What to take with you when you are planning a vacation on the nature

Leave the city at the weekend - a great way to change the situation and to relax after a hard week of work. Outdoor activities can significantly reduce the effects of stress on the body, to fully regain your strength and find new energy sources. Heroine will tell you where you can go for a reunion with nature and be sure to take with you.

The Mountain

What to take with you when you are planning a vacation on the nature

Imagine, you wake up in the morning and the first thing you see - it's snow-covered landscapes and bright sun peeking over one of the mountain peaks. Holidays in the country - is not only a picturesque panoramic views, fresh air and delicious snacks in between hiking, but also a unique opportunity to spend an unforgettable time with loved ones or alone.

What to bring: One of the most important things that you should take with you - the bulk travel backpack. It is possible to put a water bottle or thermos with hot tea, small snacks, toiletries, flashlight, first aid kit and a camera. Also, you need tourist tent and warm sleeping bags, waterproof clothing and comfortable shoes that will allow you to go anywhere and feel comfortable.

On the campsite

What to take with you when you are planning a vacation on the nature

Due to the diversity of landscapes to choose a place for camping is easy enough - it can be any open area in the city, forest, beach area, river or lake. Optionally, look for already broken camp, because with the help of certain equipment you can arrange your own. What to bring: Your checklist for camping will vary depending on the location, time of the year, the planned activities and the duration of the trip. Be sure to bring a sleeping bag, camping furniture, a camp stove, utensils tourist and drive to enjoy the sunset.

According to the water routes

What to take with you when you are planning a vacation on the nature

Activities on the water - a kind of meditative process. It gives the opportunity to take a break from routine, to restore the nervous system and improve the state of health in general, so is ideal for people living in noisy cities. You can choose any suitable to your character and level of physical fitness trend - rafting, kayaking or catamaran sailing, canoeing or a trip on a sailing ship.

What to bring: for the alloy on the river you need special equipment - waterproof clothing and shoes, fingerless gloves and a lifejacket. If you decided to go swimming in the cold season, you should buy underwear - it will take moisture away from the skin and protect against the cold. In order not to burn in the sun and feel comfortable in the summer months, you will need comfortable clothes, lightweight shoes, hat, sunscreen, and an inflatable boat.

At a picnic

What to take with you when you are planning a vacation on the nature

Picnic in the fresh air - one of the simple joys of spring and summer. Delicious food, great flowering of space, fresh air and pleasant family vanity are natural mood enhancers. What to bring: Compact blanket, inflatable mat, crockery and cutlery, ThermaBag, wet wipes and garbage bags - all you need for a comfortable and successful picnic. Choice of food you can not limit yourself, but do not take with perishable products - mayonnaise salads, cream pastries and dairy products. And do not forget to bring sunscreen and insect repellent, to remember the pleasant atmosphere of a picnic, rather than sunburn and itchy bites.

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