Denis Shafikov, "Genghis Khan": biography and Russian boxer fights

Denis Shafikov - professional boxer from Russia, acting in the light and the welterweight division. Is the champion with IBO world (Inter-Class). In 2003, the boxer has won the Russian championship, which took place in Ulyanovsk. Denis always enters the ring in the national dress of their country - the Bashkir region. When he started his professional career, promotion manager told him that it was necessary to come up with a nickname, because so it is accepted in the world of boxing. Without thinking, one of the members of his team offered Shafikova nicknamed Genghis Khan. Everyone liked this idea, and the label is preserved. However, Denis always enters the ring with the Russian flag.

Shafikova results in professional boxing following: 38 wins (20 KO), 1 draw and 3 losses. The first fight Denis at the professional level was held November 30, 2003 against compatriot Pavel Lyakhov (win Shafikova).

Denis Shafikov,

Denis Shafikov: biography, familiarity with boxing

Denis was born June 3, 1985 in Miass (Chelyabinsk region in the city, Russia). The family Shafikova all ethnic Bashkirs were therefore raised Denis on all the canons and traditions of the people. My father and mother worked at an agricultural farm, the house had a large garden and plenty of wildlife. At the age of five, Dennis first learned what boxing when in organized amateur tournament in this sport to all comers. The boy began to wonder what it will be, so he requested permission from the parents to go there with the local kids are older. After watching this sport, Denis wanted to learn how to box. However, parents forbade him to do, thinking that it is too early. Generally, they have always been against violence and martial arts, so it was not possible to achieve the desired boy on the first try. We had to postpone this venture for several years.

Denis Shafikov,

Start training

At heart, Denis Shafikov still want to box and train, but because of their solidarity with the parents said nothing about their desires. However, when the boy grew up, yet he made his adult decision. At age 13 he went and joined the boxing section, and gradually began to make its way onto the big ring. Not to mention that the main instigator of this idea was a classmate Dennis, with whom they were sitting at the same desk (Shafikov to this day remembers him thanks for what he called its register for boxing). The first training Denis Shafikova struck his head coach. The guy showed good stroke technique, as well as distinguished correct breathing and endurance. Initially, the coach did not even believe that the previous guy did not engage in any martial arts. Henceforth aspiring boxer was in sight of the experts who developed it in the present professional fighter.

Denis Shafikov: results at a professional level

The debut of a boxer, as already mentioned, took place in November 2003. The first 10 confrontations Denis took place in Russia and Belarus. All of them ran his knockout win. The longest winning streak in his statistics - it's 25 to the series (from November 2003 to October 2010). Luck ran out during the battle with the Italian Brunet Zamora. The result - a draw. However, the next 8 matches were also won by Denis. Thus Shafiq Denis boxing which makes the surprise and delight filigree technique, has a record - 34 win-win battle.

Denis Shafikov,

The fight with Miguel Vasquez: first defeat of

In February, 2014 in Macao (China), the Russian boxer lost to a Mexican professional Miguel Vázquez. The confrontation went for the IBF title. Denis Shafikov looked decent, and sometimes even better than the opponent. However, an experienced Mexican beat "Russian Genghis Khan" at a distance, and at the first opportunity skillfully "klincheval". As a result, Shafikov first defeat on points in the professional ring.

The fight with Rustam Nugaeva

In August 2014 the Russian Rustam Nugaev after a successful series of victories got the chance to fight Bashkir Genghis Khan in the qualifying battle for the IBF version. From the first seconds of the fight it was evident that Shafikov took advantage. His cross-Panji were much more powerful and more dangerous than the opponent. The overwhelming advantage Denis Shafikova was noticeable in the 3rd round. After this battle was, as they say, "one gate" - Rustam Nugaev could not resist the Bashkir boxer. In the 6th round of Rustam was badly cut over his left eye. In the 8th round of the match referee December Figure Nugaeva offered to stop the fight, but he refused. However, the judge warned that if the first successful attack Shafikova match will be stopped. It was easy to guess what such a scenario will happen: Denis spent a few successful attacks, after which the fight was stopped. This victory Khan won the right to re-confrontation with the Mexican Miguel Vazquez.

Denis Shafikov,

So far, unfortunately, the boxers in the ring no longer met. And Denis Shafikov continues to delight their fans entertaining bouts and excellent technique.