Footballer Alfredo Di Stefano: biography and interesting facts

According to many football experts and fans of Alfredo Di Stefano is the greatest player in the history of football. Of course, fans of the talent of Pele and Maradona with this extremely disagree, but even they recognize the fact that Alfredo was a top-class striker. This player is literally dominated European football in the middle of the XX century, he made a huge contribution to the development of this sport.

Di Stefano was famous not only because it brought the "Real" Madrid to five consecutive victories in the most prestigious tournament at the time the European Cup, but their style of play. He could perfectly combine their individual skills with the ability to rally the whole team and to get her to play on a certain scenario.

Childhood and adolescence Di Stefano

Future football player was born in 1926 in the Argentine capital Buenos Aires. Since childhood, Alfredo different activities, all the free time he spent on the street playing football with his peers. Even then, he was almost always the attacker and inspired his team to victory.

He had a particularly original, that helped him to stand out among their peers. Alfredo Di Stefano was a bright guy, and he was soon noticed by representatives of one of the football teams. Thus began the career of one of the greatest players in the world.

The first steps in football. Quarry to Real Madrid

His career began in his native Argentina, at the "River Plate". Di Stefano made his debut at the beginning of 1950 it was a part of one of the most famous teams in the country. Alfredo was very fond of football and in training devoted all his strength. He worked constantly, and this contributed to the improvement of the quality of his game. It is thanks to Di Stefano in 1950 was for the Argentine club one of the best.

Footballer Alfredo Di Stefano: biography and interesting facts

However, not everything went smoothly at the end of the same year relationship with Argentine club players has deteriorated sharply, and Di Stefano participated in the first football strike. Then many players have left in protest in Colombia, and Alfredo, has already received recognition by that time was no exception. In Colombia, for three years in the richest club in Latin America at that time, "Milonaris" played Alfredo Di Stefano. Biography player to hit in Madrid "Real" is over.

The time spent in the "Real"

In 1953 he joined the team of the future legend of Madrid. At that time he was 27 years old, not the young age for a striker. However, the desire to win and love for the game made him the greatest player in the club's history. His dedication he showed immediately after his arrival in Madrid. The train arrived at 10:30 and 15:30 Alfredo was already on the pitch in the form of a new team.

Footballer Alfredo Di Stefano: biography and interesting facts

September 23, 1953 he played his first match in a T-shirt "Real" and was able to excel. Although he admitted his debut unsuccessful, despite the goal scored. Madrid Bernabeu boss wanted to make a perfect team, and Di Stefano was assigned the role of leader. Prior to his joining the "Real" in '21 did not win the championship and the Champions Cup had not yet existed. To 7 of its first round of the championship of Spain Alfredo Di Stefano manages to score 4 goals, but it still does not play at maximum capacity.

The turning point

Of course, the recognition of the Madrid fans Di Stefano received after the first match with "Barcelona". In his first "El Classico" striker scored a hat-trick, and the "Real" eventually won 5-0. After that, the match about him began to say to all the world, praised his fans. Alfredo Di Stefano marked the beginning of a new era of "Real", which lasted for 50 years. In addition, this segment is considered the best in the history of football, "Real" of that time recognized as the strongest team in the world. In many respects it is a merit of Di Stefano.

Footballer Alfredo Di Stefano: biography and interesting facts

For his great contribution to the history of the "Real" stadium was named in honor of Alfredo. In 2006 we built a new football field, which is a game for the "Castillo" - take the "Real". Stadium "Alfredo Di Stefano" is also a training base, and for the first team.

football Feature

Di Stefano was a collective image of the perfect striker. He combined the most important qualities: speed, technique, football intelligence, vision of the field, leadership. However, this can not be called modest player. Alfredo himself liked to play in Europe, he said that in the "Real" has found that what had always dreamed of - the opportunity to play a tactical football.

Footballer Alfredo Di Stefano: biography and interesting facts

Madrid game of the time different football mind, where every action was part of the plan. In many ways, it has become possible thanks to the Argentine striker. Di Stefano - is one of those players who played for two national teams. In addition to Argentina, which included six times played in the World Cup, he played for Spain, but also success is not achieved.

The novelty of this player so it was thought that it was moving all over the field. Before him, no forward not back to help the defense. Di Stefano modestly called himself "manager with a large range of action." Although the word "large" is not quite appropriate. Its range was enormous, he could be present at all parts of the field, and often began to attack from.


Alfredo Di Stefano was playing "total football" as that term did not yet exist. His successor, the great footballer Johan Cruyff, calling himself just a diligent student Di Stefano.

Footballer Alfredo Di Stefano: biography and interesting facts

Alfredo won in the "Real" 8 times in the national championship. In addition, he was able to achieve a unique achievement Madrid - 5 times in a row to win the European Cup. In these tournaments, he often became the best scorer. Alfredo was twice winner of the "Golden Ball" (1957, 1959).

In addition, the only player in the history of football that won the award, which has no analogues became Alfredo Di Stefano. "Super Golden Ball" - a prize that is awarded to the best of the winners of the "Golden Ball" for the period from its inception to 1989. For all the merits of Di Stefano was he who won this trophy.

People who have seen him play live, told his children and grandchildren that Di Stefano - the best football player. It came to see a huge number of people, and the stadium "Santiago Bernabeu" was forced to expand the number of places to 100,000.

After a football career he became a coach. Di Stefano of the achievements as a coach, you can highlight the victory of "Valencia" in the championship of Spain in 1971.