Oleg Ivanov - Bronze medalist of European championship

Oleg Ivanov is a professional football player, who has long played in the Russian Premier League. This player has the experience of playing for the international team. Game this player repeatedly noted sports experts.

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Oleg Ivanov was born in Moscow on August 4, 1986. From an early age his parents sent to a children's football, "Spartacus" school. This talented pupil began quite early to draw to the first team. Some experts were confident in a great future sports Ivanova. At the age of 17 years old Oleg Ivanov, first entered the field in the European tournament, "UEFA Cup" against the team, "Mallorca". For Moscow "Spartak", he spent a total of 2 games. In the future, this athlete waiting for the big test. In the match for the double "Spartacus", he was seriously injured - an easy break. As a result, Oleg six months did not play football. After his recovery, he went with the agent to the management of "Spartacus" to negotiate the terms of the new contract, as the old term ended. Leaders of the Moscow "Spartak" has stated that it will not make a bet after such an injury. He was offered a 5-year contract without improving conditions. Oleg Ivanov was unpleasantly surprised by the call and decided to move to another club.

Oleg Ivanov - Bronze medalist of European championship

Continued career

Oleg Ivanov (footballer) experienced a difficult departure from the "Spartacus." But strong character and desire to play forward, gave him strength. His professional career he continued in the team "Khimki". The club played in the first league. The team "Khimki" this player played 32 games and scored 7 goals. Game Ivanov noted many experts. In the 2006/2007 season, he was admitted to the team "Kuban". In this club he trusted the coaching staff. The team "Kuban" Oleg spent 57 games and marked 9 goals. In 2008, he was close to signing a contract with the "locomotive", but in the end decided to go to the club "Wings of the Soviets", which at that time was headed by Leonid Slutsky. With the club from Samara this player signed a contract for 4 years.

Oleg Ivanov - Bronze medalist of European championship

Go to the "growth"

In 2011, Oleg went to the club "Rostov-on-Don". But in this team it only disappointment awaited. First, after the arrival of the new coach of the players sent to the second team. And after all ceased to repay the money. Ivanov had no choice but to sue you start with a club from Rostov. He wrote a letter in which he said he was not going to train until the club "Rostov" will not extinguish arrears of wages. Then he went to the court, which was held in Samara.

Oleg Ivanov - Bronze medalist of European championship

Performances in "Terek"

After the trial, he met acquaintances acting "Terek", and their coach. He asked where he plays Oleg, and promised to call in case of need. Then, the kicker went home and played in the amateur league. He waited for the agent to find him a new club. Suddenly the bell rang for Oleg of "Terek", and he was invited to watch. In 2011, Oleg Ivanov signed a contract with "Terek". The following season the football became a team regular. In this command, Oleg Ivanov continues to perform at the moment. By showing interest in the midfielder, many leading Premier League clubs. In 2014, Oleg has agreed to transition to the "CSKA", but the transfer broke at the last moment.

Oleg Ivanov - Bronze medalist of European championship

International career

In May 2008, Ivanov was invited to the national team to prepare for the European Championships. He was on the list, which consisted of 25 people. Guus Hiddink noted performances of football players in "Terek". In the final application, Oleg, as well as Pavlyuchenko missed. Nevertheless, this was a football player to train with the first team. Unexpectedly for many, Oleg was nevertheless included in the main list of the team. He was taken as a substitute Pavel Pogrebnyak, who in a friendly match against the national team of Serbia suffered a serious injury. At the European Championships Ivanov played a single match. Our team in the tournament, won the bronze medal. For the first time the main national team Ivanov played in 2015 against the national team of Belarus. This player came off the bench in the second half in place of Alan Dzagoev.

Personal life athlete

Oleg has long been married and has a son. Oleg Ivanov photos with his wife and child always takes along on trips. Wife, Christine, as well as the husband loves sports. She is a master of the sport of tennis. He met his wife in Samara, when Oleg played for the club "Wings of the Soviets." Christina is always next to her husband, and had grown accustomed to frequent travel. Oleg parents always supported him throughout. It is thanks to them that Ivanov was able to cope with all the difficulties that had been in his career. Father after the 2008 European Championship took home a bronze medal in Moscow.

Oleg Ivanov, whose biography is full of difficulties, overcome them and become a major player in the Premier League team. The midfielder at the moment is the present leader of the club "Terek". Fans appreciate his contribution to the success of the team. Ivanov is constantly interested in the leading Premier League clubs. Perhaps soon he will go to the club, which plays in the European Cups.

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