Who received the "Golden Ball" from year to year?

"Golden Ball" - the most prestigious award in football. It is awarded to the best player of the year. Prize winner is determined by voting football reporters. It is not always the number of goals and assists are playing the most important role in determining the winner. It takes into account not only personal performance footballer, but also what kind of results achieved in the season his team.

Who received the

This is one of the causes of disputes and conflicts. Many believe that this principle "ZM" was supposed to get Wesley Sneijder, Didier Drogba and Frank Ribery in 2010, 2012 and 2013 respectively.

are the "Golden Ball" Since when?

For the first time voting was conducted in 1956 at the initiative of France Football. With a selection of the best players I made the chief editor. Initially, it was possible to vote only for those players who represented the team from the European leagues.

This is the main reason for the absence in the list of those who received the "Golden Ball", Pele and Maradona, who his best football years spent in the clubs of Brazil and Argentina, respectively.

Changing the rules of selection of the winner

In 1995, major changes were first made to the rules. The essence of the revisions was the fact that the vote could take part players with any passport, but with the European Championship.

The second time the rules were changed in 2007. Now the owner of "Golden Ball" can be every player, regardless of his nationality or the championship. Also, the number of journalists has been increased, which take part in the vote. If you have previously voted 52 journalists from European publications, but now the number of voters has increased to nearly 100 people from all over the world.

Holders according to France Football

The first who received the "Golden Ball", was an Englishman Stanley Matthews. In 1957 and 1959 winner of the award was recognized as the Spanish striker Madrid "Real" Alfredo di Stefano. Between the two victories Spaniard "ZM" handed teammate di Stefano Frenchman Raymond Kopa. In 1960 he again became the best representative of the Spanish giants. This time it was Luis Suarez, representing the Catalan "Barcelona". He became the first midfielder to receive this award.

The best European player of 1961 recognized striker Turin "Juventus" Omar Sivori. The next owner of the "ZM" - midfielder Prague "Dukla" Josef Masopust. 1963 was a special one for the Soviet football. Lev Yashin on the results of the vote won the award, becoming the first of the goalkeepers who have received the "Golden Ball".

Who received the

In 1964, the prize for the first time back on the football home since the establishment of awards. His owner was voted Scottish striker "Manchester United" Denis Law. A year later, the best European footballer recognized the legendary striker "Benfica" Eusebio. In 1966, Sir Bobby Charlton, author of a number of records in the history of the "MU" and all of English football, became the second player, "Red Devils" for 3 years, which was awarded the "Golden Ball". award again goes to the player, "MU" Even after 2 years. At this time - the Northern Ireland midfielder George Best. Between Best and Charlton best player in Europe recognized the Hungarian Florian Albert, defending the colors of the football club "Ferencvaros".

In 1969, the "Golden Ball" was awarded to the Italian Gianni Rivera who played for the "Milan", and even a year later - the legendary striker "Bavaria" Gerd Muller. In 1972, the best player was Franz Beckenbauer. Player of the Munich "Bavaria" was the first of the defenders, who received the "Golden Ball".

Victory Dutch players. The hegemony of the representatives of the German and Italian clubs

In 1971, 1973 and 1974 "ZM" accrue to the Dutch striker, "Ajax" and the Spanish "Barcelona" Johan Cruyff. Legendary striker in 1973 became the first footballer since Di Stefano, who won the prize twice, and a year later - the first player that has won three times this achievement.

1975 was special for Ukrainian football. Forward Kiev "Dynamo" Oleg Blokhin for his great game was named the best player in Europe. In 1976, Franz Beckenbauer won the 2 nd for himself the "Golden Ball". A kind of "double" the defender has started the German clubs players hegemony in the awards ceremony handing over the next 5 years. First, the best title got forward "BVB M" Allan Simonsenu, and then 2 times "ZM" won Keegan, Kevin and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, stands for "Hamburg" and "Bayern" respectively.

Intercepted at German clubs "baton" Italian. In 1982, the "Golden Ball" won the striker "Juventus' Paolo Rossi, and from 1983 to 1985, the award three times getting any midfielder" Old Lady "Michel Platini. The Frenchman became the first triple winner of the award since the Cruyff.

In 1986, the best European player of the year recognized Igor Belanova. After 3 times Ukrainian "ZM" Dutch players have won the Italian "Milan". In 1987, Ruud Gullit did it, and then double - Marco van Basten. A year later, the victory in the vote won by Lothar Matthaus of "Inter", and in 1991 - forward, "Marseilles" Jean-Pierre Papin. Then van Basten for the third time won the vote.

Who received the

In 1993, the award once again goes to the player of the Italian club. At this time - the striker "Juventus' Roberto Baggio. 1994 was the last, when the vote took account only European players. "Golden Ball" won the ball Bulgarian Hristo Stoichkov. Once the rules have changed the definition of a winner, in 1995, won by George Weah. Liberian midfielder "PSG" and "Milan" has become the first non-European players who have received the "Golden Ball". A year later, the best recognized journalists Matthias Sammer. In 1997, the award for the second time left Europe, so how to get the Brazilian Ronaldo, who for years was replaced by the Spanish "Barcelona" at the Milan "Inter". In 1998, Zinedine Zidane won the "Golden Ball", and in 1999 - the Brazilian Rivaldo.

First prize in the XXI century inherited the Portuguese Luis Figo. In 2001, the winner of the Michael Owen was voted ballot. Forward "Liverpool" has become the first British player since 1979, who managed to win a prize. A year later, Ronaldo won the "ZM" for the second time, and in 2003, his first and only "Golden Ball" was awarded a Czech Pavel Nedved.

In 2004, the award went to Andrei Shevchenko. Game striker in Serie A and the Champions League has not gone unnoticed by football journalists. The player of "Milan" has become the first player in the independent Ukraine, who received the "Golden Ball". In 2005, 2006 and 2007, the prize fell into the hands of Ronaldinho, Cannavaro and Kaka respectively.

Who received the

In 2008, the beginning of a new line in the history of the "Golden Ball". First prize went to Cristiano Ronaldo, and a year later - Lionel Messi.

The winners of FIFA version of

In the period from 2010 to 2015 the award was given not to "France Football", and FIFA. In 2010, the "Golden Ball" was Messi. In 2011 and 2012 he repeated his achievement of becoming the world's only four-time winner of the trophy.

In 2013 and 2014 accrue to prize Cristiano Ronaldo. In 2015, its 5th "ZM" won the Argentinian Messi.

The termination of cooperation with France Football FIFA

Since 2016 the right to hand over the award again transferred to France Football magazine.

After that, the first and so far the only prize winner is Ronaldo. He received the "Golden Ball" the Portuguese in 2016 for the 4th time, and in early 2018 it will become a five-time holder of the trophy and catch up on this indicator Lionel Messi.


Lev Yashin - the only goalkeeper who was handed over "ZM". Lionel Messi - the only player who was awarded "ZM" 5 times as of fall 2017.

Only 3 players have won the award 3 times according to the "France Football". They are Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini and Marco van Basten.

5 German players won the "ZM" 7 times. Only one player from the former Soviet Union was able to win the vote for the best player in the world - Andriy Shevchenko.

Who received the

As of autumn 2017 6 "Barcelona" players have won 11 times, "ZM" and 6 players "Real" - 10 times. The situation changed at the beginning of 2018, when Cristiano Ronaldo gets his 5th "ZM".