Signal weapons: MP-371 and TT-S

Currently, alarm weapons for self-defense, is the easiest (and at the same time absolutely legal) way to protect yourself in case of an emergency. One of the undoubted advantages "signalok" can be called the simplicity of these technical devices. Use as directed signaling weapon without a license, anyone can now.


Signal weapons: MP-371 and TT-S

The purpose of such weapons lies, of course, not easy to apply the attacker damage (as in the case of traumatic gun firing rubber bullets) or temporary neutralization by spraying the active substance (as in the case of the gas weapon). Here, everything is much simpler: the alarm unlicensed weapons are used to intimidate the attacker. In this case, no physical damage to the opponent will not be applied.

Signal weapons: MP-371 and TT-S

The signal-noise gun is designed for use exclusively for defensive purposes. However, in the event of a real threat of this is more than enough. As well as many other weapons, allowed to acquire civilian air guns (signal in this case) requires a certificate. He tells of conformity and confirms the right to sell the model itself of weapons and ammunition, which will be a fire.


Signal weapons: MP-371 and TT-S

Signal weapons for self-defense shall be entered in the inventory. To buy revolvers and pistols of the signal type, use less caliber 4, 5 mm, the resolution is not required. If the size is greater then have to draw up the relevant documents. License required to buy such weapons, given the Department of the Interior Ministry. The period within which it operates, generally from 1 to 5 years. The use of weapons is permitted by the legislation of the signal only in the event of an emergency of a criminal nature, that is, when it is an extreme measure forced self-defense. The situation may be different reasons: from unlawful attacks to rights violations. In other cases, when the use of signal weapons to be unlawful, the person using it can be punished.


Signal weapons: MP-371 and TT-S

This is a remake of fire a Makarov pistol under the analogue signal. The whole basis came to her from the above model. We can say that this is a real copy. And well it copied, not only of the appearance, but also the internal mechanisms. Shot at the expense of working the primer. Of course, for this to happen in advance in the trunk of a simulator you must hand in these cartridge.

MP-371 manufactured also in modifications. We are talking about the gun model, which has an automatic charge. After the shot the cartridge is ejected. The simulator of the barrel at the same time a new cartridge is fed. That is, for each shot, even before the cage run out of ammunition, will be automatically recharged. This reduces the time, since there is no need to manually juggle shutter.

Cartridges, which are in fact mimics real ammunition within themselves have a certain opening. It is necessary to install a cap. In general, and generally are of two types of simulators. The first - the plastic cartridges, the second - brass bullets. Simulators, made of plastic, are intended for the execution of the sound of the shot. They are used only once. Recharging is possible after any of the shots.

Automatic model

But when it comes to modifying the signal MP-371, based on the principle of automatic recharge, it will work only with cartridges of brass. gun shop accommodates 8 individual cartridges. Such simulators can be reused. They are fully mimic a shot made from a pistol. While reloading brass cartridge ejected from a gun barrel in his place shall be sent to a new cartridge. It is worth noting that such a model gun is very reliable, because most of this is made of steel weapons.

The signal TT pistol

Signal weapons: MP-371 and TT-S

This model has a base structure traumatic TT counterpart. This, of course, is a TT "Leader". In turn, the "leader" is made on the basis of the common service pistol TT-33. But in the course of alteration combat model on her traumatic analogue of many parts and mechanisms were either removed or replaced. It is from the original TT in its traumatic modification only appearance was in many respects.

When firing from the signal TT-S is used mainly caps "Zhevelo". But there is also an option with KV21. The first sales of the model were outlined in 2011. TT-S sold without any restrictions. Buy it can persons who have reached 18 years of age. In one set with a gun comes round magazine, a passport for weapons, and 7 plastic cartridges that can be used repeatedly.

brass, plastic or steel?

The respective stores can also be found brass ordnance steel. It should be noted that the closure TT-S is stationary. When firing bullets will not fly, because there is a special plug inside the barrel. If someone is interested in disassembly, then everything looks like a TT "Leader". TT-C (when it comes to its standard factory equipment) is far from this ideal. Many turners currently engaged in manufacturing of brass cartridges in private.

The main advantage of these cartridges can be called longevity. Their functions they can perform far longer than their plastic counterparts. Yes and original cartridges they look so much more. Extract "Zhevelo" is not an example of the harder shaft. Steel cartridge will emit a loud noise when fired, rather than brass.