Lifejacket - make the right choice

Summer Holidays in nature - what could be better? However, before you go to the sea or fishing, you need to take care of security. Equally important is the lifejacket. To learn how to select it properly, you will learn in this article.

Why do I need a life jacket?

Originally designed as a simple object piece of equipment for rescuers. In addition, it is an essential element of any seagoing vessel, whether a warship or a passenger liner. To date, a life jacket can be used for security in an active holiday, because you can buy it in any store for fishermen and tourists.

Lifejacket - make the right choice

a specific standard called Type 3Coast Guard was developed in the United States. According to him, this life vest must meet certain requirements, including not only the type of fabric used, but also the form, thermal insulation and buoyancy. On these and many other factors to look for when buying this uncomplicated but very important element of equipment.

Children lifejackets

Separate type jackets are designed for children. After all, they have to meet higher safety requirements, according to which the child will remain on the surface of the water, even if he can not swim. When choosing better to give preference to the vest, which can be used even under extreme conditions. In addition, it is necessary to take into account such factors as height, weight and age of the child. Please note that children vest should be a bright color to an adult or lifeguard can easily notice it.

Lifejacket - make the right choice

determined the choice of

When choosing a life jacket for adults should take into account the following:

  • Appointment. Life vest for fishing, for example, has more than a safety feature. After all, it will allow to stay afloat in a shallow river or pond. While life jackets for boats designed for more extreme conditions.
  • Complexion person. Select the size of the lifejacket should be in accordance with the height and weight. When this equipment is to sit tight on the body, or at the time of stay in the water a person just slip out of it. It is especially important to choose a tight vest for a child who is not able to control the situation.
  • equipment functionality. There vests that are already filled with air, and those that are required to activate an after contact with water. If you know how to swim, it is possible to give preference to the second type. However, for children and those who do not feel very confident in the water, suitable ready-to-operate model.
  • price range. It is not always an expensive vest will have a high quality. Among the budget manufacturers can also be found quite good copies. The main thing is to pay attention to the fact that the fabric was strong, and the seams do not diverge. It would be nice if in the kit to the vest will go whistle and a special towing carbine.
Lifejacket - make the right choice

How much is the equipment for recreation?

The cost of life jackets on Russian market varies from 1 000 to 10 000 rubles. The price usually depends on destination and country of origin. So, to get a life vest for fishing domestic production can be in the range of 2-3 thousand rubles. For that amount you get a great safety option. But life jackets for boats American or German brands are much more expensive. However, they are designed for use in extreme conditions, such as rafting or kayaking.

Customer Reviews

All the reviews of our fellow citizens about the different manufacturers of lifejackets agree on one thing - to choose this type of equipment should be very careful. Cheap Chinese goods could bring in an emergency situation. After all, the quality of their sewing poor. It is therefore better to find a more reliable version of the domestic or imported, even if it will cost much more expensive.

Lifejacket - make the right choice

are especially appreciated by users vests brand Chinook, which have not only a high-quality tailoring, but also a rich equipment. Additional pockets allow you to have everything you need with you. A strong lightning does not allow the vest to slide off the body. In addition, the manufacturer creates a rather interesting design. Therefore, a simple man in the street did not even determine that no ordinary clothes in front of him and rescue equipment.

According to experienced travelers and fishermen, even the most expensive vest will not perform their functions, if it does not comply with the rules of operation. Before you go on vacation, you want to tighten all the straps on the gear and fasten all the locks. After all, it depends on your own safety on the water, which is necessary to treat very serious and responsible.