dribbling and thinking outside the box earned him the nickname The new Zidane. A serious down payment, with an eye to achieving Zizou and its worldwide recognition. Whatever it was, attacking midfielder started briskly, passing three years the way from the middle peasant League 1 and one of the main contenders for the European title - the Champions League, but fame has not won.

Yoann Gourcuff: biography, career, personal life

Yoann Gourcuff: Biography and facts from the life of

Little Yoann was born July 11, 1986. His name was already fairly well-known in football circles, after the boy's father Christian Gourcuff has been manager of the club, "Lorient". By the way, in the youth team "merlucciidae" Yoann and began playing football. Subsequently, the young French footballer moved to the "junior" of Rennes, where he hastened to christen "the new Zidane".

In 2006, Gourcuff was twenty years old, and sports journalists around the world were puzzled where the Joan starts a new season: "Real" or "Barcelona", in the "Manchester" or "Juventus"? In the end, the Frenchman still moved to Italy, where he became a player, "Milan". Soon enough, it became clear that their advances Yoann Gourcuff was a bit premature. Of course, the coolest footballer literally melted in the red-black environment, and, unable to withstand the competition, decided to return to his native France. First out, and then - on a permanent basis. Apparently, in the Ligue 1 is one of the potentially strongest players in France of the new century and end his career, and not approaching the level of the great Zizou.

Yoann Gourcuff: biography, career, personal life

Player Career

For the first team, "Rennes" Gourcuff started playing at age seventeen and twenty, he was a true star, if not global scale, then certainly in Europe for sure. "Milan" is easily lure away the best player in Ligue 1 underdog, because to play in the Champions League much nicer than "hang out" in the middle of the French championship table. By the way, the owner of the most prestigious trophy of the Old World Yoann Gourcuff has already become at the end of the first season in the "Rossoneri". Here's what it means to be at the right time in the right place. Many of the more famous players have not won the Champions League over the last 15-20 years of career, and the Frenchman needed only a year, and he went out to play mostly from the bench spare. By the way, just a few months, "Milan" and won the European Super Cup, and later - the FIFA Club World Cup.

The return to France

Did not become the player of the basic structure of the "red-black", Yoann Gourcuff returned to France, where he defended the colors of "Bordeaux", and later - Lyon "Olympic". Successfully defended, it should be noted, however, who would not say that about the big five, only four of the championship can be classified as "top" in Europe, and in Ligue 1 is not among them. France national team often experienced triumph in major international forums, however, about the clubs say the same is unlikely to succeed.

Yoann Gourcuff: biography, career, personal life

In 2015, after the expiration of the contract with "Lion", French footballer went home to finish the game in "Rennes". Perhaps wrong to say "come to grief" of the athlete at the age of 29 years, but the fact remains that the midfielder has long ceased to progress, so it is unlikely to be able to return to former condition.

In the French team

Gourcuff had the opportunity to play and for the national team, and was involved in the football teams of all ages, starting with the U-17. In 2005, Yoann in the junior national team of France won the gold medal of the European Championship.

For the main team of the country Gourcuff played from 2008 to 2013 and held in this time 31 match.


In addition to the mentioned above trophies won with "Milan" in a single season, Gourcuff badly managed "Heritage" in his native France. As part of the 'Bordeaux' midfielder became national champion and also won the French League Cup. With the "Lion" football for once he won the Cup and Super Cup in France. Also in 2009, Gourcuff was named the best player in Ligue 1 and was nominated for the most prestigious individual award - the "Golden Ball".

Yoann Gourcuff: biography, career, personal life

Yoann Gourcuff: personal life

While on the football field in the case of the Frenchman evolved with varying degrees of success, beyond the athlete's life was in full swing. There is nothing surprising in this, because Gourcuff earned the reputation of being one of the most attractive football in France. On account of his novels with such famous personalities as TV presenter and model Karine Ferri and French swimmer Laure Manaudou. However, it should be noted that, going up to thirty years abroad, Yoann radically rethink the values ​​of life and no longer wants to attract journalists' attention to himself and his family.