How to choose glasses for swimming: tips

Glasses for swimming in the pool - irreplaceable thing. Their preferred component purpose is to create the layer of air between the eye and water. This is one of the most important components of any equipment experienced athlete and amateur swimmer. But not everyone knows what goggles should choose.

How to choose glasses for swimming: tips

They consist of lenses of plastic with suction cups arranged in a frame, connected by a bridge of the nose between. Points are attached to the head by means of elastic bands. Among other things, this equipment is very necessary for the protection of the eyes from water.

It is also noted that, using this equipment, the young swimmer is not so anxious to dive into the water, it is better seen space and is easier to navigate. But in cases of high-painful reaction to the eyes water, the subject is invaluable. So, in this article we will learn how to choose the right glasses for swimming.

Which company points to prefer?

Glasses for swimming is best to choose well-known companies. The most popular of them are recognized as follows:

  • Beco, a German manufacturer. Price Range - 280-2000 rubles. They protect against UV light, provide a snug fit. Negatives - not adjustable nose bridge.
  • Arena, the French manufacturer. Price Range - 120-2000 rubles. This company produces a product that protects against UV rays, with high integrity, does not cause allergies.
  • Mosconi, Italian production. Price Range - 900-1500 rubles. Advantages: easy adjustment for every face shape, reliable fixation, streamlined shape.
  • Tabata, the Japanese company - the product has a very elastic straps, soft sealing. The cost can reach 3000 rubles, not inferior in quality to other firms.

If you do not know how to choose the adult swimming goggles, the best option, which is characterized by high quality, nice price and the desired properties, are considered articles Mosconi and Arena firms. The country of origin may be indicated China. This do not be surprised and get them safely - the properties and the quality is not lost.

How to choose glasses for swimming: tips

Among the accessories for swimming immense popularity have several Russian producers and one English. So what to choose glasses for swimming among this range? Let's investigate.

Domestic brand MadWaves more suitable for professional sailing as they are adjacent to the eyes very tightly to what is necessary for a long time to get used to. In this price range - on each purse, there is a choice of glass color.

Another Russian brand glasses - Joss. About them vary greatly customer reviews. Benefits include a good fit and price, although complaints of misting during swimming and water flow also occur.

English brand Speedo - an advanced manufacturer of professional and amateur models. But they do not know about all, how to choose the goggles. In some models of this brand provides a unique technology that provides a secure fit. This improves the hydrodynamic properties, and protects against water leakage. Adjustable double strap allows you to adjust the size of the personal, the likelihood reduces glare mirror lens, in addition there is a good degree of protection against fogging and UV. This all provides a comfortable swimming, as well as the high price of goods.

How to choose goggles child and adult?

Not everyone knows the answer to this question. The first thing to understand - that's the goal. For example, for the amateur and professional diving model, as well as their characteristics will vary greatly. Total is divided into four main groups, each with its own properties and characteristics: children, amateur, starting with diopters.


So, how to choose the right glasses for swimming to the child? These models are characterized by their compact size, the softer part, adjacent to the area of ​​the face around the eyes. Mainly bright colors: blue for boys is traditionally the color, and for girls - pink.


Now, find out how to choose glasses for swimming in the pool lovers. This category is the most common. It is divided, in turn, three more men, women and unisex. Women differ from men's softer shutter and smaller size. Unisex same - for universal use, have averaged softness and size.

How to choose glasses for swimming: tips


It is a professional model. Athletes just did basically understand how to choose glasses for swimming, but we say about them. Putting them to forget about comfort. This type is designed specifically for the competition, but athletes prefer to train them and to get used to the faster their incredibly hard landing. Soft enough bezel, which is adjacent to areas of the face around the eyes, or is absent from professional points, or thin. It is necessary for athletes to pass long distances because points for navigation, you must have good hydrodynamic properties. These models fit snugly to the face, therefore, during the voyage is a possibility that they will get into the water or will move to one side.

vision glasses

How to choose glasses for swimming swimmers with visual impairments? And for them there is a way - a special model with diopters. Both lenses same diopter, but this is absolutely no reason to get upset - there are also interchangeable lenses. In this step, which made these glasses are more than simple lenses. This is easily explained - the water to the visual acuity of the strict requirements of no. Therefore, buying such models, choose lenses that have similar optical power, or less than simple. Amateur and children's glasses generally combined in a single group - "training". They can be used for water aerobics classes, exercise, rest. These glasses feature is a comfortable and long-term use.

How to choose glasses for swimming: tips


In addition to the above points, there are goggles. This model covers the bulk of the surface of the face, while suitable for swimming in open water. This variant is incredibly comfortable, as the product does not leave any marks on the face, as mere points.

Select the model in the store

Let us now look at how to choose glasses for swimming in the store. Since we all have an individual structure, size and shape of the face, glasses must always try to make money on wasted no pity:

  1. When fitting the first thing you need to flatten the lens slightly to face, they thus have to "suck" with ease.
  2. If they do not disappear after you remove your hands, it's your size and goggles while swimming the water will not pass.
  3. Now put the strap, which should be held perpendicular to the lens. If necessary, adjust it to the most comfortable length.
  4. Now pull the front part of the look, do not press Are you points on the bridge of the nose, eyes, and so forth.

The nose bridge

The bridge is:

  • Change;
  • adjustable;
  • adaptive;
  • unregulated.

In the flexible adjustable nose strap Infinitely adjustable length. Basically, this species is found in low-end models.

Interchangeable nose bridge presupposes straps 3-5 in set lengths. This type is most popular for professional models.

Unregulated bridge - is a unified whole with the rest.

How to choose glasses for swimming: tips

A self-adjusting nose bridge has a very flexible silicone strap, easily stretchable under the head girth of any size, but this type is not suitable for the type of starting, since they use a rope setting with small knots.

Lens Color

The lens is lighter, the more light it will pass. If the pool liner or dark enough reservoir of great depth, it is necessary to choose the bright lens. In this open water need the presence of the UV filter.

  • Transparent - do not distort the environment. The ideal option for turbid water and indoor swimming pools.
  • Smoke (gray) - without color distortion reduces the overall brightness.
  • Orange / yellow - universal option: improve visibility in the evening, soften the image in bright light.
  • Blue - ideal in bright sunlight and glare is quenched.
  • Pink / Purple - used to swim in open water, as these colors are good to increase the contrast on a green and blue background.
  • The blue-violet - well protected from the sun's rays, thus obscuring the picture is not much. An excellent choice for a variable cloudiness in the open water.
  • Black - excellent protection from reflected and direct sunlight. The optimal option in the summer on the open water and pool that is too bright.

Points are not used to dive to a depth of 2 meters, as the increased risk of injury (they can vary greatly in one`s eyes).

How to choose glasses for swimming: tips

Fighting defogging

This is a problem that can not be avoided by wearing. To eliminate it is suitable special tool Antifog, which is applied to the glass on the inside.

To keep longer means:

  • Do not allow direct sun rays;
  • Do not touch the lens;
  • after the event or training, rinse in cold water glasses;
  • Avoid heating.

These simple rules will help prolong the effect of the coating for a long time. While respecting the fundamental rules of operation of the effect of the spray can last even up to five months.

It can be replaced means, prepared with their own hands. Suitable for this purpose an ordinary shampoo. Before swimming to do this, they smear the windows, then rinse with clean water and dry.

Points do not mist over an hour of swimming, the negative reaction of the eye is also missing. This should not be abused, but sometimes it can be to his assistance and resort. In addition, help can and "folk remedies", namely your saliva: it is necessary to moisten the surface of the glass, and then rinse with water. This method is not the most pleasant, but this is enough for once.

When swimming goggles can be simply removed by rinsing in water and wear after shaking off.

Lenses points

Their quality depends on the clarity of vision and viewing angle under water. Therefore, it is impossible to overstate how important to pick up points with good lenses.

Virtually all modern lenses are made of plastic. They are distinguished by the quality of the material, color, shape, presence of filters and antifog.

Reading tips on how to choose glasses for swimming, you can see the next - to swim in the pool you need to choose a model with lenses of light shades of polycarbonate, resistant to scratches. It minimizes reflections on the water availability polarizing filter. For ponds and outdoor pools would be superfluous UV-filter. In this case, the lens color is better to choose the darkest.

For an overview of hydrodynamics and responsible form of lenses. The smoother shape and lower profile, the less resistance during the race will provide glasses. Visibility is then determined by the side portion. It would be nice to the transparent portion was large.

How to choose glasses for swimming: tips

Many manufacturers to prevent fogging on the inner surface put special composition that creates thin film. It will not allow condensation to form. This film is very delicate, therefore, wiping points unacceptable. Such a composition is open until six months, then it is recommended to apply regular special antifog.

How to choose a children's swimming goggles?

For children apply similar criteria for the selection of points. Though not without its subtleties. Thus, the glasses must always be in one piece, in other words, from the options with an adjustable nose bridge, it is desirable to give up. Points for growth can not be taken - in this case, snug seal is not guaranteed and leaking water. Adjusting the strap must be in the baby's access to the area - not the back and side. And entrust a child to choose their own coloring to get even more enjoyment out of diving!