Nail Yakupov - the talented striker

Nail Yakupov is a professional Russian hockey player, who is currently successfully played in the NHL. This hockey player at such a young age thanks to his talent and diligence became a star of the Russian hockey.

Early career

Nail Yakupov was born October 6, 1993 in Nizhnekamsk. At an early age he was a local hockey school. He knows very well how the professional sport. Rail Yakupov worked in the coaching staff of the local club "Neftekhimik", the director of the children's school of his native city, as well as the sports director of Almetyevsk "oil". Since childhood, Nail played much better than his teammates. So he played for the team, whose players for 1 or 2 years older than he was. Even there Nail Yakupov is not inferior to more mature and experienced players.

Nail Yakupov - the talented striker

Professional career

In the 2009-2010 season, Nail Yakupov spoke in the MHL for native Nizhnekamsk club "Reactor". In his rookie season he spent on the field of 14 games and scored 6 points. Nail due to a hand injury was unable to help his team in the playoffs. Nizhnekamsk team on a draft defensive players. And on the Canadian League NBA Draft, he was seen by the leadership of the club, "the Sarnia Sting." After that, the young hockey player decided to go play overseas. Playing for the Junior Canadian Club, he showed an excellent performance. In total, he spent 107 games and scored 170 points productive. In 2012, the NBA Draft Naila chosen by the first number. Previously, such an achievement awarded only Ovechkin and Kovalchuk.

Nail Yakupov - the talented striker

NHL debut

Nail Yakupov (hockey) in 2012 signed a contract with the club, "Edmonton Oilers". But for the first time played in the NHL only January 20, 2013. After 2 days, the striker scored his first goal in the NHL. Nail in his rookie year was the top scorer among the newcomers, with 32 efficient points. This figure is the best in the team. In addition, he was the best indicator of the implementation of the moments in the team. His last match in his debut season Yakupov scored a hat-trick at the Gates "Vancouver Canucks". In 2015, the hockey player has signed a new contract. For 2 years Nail had to get 5 million. But in October 2016 the club because of poor statistics decided to exchange this talented striker in "St. Louis Blues". Nail has various individual awards, but in the regular season with him until he was able to win trophies with the team.

Nail Yakupov - the talented striker

Life Player

At the moment, hockey player Nail Yakupov with his parents and sister live in Canada. They support the athlete after the games. Nail closely monitoring the performances of football, "Chelsea" team, as a devoted fan of this club. In 2013, he joined the fan club of FC "Anji".

International career

Nail often attracted to play for Russia. On his first Junior World Championships, he could not go because of a hand injury. After this team he played on the Challenge Cup, which took place in Canada. Nail was the youngest player in the national team. This young and talented player played the World Youth Championship in 2012 and 2013. But failed to win them against Russia. In 2012, the Russian team won the silver medal of the championship, and our team settled for bronze medals in 2013. Nail these championships acted as a star, as he was the number one pick. In 2013, he played for the national team with the captain's armband.

Nail Yakupov, who has always been in the NHL statistics one of the best at the moment is at an early stage of his career. Undoubtedly, this forward ahead of many successful seasons in which he will continue to score regularly.