Stone coral. Decorations of red coral

Once upon a time people thought that the red coral - this is a common plant, and therefore called it "Sea Garden". In ancient Egypt they believed that pieces of red stone is a drop of blood of the deity, and that coral could protect from evil spirits. In ancient Greece, used to say that where the shed blood of Medusa the Gorgon, which Perseus beheaded appeared blood-colored stone. And they called it the coral. In Russia, the coral was called drakonitom, because they thought if the stone was stored in the head of a dragon.

People have always believed in the magical properties of coral. Therefore gem and served for the manufacture of various charms and mascots, the powder thereof was used as medicines heal wounds and stopping blood. For all those who went to a hard long way from coral amulet was the best defender and a talisman. And these are not empty words. Coral Stone - really present biologically active substances store, affecting the physiology of humans.

Stone coral. Decorations of red coral

What is a coral?

From the Greek word "koralion" comes the title of corals. Literally it means "son of the sea." The ancient philosophers and scientists for a long time could not classify corals. So, Teofast, philosopher and botanist of ancient Greece, was convinced that the coral stone - is a cross between plant and stone. Carl Linnaeus called them zhivotnorasteniyami. Only at the end of the XVIII century. scientists have determined that the corals - is an external skeleton of polyps. It is called bioherm. Where there are large concentrations of polyps, there are islands or reefs. Conventional coral species used as raw materials from which the lime. But there are rare types of coral stone, has a beautiful texture and color. It is because they create decorations.

Stone coral. Decorations of red coral

Medicinal properties of

Today, as in the days of their ancestors, the coral is often used in folk and official medicine. White Coral actively surgeons use. From him perform implants of bones and teeth. This is due to the fact that the porous structure of the bone and coral is almost identical. Coral powder actually helps in the treatment of burns.

Calcium, which is part of the coral, digest much better in the human body than regular calcium gluconate. In addition, the coral has substances that help normalize blood sugar.

It has long been assumed that it is very useful to wear necklaces and other jewelry made of coral. It is said that the constant wearing of them can significantly improve the skin condition. Fans of jewelry out of it rarely suffer from depression and nervous breakdowns. Insomniacs help beads to spend the night under the pillow of a sleeping man.

Stone coral. Decorations of red coral

Magic Properties

Coral stone has protective properties warding. Warriors in ancient times, loved them and decorate their weapons and armor. Travelers have always taken the road coral amulets that protect against all sorts of misfortunes. Coral beads protect from the evil eye and spoilage. Women wearing a heart kids, mineral helps to bear and give birth to a healthy and strong baby, protecting the mother from abortion.

The graves of the Slavs often find small balls, carved out of coral. For example, in the tomb of Boris Godunov of balls counted fifteen pieces. They called them wren. For scientists is still a mystery what they do. But not always exclusively are the benefits of coral. Its properties are positive, if not abused. Overreliance on coral amulets makes people passive and capricious. Therefore, use amulets better at growing Moon. At arrival the full moon mascots gently washed and hidden in the box until the next new moon.

Stone coral. Decorations of red coral


The species of precious coral

Among the many types of polyps, there are precious corals. They have different colors and shades. Thus, in addition to all the famous red coral there are black, bamboo, blue, "gold" and many others. Near Japan and in the Mediterranean Sea live coral skeleton which has a pink color. From these precious corals in ancient times began to create masterpieces of jewelry - necklaces, brooches, bracelets and other jewelry.

The color palette

Coral - very beautiful stone, which has about 2,500 species. It has a rich palette of colors, numbering about three hundred different shades variations.

Jewelry from corals of different colors were made more than two thousand years. Fashion for products and jewelry made of precious polyps exist in all countries and at all times. In the medieval period Rus widely used in various multicolored coral incrustations. During the Renaissance was very popular carving mineral.

Pink coral has been very popular in ancient China.

Black coral in their strength close to the pearl and ivory. Its beauty is deservedly made him very popular in the eastern countries since ancient times.

Stone coral. Decorations of red coral

Hawaiian coral has a very beautiful golden color. From it creates a very expensive coral beads and cabochons for rings, brooches and pendants.

In lagoons of Oceania there are corals, which have painted a beautiful blue color. Unfortunately, over time, it tends to fade under the influence of sunlight.

There are coral shades of yellow, yellow-brown. The rarest minerals are blue.

Basically coral painted evenly, but sometimes striped or variegated branches.

Stone coral. Decorations of red coral

Preferences jewelers

Jewelers used for manufacturing jewelery mainly red coral. Minerals of all shades of red are considered the most valuable. And black minerals are used quite often. Corals other colors and shades also are used in jewelry.

White coral is easily dyed, so often used by jewelers for handicrafts.

How to distinguish a fake?

Artificial coral cheaper natural minerals seven times. Therefore, their imitation in great demand. In order to distinguish the fake from the original, will have to sacrifice a single bead. Mineral present in the original net specific pattern. On the forgery of such a characteristic not pictured. If the bead is real, then her cleavage, he discovered. This is the only feature, which allows to distinguish the original and the fake. Otherwise, they are almost identical.

Stone coral. Decorations of red coral

Decorations of red coral

Coral Stone always loved women. It was an essential attribute of traditional costume. Multilayer low coral beads present in the costumes of many nations.

Natural corals are perfectly combined with silver and gold. Set in silver, coral and turquoise looks interesting. Silver ornaments from it is often carried out in a retro style, or ethnicity.

Coral in gold is refined and luxurious look. Originally looks combination of its diamonds, other precious stones.

Coral beads - a traditional decoration. But at the same time it can be very stylish and original. In addition to conventional beads jewelery composition often used rose cut from coral. It gives a special charm to the decoration. Often used beads or different colors, or different shapes. Nicely combined with beads of coral beads of precious or semi-precious stones with rock crystal.

Jewelers are still keen to please women with stylish and exquisite coral jewelery.