Exercise in the gym. How to create a training program

Exercise in the gym. How to create a training program

If you do not want to pay the coach for the preparation of the training program, you can read our article where we will talk about the rules of the development of effective programs for beginners.

Personal Trainer

Of course, everyone always wants to achieve high results in the shortest time. To this end, most beginners is to a personal trainer, who they think will make them a month of the Hulk. Fortunately or unfortunately, but such miracles happen only in fairy tales. Do not look for the easy way, because in order to achieve the desired level of need a lot of time.

As a rule, all the coaches, "prescribed" novice athletes the same program that has minimal variation. For example, girls and skinny guys meant training with a lot of repetition and lack of dangerous exercises.

Of course, a useless program you hardly anyone will, for the coaches is important your success is due to their own advantage (if you will be noticeable results, you are sure to take a few more workouts). However, we must consider the fact that the first time, even the most professional coaches can not make a personal program that will suit you at 100%. It will take more time.

What you need to do the exercises at the gym in order to achieve maximum results? It is difficult to answer immediately. First of all, you need to "feel" your own body, in order to make it a true standard. In general, a professional coach - this is certainly good, but the 10 training is not enough. Keep that in mind.

Training Frequency

Exercise in the gym. How to create a training program

How often do you need to train a particular muscle group? How many times a week you need to engage in hard physical activity? Now we shall try to answer these questions. First, a person has a large muscle, which traditionally include the muscles of the back, legs and chest, as well as the small muscles - arms (biceps, triceps, forearms), Delta and caviar. Of course, because of their size, the first recovered somewhat longer, which is why they need more rest. Secondly, the important amount of work done during training (the higher the load, the longer it takes to recover). Finally, the last - this is your fitness. The higher your level of experience in bodybuilding, the better your body will be adapted for heavy training. Naturally, you can longer perform the exercises in the gym. Say for sure how much time is required for full recovery of your muscles, it is very difficult, because each has its own ideas about this aspect of training. In general, for beginners 2-3 days of rest will be enough to restore a particular muscle group. For professional bodybuilders that number increased to 5-7 days due to the large volume of the muscles themselves, which, of course, you need a lot of time for 100 percent renewable. Nevertheless, it is not recommended for beginners to go to the gym more than 3 times a week, pumping all parts of the body, while advanced bodybuilders need to go to the gym 5-6 times, distributing training so, in order to pump up to 1 day 1-2 muscle groups.

The duration of the training

As a rule, training (active) should not last more than 1-1, 5 hours. This time may be extended, provided that you use anabolic steroids. Why can not (at least, not recommended) to train more time? Heavy physical activity - it is always a high level of release of cortisol and other katabolikov. If you regularly to delay the time of their release, the restoration of our muscles can significantly slow down. People taking steroids, do not experience this because they receive an additional dose of hormones.

Exercise in the gym. How to create a training program

Rest between sets

As a rule, it has to be within one minute. This approach to training will allow you to get more done. When you start to make your training program, then pretends to about 90-120 seconds to approach (the execution of the exercise + rest). Thus, provided that the duration of your workout is 1 hour, you can make about 30 approaches. For a beginner it will be quite enough.


Naturally, high-quality train (even for novice yardsticks) in one day can not be the body, which is why you need to "break up" the muscle groups for their training on different days. Such a process is called "split". Thanks to him, you can make a great set of exercises in the gym.

This is a very progressive method, which allows you to concentrate on the job for 1-2 muscle groups. On the one hand, it really works well, but on the other - we have less time to rest (the "already" split, the more training days in your week). This fact is not very important, and for professionals, because their muscles can recover for a long time - 7-10 days, but for beginners it can affect not the best way. In general, the less experience you have, the less you need to split their workouts. Similarly, the large muscles: the more experience, the more training days to be in Split.

Exercise in the gym. How to create a training program

What are the muscle groups can be trained together? For beginners there is a big difference, but for advanced athletes combine the best in training nagging muscle groups (back, biceps) and pushing (chest, Delta, triceps). Legs better loading on a separate day. To avoid the event of any doubt, you should always train the large muscles in the beginning, and small - after. And finally, the last - not combine training 2 major muscle groups.

Best Split are the following: "Push-pull" (combine 1 pulling group and 1 pushing), "top-bottom" (Legs-top body), and finally, advanced, where you want to completely break down their workouts (Chest, Back, Legs off-shoulder-arm). Number of days of rest is calculated from the time of restoration of your body.

Exercise in the gym. How to create a training program

Exercise in the gym and their choice of

Perhaps the simplest problem in bodybuilding. If you want to get big and muscle definition, you need to perform more basic exercises involving several muscle groups at work. Almost all of the exercises, which are connected with a barbell, are among the basic. So, we list the most effective movements for a particular group:

  1. Deadlift, pull-ups, dumbbell thrust and thrust rod in the slope - this is the best exercise for the back. The gym has a lot of "peripheral" simulators, but they can only help to "score" the muscles of this group.
  2. Bench barbell / dumbbell lying and dips - it's the best exercise for the chest muscles. Bench press, incidentally, has many variations that are more likely to affect (further), a particular muscle group.
  3. The best exercises for the legs become squats and leg presses. Do these exercises often, coming to the gym. Vocabulary for the buttocks, by the way, are among the priority movements. A very effective exercise will be "dead" craving.
  4. The best exercise for the biceps would be lifting barbells standing; triceps - bench press close grip and all kinds of French presses.
  5. Finally, for the deltas suitable bench press barbell standing / sitting and thrust rod to the chin.
Exercise in the gym. How to create a training program

In order to develop powerful muscles with the help of these exercises it will be enough that you regularly visit a gym. Exercises for women are no different, and therefore an excellent choice would be the same movements (with small weights, of course). When exercising, you always take complex exercises, gradually moving to more easy.

The number of repetitions in exercises

Exercise in the gym. How to create a training program

very simple matters. For the approach you should do about 6-12 reps, which would be sufficient. This is the amount you must perform if your ultimate goal - to build muscle mass. Pumping When it increases to 15-20. The maximum muscle growth occurs when the positive failure in 15-30 seconds. It is 6-12 reps allow you to keep within this time period. Note that you need to make a set of exercises in the gym, so that you have the strength to perform all movements with the above amount of repetitions.

The differences between the various training programs

In simple terms, they differ only in the load vector. For example, some exercises in the gym will bring more benefits endomorph, and others - ectomorph. The main point on which there is to focus in the preparation of the program - it is not a sequence of exercises and the amount of rest between workouts, which is a very important condition for muscle growth. Have high quality and effective training program is very good, however, for its preparation you need to get a lot of knowledge about a specific person (his lifestyle, genetics, physical development, and so forth.), Who joined the gym. Exercise for weight loss or weight set, for men or women - each program will differ significantly from each other. For example, if you want to lose weight, the program should include more aerobic exercise, will help you throw off those extra kilos. On the "drying" some ideal Pumping. In general, a set of variations.


It is possible that some of the exercises may not be suitable specifically for you. For example, the bench press would be less effective than the press of a bar at an angle. In this case, you can change your program with confidence. Today, by the way, you can find a variety of fitness clubs, which includes a gym for women. Exercise it may differ from the "classics" in their emphasis on stretching and aerobic movements.