Colt "Python": the history of creation

Colt "Python 357" (English title Colt Python) is currently the most beautiful, if not a revolver, which were created in the US, one of them for sure. Generally, among the short-weapon models is one of the best. Design concise, but still beautiful. The huge popularity of the Colt "Python Magnum 357" won not only because of its appearance, but also because of its reliability, excellent workmanship.

Where the gun has been used?


Fans of this model weapons are not only in the United States: the gun managed to gather a lot of fans from around the world. Developed a series of the gun as the Colt "Python", a photo which is available in our article, as sporting weapons. Beginning of the period of development is considered to be the 50th year of the last century. On the market as a gun he entered in 1955. The weapon was designed for high-caliber .357 "Magnum" cartridges. That's why he has excellent performance characteristics, such as good quality and high accuracy.

How to position the model?


In general, these features are inherent in it for sporting weapons. Colt "Python" pneumatic quickly found a lot of buyers, and the cessation of the production took place in 1999. Since then the company, previously engaged in the production of weapons ceased to produce it. And those models that made from 1999, made by a different company. It should be noted, exclusively on order. After the main title of weapons they are designated Elite.

What was good Colt "Python"?


Revolvers this series have surpassed the original models for a variety of parameters. For example, the quality of manufacture. Surfaces treated according to some special technologies. The trunks are of different length: both 102 mm and 152 mm. The housing could be polished and chromed. Cheeks also handles were made of wooden materials (enough of the way).

Interestingly, the Colt "Python" is an alternative name. It is in English referred to as Combat Magnum. Revolver refers to a six-type. The factory where it was made, was located in the state of Connecticut, in Hartford. Currently, there are many collectors of various firearms. They note that in the series Colt "Python" is the best instance. The basis of the revolver frame is the first type, the design assumes that the main shutter.



The original weapon was manufactured for use in a pair with the ammunition of caliber .38 Special. At Colt "Python" was an adjustable sight, which, it should be noted, was accurate enough. The trigger mechanism mounted in the weapon design had an increased strength characteristics. All revolvers series differ in the length of the barrel, as well as appearance.



In the beginning, models such as Colt "Python", a pencil case made of a hollow type. Only years later modification of the canister (it began to make complete) will help stabilize the gun barrel. When the hammer is cocked, the drum is blocked. This occurs at the moment of impact. On the trunk cone tightly put on the bolt. Thus achieve reduction of gas leakage. And this, in turn, has an impact on the accuracy of shooting produced. It does not remain on the sidelines and the initial speed of a bullet. It is worth noting the fact that Colt "Python" - this is the first gun series, which began initially targeting using a laser collimator sight. gun was available for purchase in two finishing options From the earliest days of the production. The first of them - "Royal Blue" (in English Royal Blue). The second color option - "Light a nickel." However, the latter was discontinued rather quickly. It happened after the began to produce revolvers mirror polished as final finish. Such weapons are made of stainless steel. Royal Blue offered for purchase until 2003.


It should be said about the length of the barrel. Were models of different lengths. Basically, stems have a length of 2, 5, 3, 4, 6 and 8 inches. The most popular among the civilian population was the Colt "Python" with a trunk 6 inches long. As is known, in the longer barrel of the gun, the greater the kinetic energy of a bullet. Accordingly, hunting frequently used model with 8-inch barrel. But collectors, statistics show that most prefer Colt hit "Python", which had a barrel length of 3 inches.

Model called Python Hunter became produced by the plant, since 1980. It was a weapon with a barrel length of 8 inches. There was a possibility of fastening the optical sight on the gun, enhancing the image twice. Sight in question, called the Leupold. "Hunter" was the first model, which was designed to conduct high-precision shooting. Production ended in 1990. For some time after the end of production of this model is made to order. Also made another series model, which was available in the standard layout, which have been described previously. We are talking about the Colt "Python Target". Really popular type of weapons Colt "Python" was immediately to law enforcement bodies of different countries. The model with the barrel 6 inches was used officers. But the "python" with a 4 inch barrel, were officers in plain clothes, such as stem length is good enough hides weapons from prying eyes. After several years of armed transferred to a new level, in vogue semi-automatic pistols, which are superior to the gun in their tactical and technical characteristics. Therefore, the number of "Python", which have been used by law enforcement officials continued to decline.