Payot (cosmetics): customer reviews. Any reviews about Payot cream and other cosmetics brand?

Paris - the capital of fashion and beauty. It just so happened that everything cute female heart, a native of France. Today, our ladies prefer French cosmetics any other European. One of the most popular brands in this field - Payot. Cosmetics, which reviews we are here today represent, belongs to a class "lux". Prices, the composition of funds, their purpose and consumer comments - all to be found in this article.

About the brand Payot

The laboratory, which developed the brand, was opened in 1920, Nadia Payot. This was preceded by a long history of getting that woman medical education and opening a beauty salon in New York. We can say that Nadia inside Considers the preservation of beauty, health and youthful skin. Know the history of that in New York, she met the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, who surprised her with his lithe body and face, completely betrayed the woman's age (at the time she was only 38 years old). That is what prompted Pajo to write several articles on the preservation of youthful skin and muscles of the face, in which she talks about the special gymnastics for the face and the technique of applying cosmetics for care. In 1947, the woman opened the first school of aesthetics.

Payot (cosmetics): customer reviews. Any reviews about Payot cream and other cosmetics brand?

And before Nadia based on the knowledge gained has launched a special skincare products to address the perennial problems with the skin: pimples, irritation, peeling, facial wrinkles. The composition of these funds helped her develop homeopathy. It is not known when Nadia created her first cream Payot face. Reviews women today say that the cosmetics of this brand - one of the most popular in the world. Pajo has not gone away, and from studying the latest techniques of body care, such as iontophoresis, manual massage, thermal wraps, chromotherapy, and so on. As a result, today these techniques are in service with many beauty salons.

Face Cream

What is most care of our women? Of course, on his face. It is the French proverb was born: "There are no ugly women, only women with bad skin." And it is difficult not to agree with them. Many good face creams have firm Payot. Cosmetics, reviews of which most of them are positive, will help our women to maintain skin elasticity. One such tool - Cream to smooth wrinkles first Techni Liss First.

Payot (cosmetics): customer reviews. Any reviews about Payot cream and other cosmetics brand?

It includes such interesting innovative components, such as diamond powder and complex Liss Process. Product if melts into the skin when applied. Many of the women were satisfied with his performance. They write that the cream is quickly absorbed and leaves no greasy film on the skin. After a few days of its application face looks more fresh and fit. The price for it, however, bite - 2085 rubles per tube volume of 50 ml. That in addition you can buy this tool Payot? Eye Cream, which reviews can be found below, is a good addition to this product. Together, they help to eliminate the signs of skin aging: wrinkles and puffiness under the eyes.

We struggle with imperfections

Every woman dreams of a beautiful and healthy skin. Typically, with age it becomes drier. But the young ladies at first falls enough to make war with acne. To solve this problem, the following tools have been developed Payot: cleansing cosmetics (Purifiantes paste and gel-balm Acne Face Fine Ascazenum inside). As part of the first means are talc and extract shale. The manufacturer claims that the paste inhibits the growth of bacteria and accelerates the maturation of acne. its value equals 860 rubles per jar of 15 ml.

It seems that the product should dry a little oily skin and counteract inflammation. But is it, we learn from our customers. From their comments it is clear that this tool completely ineffective against acne. It is on the face dries quickly, does not stain the pillow, in the morning washed away very easily, but the result of its application - zero. What can be said about the gel against acne? Its composition is rich in vitamins A and C, celandine extract, chamomile, aloe, citric and malic acid. The gel has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory activity. To use it, enough to put a little money on the affected areas of skin 2 or 3 times a day. Buyers write that smell means has a pleasant, use a bottle with a narrow spout is very convenient. But in terms of the effectiveness of the product is completely useless: acne does not eliminate the irritation does not remove. And the cost of the gel in rather big - 1900 rubles per pack. Let's see, maybe other resources of the brand will be more productive?

Remove makeup

Face wash mild soap - this is the last century. Today, in order not to traumatize the skin, removes make-up woman with innovative tools that gently and delicately clean dirt, oil and makeup. One of these innovations - micellar water.

Payot (cosmetics): customer reviews. Any reviews about Payot cream and other cosmetics brand?

Payot, about which product reviews we consider here - the company that cares about preserving the beauty and youth of our skin. It is your product - cleansing micellar water Expert Purete. It consists of zinc extract, moisturizing glycols and micelles. Women write, that in order to use it, just need to apply the cleanser on a cotton pad and wipe his face with. Opinion on the effectiveness of this product have a double. Someone wrote that it cleans and moisturizes the skin. And someone saw it includes too much alcohol. And this ingredient is known to have very dry skin. Price vial - 932 rubles.

Remove the puffiness under the eyes

For our women's issue swelling under the eyes is painful. And if we add to this and the lack of sleep, the picture in the morning it turns out, they say, "oil." Parsley juice and packets of tea leaves here do not help. To solve this problem, the next product brand Payot was developed. Reviews of him encouraging good grades consumers. It includes goji berries and acai, bifidobacteria, chamomile extract. release form is very convenient - a small tube provided with three massage rollers. Use it, according to women, it is very convenient: only need to push a little on the tube and make a few circular motions around the eyes without the help of the fingers. The first few minutes after application means a little tingling skin.

Payot (cosmetics): customer reviews. Any reviews about Payot cream and other cosmetics brand?

A week later, as a rule, this effect takes place. Swelling the emulsion removes efficiently and quickly - in just 15 minutes. Many buyers were satisfied with the means. Its price - 1659 rubles.


What essential thing stands in the bathroom on a shelf in a modern woman? Certainly deodorant. To this product, our ladies impose many requirements: to get rid of the odor for 24 hours, I do not irritate the skin, has a pleasant aroma. Several types of such products now offers a brand Payot. Cosmetics, which feedback we are considering today, is gaining more and more positive comments from the customers.

Payot (cosmetics): customer reviews. Any reviews about Payot cream and other cosmetics brand?

The manufacturer assures that the deodorant-spray perfectly removes irritation of sensitive skin after shaving, protects against moisture and odor all day and has a pleasant aroma. With the first two statements buyers agree. But on the third opinion they were divided. Found consumers who do not like the scent of money. How much does a deodorant Payot? Consumer reviews say that its price - about 900 rubles.

Face Mask

In the arsenal of every woman, actively watching their appearance is not only now, for example, a moisturizing or nourishing cream. Payot, reviews about a product today - our theme - a company offering a variety of different products for face and body. Face mask is required in addition to the daily day or night cream.

Payot (cosmetics): customer reviews. Any reviews about Payot cream and other cosmetics brand?

We now consider the product of the brand under the name of Masque D'Tox. In its structure - grapefruit extracts, smithsonite and malachite, as well as white clay and allantoin. The mask is suitable for mixed-prone oily skin. It relieves irritation, eliminates toxins, reduces pores, refreshes the skin, evens out its tone. Our women, she relished. They write that with the help of the skin is transformed in 10 minutes: it looks fresh and healthy. Product price - 1024 rubles.

Fighting cellulite

It's time to take care of our body. The French brand is the newest way to combat cellulite and stretch marks with tsefeinom, L-carnitine, and aestsinom matriksilom. The product helps to remove fat deposits, improving blood supply to the tissues. We have to admit that many buyers were dissatisfied with its low efficiency. They write that it smoothes the skin is good, but of excess centimeters does not help. Perhaps the fact that you need to use the tool in conjunction with other weight loss methods: diet, massage, regular physical activity.

Hand Cream

What is carefully taken care of all the women? On the skin of the face. However, they completely forget that their hands - this is the first that can give their ages. Therefore, take care of their health and beauty a must. The product line of the company, there is one good tool that allows you to do it quickly and without much effort. It is about nourishing hand cream of this brand.

Payot (cosmetics): customer reviews. Any reviews about Payot cream and other cosmetics brand?

It is composed of active ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, limnantes Alba, sweet almond extract, vitamin B5. Consumers say that he has a fairly thick consistency. However, this does not prevent him quickly and completely absorbed. A pleasant lavender smell will be an additional pleasant complement. Product price - 947 rubles.

Fluid for face

What else do we will present today a popular brand Payot? Cosmetics for face here is the most popular. Another novelty of this manufacturer - weightless cream fluid for oily and combination skin. It contains goji berries and acai, tapioca and extract and live bifidobacteria, helping to create a natural barrier against the negative influence of the environment. The product provides good matting effect, which is important when excessive sebum secretion, removes signs of fatigue and gives skin a radiant look.

Let's see if the cream liked our women? Opinion buyers are divided. Some of them wrote that the tool works on the "5+": moisturizes and refreshes the skin, use it nicely, has a light peach flavor and delicate texture. And there are people who have decided that it can not cope with its mission - the skin matte. Price cream is 1390 rubles apiece.

We talked about some of the most popular products of the brand Payot. Cosmetics, reviews about which you can read here, on the right belongs to the cosmetics "luxury".