"Lose Weight in 30 Days" Jillian Michaels: the program reviews

For many years, women seeking to improve their appearance, resorting to complex techniques of makeup, expensive procedure for removing unwanted hair on the body, using a variety of cosmetic products (including self-made) and even plastic surgery. But in the first place in the impressive list of victims in the name of beauty has always been and will be the fight against excess weight. In some cases, weight loss is enough to begin to eat properly, but the loss of extra pounds with diet change alone can take a year or even several years. Especially for those who want to bring the body in order to swimming season, new year, significant event or fun (but without wasting time in vain, carefully selecting the permitted food), a well-known fitness trainer offers a unique program "Lose Weight in 30 Days ". Jillian Michaels knows from experience how to achieve amazing results in just a month.


Jillian Michaels was born in 1974 in Los Angeles, California, USA. As a teenager, the future celebrity long suffered ridicule from classmates who loved to tease peers with growth of 159 cm and weighing 80 kg. Growing up, Gillian realized that he could not continue to ignore the problem of excess weight, and start to play sports. The need to gradually grew into a passion and hobby turned into a profession. Reaching its most popular program "Lose Weight in 30 Days," Jillian Michaels has gained popularity all over the world.

The essence of the exercise

Those who regularly engaged in fitness, know that any exercise in the gym can be divided into two types: cardio and strength exercises. The first, respectively, are aimed at improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system, development of stamina and to bring the body in tone. Strength training, in turn, contribute to the development of muscle tissue and allow the body to give the desired shape. Unable to obtain tight stomach and elastic buttocks without adequate power load. However, cardio should be paid at least the minimum time, as they are an excellent warm-up before exercise with weights or exercise machines.


Like most other copyright video courses, the program "Lose Weight in 30 Days" Jillian Michaels has developed on the principle of HIIT - high intensity interval training. This means that each fitness class in the famous coach system involves alternation of several sets of exercises on the same scheme: three minutes of power loads, two minutes of cardio a minute to pump the abdominal muscles. Seto first preceded by a short warm-up, after the third, the latter must be given a couple of minutes of simple stretching exercises.

Such an alternation of power and aerobic exercise makes it easier to achieve the desired goal - to lose weight and tighten muscles in all problem areas.


The program "Lose Weight in 30 Days" consists of three levels. Each level is designed for ten days repeat the same exercise, that is, three sets HIIT. Despite the fact that you can hear a lot of negative reviews and not flattering comments about the effectiveness of the program in question, the majority of girls and women tend to evaluate the high rate of thirty Michaels.


Advantages of the method are obvious: here and a minimum time for training (about 25 minutes), and a variety of exercises and study of key muscles that contribute to the harmony and fit entire body. The video course "Lose Weight in 30 Days" Jillian Michaels demonstrates the correct execution of the exercises are not alone. As with other programs, assisted by her two girls athletic, one shows how it is possible to simplify the proposed movement, and the second, on the contrary, proposes to increase the initial load.

This feature is another advantage of the system Jillian: newcomers who do not have sufficient physical training, have the opportunity to follow a simplified version, and "hardened" fitness enthusiasts may like to repeat after Michaels and complicate the exercise. Load, by the way, can be modified by swapping dumbbells: the heavier shells, the more power you will have to make to complete the task.

The disadvantages of

Although this point is nowhere officially stipulated should keep in mind an important detail: the majority of courses Jillian Michaels ( "slim figure", "flat stomach in 6 weeks", "Lose Weight in 30 Days", etc.) are designed for people with the initial level of fitness . If you do not exercise and are considered sufficient load trip to the store and cleaning of the apartment, do not start to lose weight with the passage of the author's programs. High intensity interval training gives a serious strain on the muscles, joints and tendons. In order not to harm your body, to begin with, choose a more sparing methods and video.

And, of course, keep in mind that the result achieved (whatever it was) not be saved if you abruptly stop doing the exercises for weight loss and do not try at least a little to change their power system. Muscles weaken without regular work, and the extra calories are deposited in the new inexorably kilograms. Try to maintain the achieved fitness and overall tone.

Positive reviews

As for the program "Lose Weight in 30 Days", reviews the best view in the most optimal format - that is, in the form of images. The impressive achievements of women, past analyzed workout visible on any kind of collage of "before" and "after". Note: not all of the course participants reduced the numbers on the scale, but in all, however, pulled up the sides, abdomen, thighs and arms. The secret of success is simple: fat weigh very little and the muscles - a lot. Accordingly, regularly loads the muscle gain considerable weight and burn fat on their background becomes invisible. This is not a bad thing, but simply an objective feature of all power sports. Do not worry: even if unflattering, it would seem, the figures on the scales you will find an ideal figure, of course, if not too lazy to make the effort.

I am glad also that strong muscles burn calories is already by its very existence. In the maintenance of muscle tissue in good condition the body spends a certain amount of extra energy. Of course, this calorie consumption enough to drop the last extra pounds: get the cherished form can only regularly performing exercises for weight loss.

One of the most motivating feedback about Jillian Michaels program goes something like this: pass two courses in a row - and you will decrease by two clothing sizes. Imagine: you can throw disgusting wide sweaters 50-gauge and finally try a miniskirt 46th ... The fulfillment of this desire is worth any effort. Especially that efforts are rewarded not only by this losing weight, but also the general recovery of the whole organism.

The negative feedback

Unfortunately, not all women are satisfied with the video course. Start the program "Lose Weight in 30 Days" - 1 level - are only those who have a strong enough motivation and a strong desire to achieve the goal. Some drop out of classes on the second or third day, and causes sound about the same. Someone unbearably sore after training the whole body, someone jumping sprained ankle or knee, and someone appeared regular back pain.

It should be noted, however, that all of the negative comments come from either new to fitness, despising the acquisition of an initial physical training to training with Jillian, or from those who carried out the proposed exercises incorrectly. Of course, Michaels pays special attention to fitness equipment and shows by example how to squat, push-ups, lunges with dumbbells, not to damage either the knees or ankles or back.

Neutral feedback

There are also neutral (in this case we can not say that it is absolutely objective) Reviews analyzed program Jillian Michaels. Hips, waist, back, chest, arms - the key areas that the focus is directed at HIIT. However, some women refuse certain exercises in favor of others that emphasize the development of muscles in the most problematic areas. For example, some participants of the program replace the exercise in training, others ignore the proposed algorithm of physical activity and a long time are engaged on the same level (mostly the latter). Improvisation is certainly not forbidden, but it should be borne in mind: balance training professional fitness instructor, and the best results when you deviate from the set course can not be guaranteed.