Machine gun "Pecheneg" modernized. "Pecheneg" (gun): Features

Since the technology is not standing still, any mechanical device sooner or later find it outdated. It is no exception and this is important for the defense of any state segment, as firearms, composed his army weaponry. Over time, there are more long-term development and model types of ammunition, causing choose or create new models of weapons.

The Russian army is a state could be clearly traced back to the early 80s. Army needed a powerful and versatile weapon that can not only adapt to any type and place of combat, but also hit the target more effectively than previous designs. But as finance by the army spent quickly, the right decision was a complete modernization of the already existing available samples. So the army began to appear such weapons as AK 101-108, various modifications of the guns and, of course, the control panel gun "Pecheneg". That he was admitted in 2002 to adopt the Russian army.

The development of the machine gun

Machine gun

The design team TSNIITOCHMASH plant, commissioned by these weapons, had the difficult task of how to improve the cooling of the machine-gun barrel, which should improve the accuracy and rate of fire. As practice shows, the progenitor of "Pecheneg" - PCM - often overheated. Therefore, the designers went a straightforward way - taking as a basis for a new machine gun PKM old, they changed its design and added new elements such as splitter-handle, ejector and barrel shroud.

Innovation design

Machine gun

The principle of ejector type cooling action is quite simple - during his work eductor draws air under the hood and drives it along the barrel, thus providing reliable cooling. "Pecheneg" - machine gun that uses in his work this option. In addition to protecting the barrel from damage, the casing also protects it from a phenomenon such as side wind, which is able to change the geometry of the barrel by uneven cooling. The use of pen-enabled divider remove a characteristic phenomenon of the haze from hot air warmed over the barrel. This made it difficult to accurately aim the arrow. Also among the innovations - a special grade of steel, which increased the strength of the barrel. As shown the test, after a long shooting the barrel did not need to be replaced, as in PCM. Safety factor was higher by about two times. And the use of new types of steel allowed to increase the stiffness of the stem. In this case, fry were moved to the muzzle arms (standing on a gas coupling). As shown by the test results accuracy, which could issue a machine gun "Pecheneg" as a result of these alterations, increased by firing from the machine at the 1, 9, and a bipod - 1, 7 times compared with PTP.

The principle of operation

Machine gun

As "Pecheneg" - gun having a basis Kalashnikov circuit, its automatic works on the principle of gas discharge through the opening in the bore. Above the barrel is a gas chamber with a three-position gas regulator. The chamber is locked by rotating the shutter, wherein the lugs extend beyond the special stops in the receiver. Shutter gun in whole repeating structure RPK or ATM. As with previous designs, gas-frame - a leading element of automation, it connects to the gas piston joints. When shooting arm reloading is not used and remains stationary because it is not associated with the slide frame rigidly. Features trigger allowed the opportunity to conduct continuous fire only. To prevent accidental firing has a lever type fuse, which securely locks in the rearmost position the bolt carrier. The whole mechanism of the shutter is assembled in the receiver. The firing mechanism cocked when acting on reciprocating mainspring - it moves forward during firing and beating of the striker projection, which is placed in a special channel to the gate.

Features appearance and power

Machine gun

"Pecheneg" - machine gun, who inherited the appearance of its predecessor almost completely, so that the pistol grip and the butt of the same construction are mounted on the receiver. He also has a band power system. All tapes made of metal, of the link, have a capacity of 100 or 250 cartridges, joined by firing the bottom gun bipod via box, and in the case of machine-application - are arranged separately (Samozhenkova machine). The feeding belt mechanism mounted on a base receptacle with a hinged lid of the receiver. Feeder, which results in the action mechanism, the bolt carrier covers the right projection, and the left - a roller and is located on the right side of the receiver. When the frame moves, it drives the roller. Thus there is a feeder rotation, which via feed finger moves the tape at one unit to the left. Grippers extractor thus fed to the previous line chambering a cartridge, wherein the moving back simultaneously with the frame.

Machine gun

At the time of the shot

Case completes the shutter dosylaya cartridge and locking it with the moving parts automation. At this time the feeder has already shifted to the right by the action of the bolt and the feed finger is moved to the next munition. After making the shot sleeve shutter extracts and emits it to the left through the reflective protrusion. the ejection window itself is protected by a special flap with a spring, which opens under the influence of his departing back the bolt.

The advantages of machine gun

Design features that distinguish the "Pecheneg" - newly developed machine gun - are such that make it easy to re-equip the entire army under the weapon. Firstly, a machine gun used practically complete set (80%) of parts and components of the PCM. Secondly, the design is almost completely copies the same gun. This will not only facilitate its operation, as the majority of the soldiers already trained techniques of shooting with PKM, but also greatly simplifies production, which in the case of the limited finances will play into the hands.

"Pecheneg" - a machine gun, mass-produced for the growing needs of the army. Naturally, the multi-tasking required by the creators to make further adjustments and improvements in the design. So there were modifications of these weapons. Today "Pecheneg 2" - a machine gun, a modernized sufficiently be able to perform a wide range of tasks.

Machine gun

The problem of the production of these weapons took over the factory Kovrov Degtyarev, also known as JSC "ZiD". It is produced at the moment the gun "Pecheneg" modernized. Currently we offer the following models:

  • 6P41 - single, caliber 7, 62 mm;
  • 6P41S - the same gun, but heavy machine (used Stepanova machine);
  • 6P41N - night version of a single gun;
  • 6P41SN - machine-night option.

Kalashnikov machine gun "Pecheneg" - tactical and technical characteristics of

- Caliber - 7, 62 mm.

- Cartridge - 7, 62h54 R.

- Total length - 1200 mm.

- Barrel length - 658 mm.

- Weight weapons - 8200 g

- Muzzle velocity - 825 m / s.

- Rate of fire - 600-800 rds / min..

- Capacity ribbon - 100-250 rounds.

- Sighting range - 1500 m.