Victor Ortiz - gringos nicknamed Evil

Victor Ortiz - boxer, acting in a professional welterweight. Athlete - a native of Kansas and is an American citizen, but he was born in a family of Mexican immigrants. Ortiz has repeatedly recognized the most promising fighter of versions of various sports publications, and in 2011 won the championship belt in the welterweight division.

Victor Ortiz - gringos nicknamed Evil

Childhood and adolescence

As a child, Ortiz rather quickly lost both parents (mother and father left the family), and at the age of 12 years had to support themselves and their siblings. The guy was forced to work in the corn fields, and sometimes earned selling marijuana. At the same time he began diligently to box and after a while even managed to win the amateur tournament. The next day, many newspapers published articles state that the winner of the competition was Victor Ortiz. Photos and notes of praise journalists so touched Man, what's next, he decided to earn his living by honest means exclusively.

Upon reaching adulthood Ortiz designed the custody of his younger brother and moved to California. There he studied under the famous last boxer Roberto Cortes, and even be on view in the US Olympic team in boxing.

Victor Ortiz - gringos nicknamed Evil

In the ring

Career boxer Victor Ortiz started in 2004. Young athlete more than confident debut, and won at the start of more than a decade a landslide victory. Some of the fights he finished ahead of schedule. In 2008, boxer signed a contract with famous American promotional company Golden Boy Promotions, based on the infamous ring at the turn of the century Oscar De La Hoey. His first fight in the new status Ortiz spent the autumn of the same year, and his opponent was the Argentine athlete Roberto David Arietta. Victor dominated throughout the match and won by TKO in the fifth round. Total American boxer held 39 fights, 31 of which turned out to be stronger than the enemy, including the 24 times he won ahead of schedule.

manner of

Victor Ortiz - the right-hander, however boxer prefers the opposite, left-handed, stand. According to the athlete, he has equally strong impact on both hands, and a greater percentage of hits he celebrated just after the transition to the right-hand post. Sports experts say Ortiz at a good speed of movement around the ring and biting knockout punch.

Victor Ortiz - gringos nicknamed Evil

Important matches

In the fight for the world title by the WBC rival was another American boxer Andre Berto. In order to conduct this fight, Victor needed to move up in weight and go to the next category. Boxers do not hesitate to go on the exchange and have spent quite a spectacular duel. Victor Ortiz repeatedly sent Berto to the canvas, but only on points managed to win the match.

Perhaps the most important fight of his career boxer held against his compatriot, the first number in the ranking and champions of the world in several categories. The sign "Victor Ortiz - Mayweather Floyd" was the cherry on the cake of all the sports year and a red rag for the whole journalistic community, began to "savor" the fight for a few months before, when he was held.

Both fighters started at a fast pace match, not giving each other a second to catch his breath. Audiences love this box, so at the MGM Grand that evening reigned incredible atmosphere.

Victor Ortiz - gringos nicknamed Evil

Victor Ortiz went on the offensive, but to get textured American he could rarely. The final denouement in combat occurred early enough in the fourth round. Boxers have converged in the clinch in the corner of the ring, during which Ortiz in the heat of battle applied forbidden header. Quickly realizing that he had acted dishonestly, Victor immediately after the resumption of the match referee came over to apologize to the enemy, and at that moment was smashing blow on the left and went to a knockout. The result of the battle left conflicting views among experts boxing. Some accuse Mayweather in meanness and dishonesty, others are of the opinion that Floyd only adequate response to Ortiz hit his head. Whatever it was, the winner of a boxing evening was declared Mayweather and Victor next fight was supposed to be a rematch against Berto all the same. It should be noted that Floyd Mayweather after the fight with Ortiz and remained undefeated in 49 fights in the ring.