Makeup for women 50 years: step by step and with photos

All women want to look beautiful and well-groomed, and with age, this desire does not disappear, but rather enhanced. After all, a young girl, even if she has a problem skin, has no sagging facial contours, "crow's feet" around the eyes, wrinkles in the nasolabial region and other issues that inevitably await us after fifty years. Of course, you can give yourself the power of Cosmetology Clinic, endlessly pull oval and pump wrinkle fillers. But first, this is an expensive pleasure, and secondly, the age-related changes will still take its toll. You can forget about them and apply makeup as you did as a young man - 20, 30 and 40 years. But others will glance at you strange and disapproval. It is not to be painted? But a mature woman without makeup looks very very untidy and old .... There is an exit. In this article we will write out how to do makeup for a woman of 50 years, step by step. Photo supplementing instructions to help you do the right thing.

Makeup for women 50 years: step by step and with photos

Proper preparation of the skin for makeup

Needless to say that in the arsenal of a mature woman (after 35 years) should be special means for withering epidermis care. Such serum, creams and lotions to help you save for a long time youthfulness of the skin. Do not forget about the means to the lifting effect. And if we are talking about how to do step by step makeup for women of 50 years, then you should start it with the application of these funds on the face and eyelids. After a quarter of an hour to begin the creation of perfect skin. At the age of 50 years, this is difficult to achieve, but it is still possible. We need a primer in which there might have been a part of the silicone. This ingredient will fill the enlarged pores and fine wrinkles, thereby making the skin smoother. Apply the primer with a thin layer all over the face. Next, go to the tonal resources. They should not be dense structure, or make-up will look like a plaster. And cream color should ideally match the skin tone. Also, the cream should have a matting effect. Such tonalnik reveal all the wrinkles and make them clearer and more expressive.

Makeup for women 50 years: step by step and with photos

facial sculpting

Even the day make-up for women 50 years of age (step by step instructions for the evening make-DLC we will give later), involves the use of correctors, concealers and bronzer. These new-fangled means of enjoying and young girls, mature ladies but they are essential. Concealer should be chosen with the effect of lights. Apply it must be fingertip inverted triangle, the base of which is located under the lower eyelid. Visual glow effect "will open the" eyes. It is a responsible approach to the choice of the corrector. If you have a skin tone closer to greenish-yellow, then try to trim pink fluid. If you have seen the red mesh of capillaries, they mask the green concealer. Foundation we distributed fingertips. But bronzer (or powder slightly darker skin color) should be applied with a soft brush and a large mandatory stage, so as not to overdo it. First, select a zone below the forehead hair growth. Then go brush on cheekbones, temples, nose. A little touch you chin and neck. Now highlight highlighter nose and center of the forehead, upper eyelid and the area still need to mouth. Clean brush achieve a smooth transition of light and shade. Blush for mature ladies should be warm light peach shade. Draw them slightly pre smile on cheeks protruding zone.

Makeup for women 50 years: step by step and with photos

Skin Lifting

Cream for saving toned oval face does not always work. Let us try to correct the saggy cheeks and a double chin with makeup for women after 50 years. Bronzer powder or dark shade draw a horizontal line on the cheeks, moving from an upper edge of an ear to the nose. With this face will appear more narrow and expressive. lifting effect should be given and drooping corners of the mouth and the impending century. This will help us eyeliners. Arrows in mature ladies should not go beyond the eye, and on the lower eyelid must be drawn lighter color. Summing circuit slightly upwards.

Makeup for women 50 years: step by step and with photos



With age, hair becomes sparse and coarse. Therefore, performing makeup for women 50 years step by step, you need to take special eyebrows. They should not be plucked to a thin thread, but also give them freely overgrown also not necessary - it will provide all the face of well-groomed appearance. Eyebrows should be given to the natural shape, "drama" in the 50 years already to anything. We draw the shape of a pencil. Its color should be all on the tone or two darker than your eyebrows. Special brush comb hairs and fill the empty space between them shadows eyebrow. This tool will help to smooth too skittish and tough growth.

The emphasis on the eyes

We continue to apply make-up steps. For women 50 years is a common problem of the impending century. To visually "open the" eyes, you need to use only light shade. In the matter of their structure should focus on the matte product. Satin effect and sequins you only add a dozen years and make-up too vulgar. Cover frosted shades of natural color the entire moving part of the century. Hanging on the crease area and we put on it a darker shade. Pale-skinned women suit beige, ivory or pink, and dark complexion - light coffee. Inner corners of the eyes, on the contrary, brighten shadows or soft pencil. We turn to the arrows. From jet-black pencil have an adult to refuse. We prefer chocolate, graphite, dark blue color. The arrows along the line we put growth of the upper eyelashes, but affects only a third of the outer part of the century. At the edge of the eye make them a little thicker and lifts up. Lower eyelid draws a white or light-brown pencil.

Makeup for women 50 years: step by step and with photos


Professional make-up artists who teach to perform make-up step by step (for a woman of 50 years is just as important as for the young ladies), say that you should forget about the rich-black shade of mascara. If you have brown eyes, stop your choice on a chocolate shade. Sineok suitable tone graphite, purple or dark gray. With age, the cilia become less frequent and shorter. But for women over fifty do not get involved with the new-fangled means of the effect of "drama". Fan-shaped, and the amount of stuff you no good. It is better to choose a mascara with eyelash lengthening effect. The main thing is that it is gentle, it does not crumble and does not stick hair. Apply ink to be a single layer, and only the upper eyelashes. For evening make-up is acceptable prorisovyvanie and lower.


Chances are, you've already decided what color lipstick you more to face. But the make-up artists warn bright, unnatural or too dark, gloomy tones old image. Therefore, we must give preference to a calm, natural shades. Bright colors can be used by women 50 years for evening makeup. Incrementally applied lipstick as follows. Dark eyeliner use only in exceptional cases, when the celebrations we paint lips in bright and vibrant colors. For everyday makeup we put shade "Nude". But before that we denote the desired contour pencil on wax basis. Women over fifty are often faced with the problem of drooping lips. In this case, the corner of his mouth, we do not paint at all - no outline with a pencil or lipstick. If you want to give the image of elegance, can be used in addition to Nydala and other colors. But it is necessary to avoid too gloomy or defiantly bright. The very texture of lipstick should be moisturizing, heavy. This tool fills all the wrinkles and give the lips bulge. From shines mature lady should be abandoned. For celebrations can be applied to it only in the middle of the upper lip - to give volume.

Makeup for women 50 years: step by step and with photos

The thing to keep in purse

Makeup for women after age 50 (step by step instructions you have already read) requires skill. The slightest mistake - and decorative cosmetics will not paint you, and disfiguring. So what should you have in order to look attractive and youthful? Of the mandatory funds beautician including: base makeup, correctors and foundation. For shading need sponzhik and large brush. Also can not do without powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter. Eye makeup will require pencils (dark and light shades), eye shadow eyebrows and eyelids, mascara ordinary. Rounding Lipstick - Nude shades or relaxing warm colors. Liner and shine will also come in handy.

Makeup for women 50 years: step by step and with photos

Taboo when creating makeup for a woman 50 years

Moderation in decorative cosmetics - this is the first and most important rule. A young girl and a thick layer of powder is attractive. A mature lady wrongly imposed concealer visually grow old for another ten years. Also avoid flashy colors and sharp transitions. In addition, it should be remembered, that the dark shades (shadow, mascara, lipstick) make visual code withered and very lady - grim. Eyebrows should be done not longer and shorter. Plucking the hair at the temples, and a pencil to draw a slightly raised outline. It is necessary to say goodbye to the jet-black eyeliner, dark rouge and lipstick. Prefer natural light and shades, even when creating evening makeup. Great attention should be paid to shading. The less your appearance will be clear boundaries, the more attractive you will look.