Margolin pistol: the history of creation and design features

Pistol Margolin is a legendary sporting Soviet-made weapons. With the help of his victorious many world champions and Olympic shooting. According to its characteristics it meets the small arms of the standard type.

Margolin pistol: the history of creation and design features

is used to participate in competitions under the rules of the International Union. The daily operation of the pistol Margolin, however, was not so popular as, for example, a weapon of the same Makarov. Despite the huge sports glory, about the life of the developer MV Margolin most people do not have a clue. Few people know that the designer has developed and created a project to the touch, due to the fact that in 1924, completely lost his sight, fighting in the Red Army.


Pistol Margolin has different modification (LCF, TMA). This semi-automatic small-caliber weapons intended for sports shooting at a round target at a distance of 25 meters. It is isolated lovely shooting quality, because it is the accuracy and reliability above all sought its constructor Margolin.

Margolin pistol: the history of creation and design features

The gun is simple, durable and low price. He was actively used in various international competitions in the period 1954-1974 gg. Future athletes are still beginning to learn how to shoot because of these weapons. design

Pistol Margolin is automatic, which is based on free slide recoil. Do weapon trigger trigger mechanism. It gives you the flexibility to adjust the free stroke of the trigger. Located under the barrel with stem return spring. The handle is placed store one-row type with capacity of 5, 6 or 10 cartridges (.22LR gauge). Micrometer sight. It is regulated by means of horizontal displacement of the rear sight and the front sight vertically. This ensures stability and precision adjustment. The gun can be equipped with the handle Margolin orthopedic device for changing the balancing weights and muzzle compensator.

Margolin pistol: the history of creation and design features


Many designers have explored different models of imported weapons in the search for new technical solutions. Margolin decided to go its own way, as the other way, he simply was not there. To base the design of some imported weapons, he could not, because I just did not see it. He could only completely independently create their project to come up with his own - think outside the box. Something that made the designer in 1946, at that time simply did not have analogues. He created automatic pistol type which meets the requirements of the sport and international competitions. In one system, he was able to combine the accuracy of the battle and automatic recharge. Designer increased in the trunk of the number of grooves, and made them gentle. With this bullet calmer go on the trunk, which is also more to drill in the form of light cone, which favorably affected the accuracy of fire. Buy Margolin pistol can be in a variety of gun shops. This weapon has not lost its popularity in our days.

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