Wellness LPG-facial massage: indications, contraindications, results and reviews

The popularity of LPG-massage is growing every day. Beauty salons offer such a procedure is not only for the body but also the face. Just last type of massage is the most popular procedure in cosmetic hardware. It is compared with the lifting operable without interference, also called Liftmassage. The main objective of the procedure - prolong youthfulness of the skin, in addition to the beautiful appearance and give peace of mind and confidence in their own beauty.

Release of massage devices

Initially, massage devices for LPG produced only for the body, but soon in the beauty industry has seen a trend of using technology for facial skin. Manufacturers, without thinking twice, have decided to present to the world a massage machine that revitalizes and tightens the skin also. Specialists of the company LPG Systems have developed devices that delicately, without any harm to the skin perform massages not only the face but also the neck and décolleté.

Wellness LPG-facial massage: indications, contraindications, results and reviews

The efficiency of LPG-massage of the face

The main rule of massage - regularity. Only the procedures that are recurrent, will bring the desired effect. Estheticians also strongly recommended to use along with a massage mask with a lifting effect, for maximum effect. Tasks hardware LPG-massage of the face are as follows:

  • improve skin tone;
  • to minimize the appearance of wrinkles and sagging;
  • to get rid of double chin, and nasolabial folds;
  • to align the shape of the face;
  • anti-edema, bags under the eyes;
  • to eliminate unhealthy complexion;
  • to normalize sebum;
  • smooth scars and remove the hematoma.

We studied the efficacy of massage leading clinics of the world, which in the course of studies have confirmed that the procedure has a positive effect on the skin, if strictly follow the instructions and take into account all the shortcomings.

Wellness LPG-facial massage: indications, contraindications, results and reviews

What happens after the massage?

First of all, there is a significant reduction in wrinkles, even the deepest smoothed by more than 25%. It also eliminates body fat, it becomes less than at least twice, whereby the skin becomes supple and elastic, starts the recovery process at the cellular level of fibers and fabrics. In fact, the changes are already noticeable after the first treatment LPG-massage. Also, from a medical point of view, it is proved that after the massage improves blood and lymph quality.

How does a massage?

In humans, the task of maintaining the elasticity, firmness performs collagen. This element is also responsible for the healthy appearance of skin. But the years go by and age-related changes will not escape. In addition to age, greater impact on skin health is the environment, more precisely, its adverse effects. The fibers lose their elasticity, the skin becomes flabby, saggy. increasingly difficult to retain moisture in the cells Every year her to produce collagen and other nutrients. This provokes not only the appearance of wrinkles, but excessive dryness of the skin. While the LPG-massage his influence trains every cell and stimulates them to produce collagen. Women noted that improvements are already noticeable after the first session, but the effect is maintained only for a few days. To face fresh happy all the time, should be a course of massage twice a year, or by means of corrective procedures to maintain the result. Reviews LPG-massage on the face in most cases positive.

Wellness LPG-facial massage: indications, contraindications, results and reviews

The procedure starts processes rejuvenate even the deepest layers of the skin and hard. That is why the face looks younger and the skin condition improves. In addition to the healing effect, anti-stress massage and has effects on the body not only for the face but for the whole organism.

How is the procedure?

This remarkable effect is achieved due to the fact that the LPG-massage absorbed the best technicians of manual impact on the face, neck and décolleté. Work with these areas is much more difficult than with other parts of the body, because facial skin is very delicate and sensitive. Rough and traumatic movements can severely damage it. At the same time those areas with wrinkles need a strong elaboration. All this is skillfully combines the lift-handpiece - a specially developed technology that gently and effectively works on the skin. The device provides a vacuum and vibration exposure, tightens the skin, improves the flow of blood, lymph, and when it does not hurt. The patient during the procedure does not feel discomfort, if you close your eyes, it seems that performed classical manual massage. The average duration of one procedure - half an hour.

Wellness LPG-facial massage: indications, contraindications, results and reviews

Work-lift handpiece is made in three intersecting planes that create vibration and suction effect on the desired area. The frequency of exposure to the instrument - from 4 to 16 times per minute, it all depends on the mode selected and the appliance model. Managed by the device using a computer, so you can control the degree of the instrument effects on the skin. This advantage makes it possible to take into account the individual characteristics. You can select how delicate and relaxing mode and study mode wrinkles. The main thing - the absence of contraindications.

Wellness LPG-facial massage: indications, contraindications, results and reviews

What happens to the skin during the massage?

LPG-massage - this is a non-standard physical effects on the skin. First of all, it is the effect on the entire body. The procedure trains the nervous system, stimulates the creation of hormones skin tissue, improves the outflow and inflow of blood and lymph, promotes the growth of capillaries and stimulates cell regeneration.

Preparation for the procedure and the duration of its exposure to

Estheticians are not attributed to any special rules of preparation for the procedure. It is only important pre thoroughly clean the skin, it can make in the cabin. The most important rule - to consult a doctor before going to the beautician to the procedure was not harmful, but good. Recommended examined by a dermatologist. Also, before going to a massage, you should drink enough water, but the use of oily and junk food is best minimized. Fast carbs harm not only figure, but also procedure. Such a rejection of hazard helps clean skin from fat. The procedure itself consists of three stages in the following areas:

  • bridge of the nose and the eyes;
  • line of the mouth;
  • neck and neck.

After improving LPG-massage of the face may appear red spots and swelling, but do not panic, because it only testifies that the blood circulates actively and tone the deep layers of the skin increased. Pass the redness usually within twenty-four hours. Notable improvements appear after the first session, but only regularly to help cope with the problem and to tighten the skin. Prolonged effect persists after treatment, consisting of at least 10 sessions. It is advisable to carry out two treatments a week. After the course is completed, the result will last at least six months. After this time, the course may be repeated.

Wellness LPG-facial massage: indications, contraindications, results and reviews

Indications and contraindications

In general, any special restrictions to conduct no procedure. All contraindications are the same as when performing ordinary, usual massage. Contraindications to the LPG-massage of the face are as follows:

  • severe vascular disease, poor blood clotting;
  • high blood pressure;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • during the exacerbation of chronic diseases;
  • acute respiratory disease;
  • abrasions, scratches and other violations of the integrity of the skin;
  • rash, allergic;
  • epilepsy, neurological diseases.

The procedure is combined with others, and contraindications to the use of cosmetics is not. However, be aware that it is not recommended for massages after a plastic face, wait for a while.

Wellness LPG-facial massage: indications, contraindications, results and reviews

In general, the massage can be and should be used for both men and women, with absolutely any type of skin and regardless of age. Effectiveness of the procedure was assessed through a variety of studies that have been carried out by experts in their field. They have scientifically proved that LPG-massage helps to ensure that the skin is restored and updated by using their own reserves, rather than by surgery. And the result before and after the LPG-massage person deserves admiration. The main thing - to find a competent expert and do not forget to consult a doctor.