Zherlitsy their hands on the pike. How to make your own hands zherlitsy winter?

Zherlitsy is one of the oldest fishing tools for fishing predatory fish. Invented hundreds of years ago, a simple design and efficiency today than many modern gear. During this time she has not changed much, except that a little bit modernized, and as its popularity among hunters predator, it is unlikely that there is another such gear that will make it competitive.

So what's her secret is in the design? Let's try to figure it out, but at the same time and look at how to make zherlitsy own hands.

Zherlitsy their hands on the pike. How to make your own hands zherlitsy winter?

What zherlitsy, and what it is for?

This simple gear designed for catching predatory fish exclusively on live bait. It may have several design options, but the essence is the same: the predator is presented bait impaled on the hook, the fishing line is connected with a fixed base, which is usually located above the water. Usually anglers use several zherlitsy. Their number can be any, but would allow the reservoir area and the possibility of the fisherman.

Despite the fact that today you can buy at the store every tackle, fishermen prefer to make their own hands zherlitsy. This case is absolutely not expensive and takes very little time. Good fisherman can have in your arsenal dozen zherlitsy. If you know where to find the predator, this amount would be enough to get a pretty good catch. Making zherlitsy own hands for some anglers gradually develops into a kind of hobby. Master these tackle alone, craftsmen are constantly upgrading their, bringing it to perfection.

Types zherlitsy

All zherlitsy can be divided into two main types:

  • winter;
  • summer.

First, in turn, are divided into nadlednye and under ice. Winter construction is more common and popular than summer, which have recently been replaced by more modern means of fishing.

Winter zherlitsy are of three types:

  • with a flat base;
  • on the vertical rack;
  • "trivet".

zherlitsy with a flat base

zherlitsy with a flat base are the most common. They have a simple design, and in contrast to the vertical and the "Taganka" easy to install. Besides these zherlitsy own hands made for 15-20 minutes out of scrap materials.

This gear consists of wood or plastics platform on which the reel with the fishing line and snap, and a signal flag "off" when biting.

Zherlitsy their hands on the pike. How to make your own hands zherlitsy winter?


  • simple design;
  • Easy replacement of design elements;
  • fast and easy installation on any surface;
  • the possibility of overlapping holes to prevent sunlight and frost.


  • in the presence of strong winds without additional load can be displaced;
  • possible freezing in bases in the ice in the frost;
  • good factory models are quite expensive.

Vertical zherlitsy

Vertical zherlitsy work on the same principle, but their whole mechanism is not located on a flat basis, but on a stand, which is installed in the hard-packed snow near the wells. This, indeed, is their only flaw can not be installed without the snow.

Vertical zherlitsy own hands can also be made of the available tools for the minimum amount of time. Benefits:

  • is firmly connected with the fairly stable;
  • model purchased substantially cheaper flat.


  • difficulty setting without snow;
  • does not overlap well. Zherlitsy their hands on the pike. How to make your own hands zherlitsy winter?


"Trivet" is a structure in the form of tripods with aluminum arranged thereon and the coil flag. This zherlitsy own hands made infrequently, because it requires a certain metal working skills and availability of the necessary tools.


  • compactness and the ability to fold the structure;
  • easy transportation.


  • zherlitsy own hands can be made only with metalworking skills and related tools;
  • poor stability in strong winds.

Flat nadlednaya zherlitsy pike own hands

Let us consider in detail the manufacturing process zherlitsy with a flat base. Let's start with the tools and instruments. We need:

  • plaque size 30H10 cm;
  • the most common reel centrifugal rods (preferably with a ratchet);
  • scaffold 0, 3-0, 35 mm;
  • load (Olive) weighing 5-15 g;
  • leash (if for pike, the steel or tungsten) with karabinchikom;
  • hook number 4-6 (for the national classification);
  • a thin steel plate or wire length of 30-40 cm and a red patch (or ready flag from the store);
  • a drill with drill bits of diameter 4 mm and 10 mm;
  • 6 screws for wood (3x10 mm);
  • 2 plastic clamp for electric cable to the wall;
  • screwdriver. Zherlitsy their hands on the pike. How to make your own hands zherlitsy winter?

Flat zherlitsy pike own hands can be made not only on the basis of plank. In her role, and can act as a plastic or foam plates. It is important that the platform can securely hold all the elements mounted thereon. The central plank drill hole 10 mm in diameter. Change in the drill bit 4 mm and making openings in the fastening plates coil. Using screws fasten a coil with pre-wound on it scaffold plank on the edge, positioning it so that the fishing line unwinding from below, had the direction to the drill hole.

Producing zherlitsy own hands (winter), should be paid enough attention flags. If it is not a factory, then harvested take a steel plate or wire and bending the edge (1, 5-2 cm) at 90 degrees. This land we apply to the middle plates on the opposite side of the coil and presses the clamp and screws so that the box was standing upright and can be removed with a force of clamps. At its end fastened by any convenient method red flap.

Now you only have to attach the load to the line and leash. That's the whole process of manufacturing flat zherlitsy own hands. Winter construction of vertical type are made on the same principle, only have a different layout and fastening components.

Zherlitsy their hands on the pike. How to make your own hands zherlitsy winter?

Ice zherlitsy pike

Subglacial zherlitsy fishermen used to hunt for prey fish in two cases: when the gear is put on the night or during the day for a long time in the conditions of heavy frost. Their essence is that the whole structure is lowered into the water to avoid freezing in gear in the ice.

Ice zherlitsy for pike with their hands made it even easier. It is taken as a basis for the wooden slats or sticks of no less than two diameters of the wells. Middle tie a thick fishing line, the end of which is attached segment of a plastic or rubber tube (you can hose), which has a negative buoyancy. Below it is a thin propyl length 2-4 cm. Hose main fishing line is wound. Tackle bait sinks to the bottom, the fishing line is pulled and is put into the cut where it is fixed. Zherlitsy lowered a few centimeters under the water, where it will hold the load in the hole. When biting pike drags along the line, she slips off the cutting and will be unwound to its full length. Determine the bite can be cropped up on the tube. Ice zherlitsy own hands can be made in the form of Rogachik. These constructs were used by our ancestors for fishing for pike and burbot. Its principle of operation is similar to that described above, except that instead of using a small tube Rogachik. Fishing line is wound on it, whereupon it is lowered down horns under water. Fixed line was also in the cut made in one of the horns. As you can see, to make winter zherlitsy own hands is quite simple. And what about the summer?

Summer zherlitsy own hands

Running zherlitsy also used for fishing predatory fish, however, unlike the winter, they do not set on ice and the water. Today, you rarely see a similar design in action, but some fishermen continue to use them quite successfully.

Zherlitsy their hands on the pike. How to make your own hands zherlitsy winter?

Let's look at how to make your own hands zherlitsy for summer fishing on the predator, the example of the classic "flyer". To do this we need to:

  • small wooden Rogachik length of 10-15 cm;
  • monofilament thickness of 0, 3-0, 4 mm;
  • load-olive (5-15 g);
  • leash (steel or tungsten);
  • triple hook (№ 6-8);
  • Drill with a drill 8 mm;
  • section of a solid rope.

Rogachik cut hazel or willow. It needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanded to the fishing line when unwinding does not engage. In the handle holes drilling and threading it cut the rope. In one of the horns is necessary to make thin propyl for fixing the fishing line, as in the case of winter ice zherlitsy. Now we wind the fishing line on the horn, after fixing its end. Fasten cargo and leash with a hook. Here, in principle, everything is left to set our zherlitsy.

Special features of the summer zherlitsy

Put a "flyer" in two ways: by tying it to a tree branch hanging over the water, or installing on a steep bank of a long pole. In the first case we will have to bend or branch, or climb on it and bind our zherlitsy so that it hung over the water. In the case of the sixth "flyer" snaps to its edge, after which it is driven to the shore and bends at a right angle to the water surface. This option is more suitable, as it enables full control gear.

Zherlitsy their hands on the pike. How to make your own hands zherlitsy winter?

So we dealt with zherlitsy designs. Agree that it is in the process of self-production of any difficulty there. In fact, manufacturing zherlitsy their own hands - a process largely entertaining and creative, because any design can be changed and adjusted to certain conditions that, in principle, most anglers and does.