Evgeny Romanov: underrated Russian heavyweight boxer

Evgeny Romanov - boxer, speaking at the amateur level in the category up to 91 kg. Three times he became a silver medalist Russia and once won the national tournament. After an early career he completed five years as a sports official, and then returned to the ring in the status of a professional athlete.

The beginning of the path

Evgeny Romanov was born in Volgograd in 1984. When he was twelve years old, his stepfather sent him to the boxing section, where his first mentor was Vladimir Pavlovich Makienko. He he has been training for a long time, until in 2012 is not passed on to Alexander Sergeyevich Chernoivanova.

Evgeny Romanov: underrated Russian heavyweight boxer

Results were pretty fast. Evgeny Romanov came to boxing at age 12, and in 13 began to travel to the competition. It all started with regional scale - the championship field, the SFD. In 14 years, a promising teenager won the national championship among juniors.

Evgeny Romanov started with the weight category up to 57 kg, year after year, turning into a heavier division. Turning to the youth level in 2002, he played one season in the weight category up to 81 kg.

Junior Volgograd guy went on to win their peers, coming out already and the international level. On account of Romanov's victory at the European Youth Championship in Warsaw, the World Championships in Korea. He is considered one of the most promising boys of his generation.

The transition to adult level

We can not say that Yevgeny Romanov experienced serious problems with adaptation to adult level. Already in 2005, at its first championship of Russia "golden boy" of Volgograd he has reached the final, where he lost only eminent Alexander Alexeyev. How then he told Eugene, he at the beginning of his adult career absolutely did not feel shyness to anyone, except only the most venerable fighters, among whom were Alekseev, Romanchuk, Chahkiev. The following year, Romanov repeated his achievement, winning the national championship silver. In the final, he did not have any chance of Roman Romanchuk, who was then at the peak of form and had no equal.

Evgeny Romanov: underrated Russian heavyweight boxer

In 2007 volgogradets unsuccessfully performed at the championship of Russia, however, has made a memorable achievement than the usual gold medal. In Match Play Russia against the United States, he knocked out American Deonteya Wilder, and in fact in amateur boxing to make it particularly difficult, because the athletes are protected by helmets, fights last less.

Then no one knew that the defeated heavyweight of the US in a few years will be the world champion among professionals, so that there was a very loud victory in Eugene Romanov career.

An unsportsmanlike principle and a five-year pause

In 2008, Russian Evgeny Romanov championship once again reached the final and lost again, this time Yegor Mehontsevu. After this victory, he successfully performed at the international level, winning the world championship, European championship.

Evgeny Romanov: underrated Russian heavyweight boxer

A year later, the athlete still managed to achieve his goal and win a national championship, breaking insulting a series of three lost finals. According to the principle of sport selection, namely Yevgeny Romanov had to represent Russia at the major tournaments of the year as a national champion, but the leaders have judged differently. And at the World Cup and the European Championship again I went Egor Mekhontsev, who missed the national championship.

Evgeny Romanov was outraged, because he spent several years stubbornly went to his goal, regularly participated in the finals and managed to win in the end, but did not get a chance to prove himself at international level. Sensing the futility of further continuation of employment by boxing, he completed his amateur career. Taking the kind of break, Evgeny Romanov began to work in his native sports committee of the Volgograd region, participating in the organization of various sports events.

The return to the ring

To everyone's surprise in 2016 Evgeny Romanov came back to the ring already in the rank of a professional boxer. Manager athlete became a local promoter Victor Vasiliev. While the athlete had just four fights, three of them in the south of Russia.

Evgeny Romanov: underrated Russian heavyweight boxer

However, during this short time he had already established himself as a fearsome puncher with a powerful punch with both hands. The most striking victory was won over the Russian champion among professionals Vladimir Goncharov, when Romanov knocked a strong opponent in the first round.

Now you can expect the contract Eugene serious promoters which will provide him with the fights with the strongest boxers.