Microcurrents facial treatment: reviews, prices, contraindications. Microcurrents face at home

Since the advent of electricity in medicine began to appear more and more procedures using current. Its effect makes it possible to achieve an analgesic, prophylactic effect.

The procedure microcurrents currents low voltage used for the face (as opposed to darsonvalizatsii where high voltage and low currents applied force). This procedure will tighten loose skin, smooth out wrinkles and scars.

Among beauticians there is no consensus on the benefits of the procedure. How effective microcurrent therapy? What she contraindications?

Microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy aimed at rejuvenating the skin of the face, body. It allows you to get rid of the swelling, returns elasticity and reduce existing wrinkles.

Microcurrents facial treatment: reviews, prices, contraindications. Microcurrents face at home

Microcurrents face do not affect the muscles, unlike myostimulation. Pulses are directed to a cell and blood vessels (blood, lymph). Is their oxygen saturation, vitamins.

Exposure starts in the micro-cell are a number of biochemical processes. Removes harmful toxins. It improves blood circulation, lymph drainage occurs. Indirectly procedure affects the muscle fibers in the upper layer of the epidermis.

The effect of micro currents

Healthy cells work provides elasticity and youthfulness of the skin. With age, the normal functioning of the cell membrane fails. Is a disturbance of metabolic processes, decreasing the synthesis of biologically active substances (collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid). Starting aging and cell death, and leads to wrinkles, sagging skin pigmentation.

Microcurrents facial treatment: reviews, prices, contraindications. Microcurrents face at home

Currents weak forces act at the cellular level. They restore the normal functioning of the membrane and cellular structures. Increase blood circulation, eliminate inflammation. Stimulate the production of the necessary enzymes.

The combined effects of microcurrent helps to remove wrinkles, restore healthy complexion. During the procedure, reinforced walls of blood and lymph vessels, which accelerates harmful substances and leads to a general rejuvenation of the skin.

How is the procedure?

Microcurrents - physiotherapy, hardware procedure. It is carried out in 2 ways:

  1. electrodes with a special tip. On the face, neck gel is applied (or a conductive cream). Beautician lead electrode on the problem area, performing massaging motion.
  2. Gloves with attached electrodes. On the face and neck is applied termomaska. Over it to enhance the effect - the film. Beautician hands, wearing gloves, doing massage.

Indications for procedure

microcurrents facial treatment will help align the skin texture, smooth out the bumps and wrinkles, tighten drooping zone. Before conducting the session, beautician cleanses the skin of makeup. To do this, apply the foam, scrubs. The better will be cleaned pores, the greater will be the effect of the procedure.


  • age-related loss of skin tone (flaccidity, sagging area, wrinkles);
  • facial swelling;
  • atopic dermatitis;
  • skin pigmentation;
  • itching dermatitis;
  • epidermis recovery after surgery;
  • scars, scars and other skin relief defects.
Microcurrents facial treatment: reviews, prices, contraindications. Microcurrents face at home

Microcurrents can be assigned to a beautician, not only for individuals but also for the body. The procedure is recommended for getting rid of stretch marks, swelling of the feet. It tighten skin after liposuction. Restore firmness buttocks, breasts.

Microcurrents face: contraindications

There are restrictions for the session mikrotokidii. Should abandon the procedure at the time of SARS, influenza, colds. Acceptance of some drugs may cause skin reactions.

Contraindications for the procedure:

  • during pregnancy and lactation;
  • cancer;
  • the presence of a pacemaker, implants;
  • herpes, scars and fresh wounds;
  • epilepsy;
  • the presence of inflammation on the face or body;
  • heart rhythm disturbances.

The effect of mkirotokov

It lasts about 40 minutes painless micro-currents to the face. Reviews of patients agree that after the first session noticeable effect. The skin becomes elastic, smooth, glows health.

After 5-6 session appears clear oval disappears chin. The procedure helps to eliminate sagging of the upper eyelid. Eliminates acne, rosacea, acne, age spots.

Microcurrents facial treatment: reviews, prices, contraindications. Microcurrents face at home

Cosmetologists warn that long-term effect it is necessary to make a few procedures. One course is 10-15 sessions.

Microcurrents face contribute to the regeneration of the epidermis, normalizes blood circulation. After the procedure, smoothed wrinkles, scars. Disappear flabby, sagging zone. This prophylactic procedure rejuvenates the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

Types of microcurrent therapy

Before you start micro-currents facial treatment, you must pass the test for individual intolerance. Conductive creams, gels can cause skin reactions. Be sure to pass before a session of high-quality medical examination, consult with a beautician.

Mikrotokidiya is of several types. Only a dermatologist, cosmetologist will select a suitable sequence of effects on the skin, depending on the evidence.

Lifting can achieve smoother skin, completely eliminating the wrinkles. Microcurrents affect the face, neck and décolleté.

Dezinkrustratsiya is aimed at cleaning pores, sebaceous plugs. Microcurrents help restore the skin secretion, narrow the pores.

The ionic mesotherapy get rid of edema, cyanosis of the skin, pigmentation, wrinkles.

Lymph to restore water balance, a positive effect on metabolic processes in the epidermis. Reprogramming of facial wrinkles normalizes metabolism, restores skin elasticity and shape of the face, get rid of facial wrinkles.

After the session mikrotokidii beauticians prescribe's Skin program. It postprotsedurnye activities that will help to strengthen the effect.

Microcurrents face: price

The total cost of the procedure include:

  • cleansing;
  • applying a conductive cream or gel;
  • microcurrent treatment time;
  • processing zone;
  • regenerating cream after the session.

The most expensive procedure includes mikrotokidiyu face, neck, décolleté - 5000 rubles. Less costly complex - 800 rubles for the eye area.

The most demanded procedures for micro-currents face. Reviews (an average price - 2000 rubles) is recommended to get a subscription for 10 procedures. The entire course will be a discount of 15,000 rubles.

Microcurrents facial treatment: reviews, prices, contraindications. Microcurrents face at home

In beauty salons have developed programs for anti-aging therapy. So, "Microcurrent facelift with the introduction of vials' worth from 3 to 30 thousand rubles. "Microcurrent lymphatic drainage" program has a cost of 3 to 40 thousand rubles.

No difficulty to spend at home microcurrents facial treatment. Reviews of doctors warn that before applying the unit, be sure to consult a beautician.

Therapy at home

The procedure is safe at home. If tingling becomes painful, reduce the pulse frequency.

Microcurrents face at home will help to restore the problem areas. Before buying the apparatus should check the frequency (1 to 300 hertz) and pulse strength (20 to 800 microamps).

It can be purchased only with a microcurrent (approximate price - 1,500 rubles). More expensive will cost a combined unit. At its option, may include myostimulation procedures, vibratory massage, lifting, termoliftinga (price from 13 to 40 thousand rubles). Microcurrents face in the home involves the use of a special gel. The skin should be dry during the procedure. For best micro-conductivity in the winter suit with aloe vera gel. During the summer, for dry skin, you can use cream with extract of cornflower.

Features home treatments

At home, help solve a number of problems to face massager micro-currents. With it will narrow the enlarged pores disappear dark circles under the eyes, hair loss will stop.

The effect of the device may not be as noticeable. This is due to the fact that there are limitations to the home devices (as opposed to professional equipment).

In the week to spend enough for 5 sessions. The total rate may be between 20 to 30 sessions. Followed by a break for 6 months. In these six months are allowed support, one-time procedure (1 per month).

Microcurrents facial treatment: reviews, prices, contraindications. Microcurrents face at home

How to conduct micro-currents facial treatment at home? Reviews of girls are reduced to the fact that the most striking effect is produced by a procedure in conjunction with the collagen mask.

  1. Before the session to clean the skin of makeup, apply a moisturizing tonic.
  2. Apply conductive gel. Do not smear it directly on his face - it dries quickly. Apply the gel on the areas.
  3. According to the instructions to carry out the impact of microcurrent.
  4. Upon completion remove the gel from his face with a napkin.
  5. wash, apply the cream on your skin type.

Reviews of the procedure

Reviews of young women (under 30 years) is recommended to carry out the procedure once a week for six months. Such exposure will help to keep the skin in good condition and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

Women 35 years and older are assured that at home it is best to carry out the procedure 3-4 times a week. You will see a clear outline of the face, offset by pigmentation and edema, smooth out the overall skin texture. A course of 14 treatments is enough for a lasting effect. In order to keep the skin in good shape, 1 time per month to repeat the procedure. Lifting effect is possible only after 5-6 treatments. But its effectiveness in the chest, abdomen, buttocks doubt some cosmetologists. In the fight against cellulite, stretch marks treatment may lead to a slight improvement. But does not completely eliminate the problem areas.

Microcurrents facial treatment: reviews, prices, contraindications. Microcurrents face at home

Cosmetologists warn that necessarily should be considered contraindications to the domestic session. If the impact zone are "golden" thread, dental pins, it is a reason to abandon the procedure. Only after eliminating contraindications can avoid the side effects.

Before the house to try to micro-currents facial treatment, real (price is quite acceptable) is recommended to conduct a one-time session in the beauty centers. Specialist explain the mechanism of action. It shows the sequence of zones and movements. Recommend gel and postprotsedurny care.

Negative reviews are mostly owned by the ladies of the senior age group. Women from 50 years more likely to be dissatisfied with the effect - it is minimal. In addition, the high price for the entire course deters clients. Therefore, most women prefer to buy devices for home use. But there is a drawback - their performance is less than a professional unit.