Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning, "Garnier", "Floresan" or "Yves Rocher"?

Summer is over. Reminiscent of him now only your holiday pictures and even a nice tan. How to keep a tan skin tone until next summer? Many are trying to visit a solarium. But there is a way that allows much easier and safer to make your skin beautiful - a tan. Consumer reviews on this product is mixed. To understand that a variety of cosmetics, tanning is sometimes quite difficult. What creams and lotions are more effective? What to choose: a low price or high quality? How to use these products? All these questions will be answered in this article.

The principle of operation

How does the tan? Reviews of women say that there are means, whose action is limited to a few hours, and some products are able to create an even shade of sunburn on the three or four days. What is the secret here? The fact that different tools in its effect on the skin. So-called bronzers when applied to stained skin layer on its upper short time.

Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning,

A few minutes - and you are dark-skinned beauty with soft radiant skin. what is needed - to go out for the evening. After the adoption of the paint wears shower, the skin gets its natural color. When selecting such funds have to be careful. Manufacturers known luxury brands are added to the composition of its products reflective particles. As a result, our skin "glows" becomes smooth natural shade of tan. These products include: cream from Olay, lotion with glitter from Lumene, dry oil from Lancome. But in cheap analogues used amino acid tyrosine, which is harmful to the body. The disadvantages of such low-cost self-tanning and tanning include unnatural orange hue stains on skin, clothing soiling and so on. All this means short-lived. And there are the so-called avtobronzaty that hold the skin for several days. Their principle of operation is based on a chemical reaction. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA), included in their composition, it reacts with the amino acids of the horny layer of the epidermis, which leads to the production in large quantities melanoidov. The result of this - even a beautiful shade of tan, not distinguishable from the present. It is said that these products are safe. Indeed, DHA - a non-toxic substance. It is of natural origin. Get him out of sugar cane.


Cosmetics, tanning are available in several forms. It sprays, creams, gels and lotions. What to choose? That is the main question. Skinned beauties should choose milk and lotion with the effect of tanning. They give the skin a light natural somewhat dark tone. And those damsels who have darker skin or who wish to obtain a more marked effect, I want to recommend the use of mousse or cream. It is also worth mentioning that not all of these products have the same action on the skin. Some of these means are snap-action, such as self-tanning mousse "Garnier". Reviews women talking about him, that the effect of its use can be seen in a couple of hours.

A is a cream, the result of which the maximum can be estimated only on the second or third day after the application, as, for example, Summer Glow from Dove and so on. Yet it must be said that the manufacturers of each tool is available in several versions: for light skin and dark. There are other ways to acquire a natural shade of sunburn. The safest of them - is to use napkins. They are impregnated with a special lotion. You can cite as an example self-tanning wipes "Bronziada". Reviews women about their most positive. Consumers write that after use the skin looks dark, well-groomed, smooth, like after a course of tanning treatments. Another way to artificially "tan" - the use of pills containing canthaxanthin. This pigment when released into our body deposited in the tissues by staining them. This method is considered to be one of the most dangerous to health. After canthaxanthin accumulates in the liver and retina, which may result in problems such as hepatitis and blurred vision. Such pills are banned for manufacture in the countries of Europe and the United States.

A few tips

• Use self-tanning is not able to protect against sunburn. Therefore, in full sun and in a solarium, in any case it is recommended to use sunscreen. • The only disadvantage of tanning with a long duration of action - is a dehydration of the skin. Therefore, when using such tools need to carefully take care of it, applying moisturizing and nourishing creams and masks.

• To tone was more even, streak-free, self-tanning is recommended prior to application to mix with the usual cream, used daily body.

• When selecting the means should pay attention to the brand manufacturer and price. Cheap goods is rarely good. And an unknown manufacturer often does not value their reputation, adding to its products unsafe ingredients.

• Light-skinned women in order to obtain a pronounced swarthy hue is not recommended to give preference to the means for dark skin. Otherwise, the result of the use can greatly disappoint the highlights will be painted more intensively and will look unnatural. Remember that only the appropriate tool for you - this is the best self-tanning. Reviews of women who regularly use this product, talk about what is worth to try several tools to find "their".

• Unhappy with the result of the use of tanning? Use a stiff loofah and soap instead of shower gel. For clarification of certain parts of the skin, you can use a slice of lemon.

• On the feet, elbows and knees need to apply a small amount of money, so they do not stand out darker complexion.

• When applying the cream on the face should not forget the lips area, eyes, ears and hairline. Otherwise, the transition is abrupt. It looks ridiculous.

• Apply tanning better bedtime. The result of their actions can be assessed in the morning. The maximum effect is reached 2-3 days after application. Since all of these products are painted a bit, it is not recommended to use white bed linen and underwear.

The Secrets of application

Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning,

• Take a shower with a scrub and hard sponges;

• make hair removal;

• pounded dryness terry poltentsem;

• spread his hands greasy cream that they are not stained during use of tanning;

• Apply to the whole body means a good rubbing his hands;

• After the procedure, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, paying particular attention to the nails;

• a few hours rinse agent warm water with a sponge;

• Apply to the skin any moisturizer for daily use.

The products from "Garnier": Women Comments

France - the country where they know a lot about women's beauty and fashion. French perfume and cosmetics company "Garnier", a unit of the group of giant "L'Oreal" represents tanning in three variants:

• Lightweight gel "tan". Provides caregiver component - an extract of apricot, making the skin soft and silky. The tool can be applied on a daily basis, but you can 2-3 times a week. It provides easy natural somewhat dark tone. And what do the consumers of this product, as a self-tanning gel? Reviews of their ambiguous about it. Some people really like the gel. Its advantages include ease of application woman, even a light shade without streaks and bands, at an affordable price - 290 rubles. But there were also dissatisfied with the women customers, which revealed following its shortcomings: stickiness, unpleasant sweet odor, long absorbed (within an hour).

• Milk "Amber Soler tan". This self-tanning body. Reviews of clients about it more often positive. After all, in addition to the smooth intense shade of sunburn, it gives the skin a well-groomed appearance. Its moisturizing effect lasts for 12 hours. Another fact which pleased women with its use - pleasant fragrance. As we know, most of these products have a rather unpleasant odor. The disadvantages include the inconvenience of the client application. You need to become a virtuoso in its application to the skin had no spots and stripes. Price - about 450 rubles.

Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning,

• Spray "Amber Soler tan". Available in two versions: for face and body. Its main advantage is that it does not require the distribution of the skin by hand. This means that they will remain after the application means clean. Some women in their comments complained that if it applied after hair removal, transient irritation may occur. But if we take in general, it is the most effective and easy-to-use tool in the product line. About 370 rubles worth this spray-tanning "Garnier". Reviews of consumers say that they think the price is quite reasonable for the quality of the product. Next will be described as a cheap means to give your skin a swarthy hue, and on more expensive. Many buyers often face the choice of price or quality. Unfortunately, not always the high cost, we can promise a perfect result.

Spray-tanning "L'Oreal": consumer reviews

It is believed that the company's products "Loreal" in comparison with the goods "Garnier" more expensive and higher quality. Let us say that the consumers of the known brand. The company "L'Oreal" produces cosmetics for giving swarthy skin tone in several versions: a gel, lotion, spray and wipes. What to prefer? Consider the pros and cons of products based on the comments of consumers. What is so attractive to them spray tan?

Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning,

Reviews Women say that in this format, they often get this product. After all, to put it very easily without getting their hands dirty. Spray tanning in a series of "Loreal Sublime Bronze" have a pleasant citrus aroma, lie flat, do not give a divorce. What else pleases its customers? The fact that he is opaque, so it is easy to notice unpainted bright places. In addition, a very fast acting spray tanning. Reviews women say about him that he is absorbed very quickly, the effect of its application is visible within an hour. This is important in those moments when you need to quickly gather and stand in full splendor in front of others. By cons of the product include women rather high price (400 rubles), diseconomies (quickly finishes).

The gel and lotions from "Loreal": pros and cons of

"On his own taste is not" - says the proverb. As there are a lot of good comments in favor of tanning in a spray format, so there are a lot of positive comments about the facility with the consistency of cream. We are talking about milk, gives the skin a healthy tan shade. What is so good this product? It has a lot of caring and moisturizing ingredients that can prevent dehydration of the skin, which is one of the most common complaints of women using such cosmetics.

Easy, instantly melting milk from the series Sublime Bronze from "Loreal" give a smooth, natural tan shade, even those ladies who are by nature very bright, pale skin. What do women like about this product? First of all, it's a pleasant flavor and moisture for 12 hours. These same qualities and celebrate women using tanning lotion, "Garnier". Negative reviews of these tools are also similar. A lover of dark skin write that it is difficult to put in hard to reach places, such as on the back. But on the gel-tanning "cool fresh" from the series "Sublime Bronze the same company a lot of negative feedback. Its disadvantages women following reviews: a faint tint, quite sticky, have to wait long before you get dressed (about 3 hours), a short-lived result (holds 3 days).

"Floresan" products: a budget option

Production companies, "Garnier" and "L'Oreal" is not cheap. Not everyone can afford to throw 300-400 rubles for a bottle, which lasts for a week or two. Interestingly, and whether there is a good cosmetics such a trend among the cheap tools?

Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning,

Many women believe that the example of such a product may be a milk-express and hard butter-tanning "Floresan". Reviews of the fair sex on these products often positive. Belle wrote that trying these products for the first time, did not expect such an effect from cheap vial (means the price - about 70 rubles). Wicking agent quickly. You do not need to walk naked around the apartment for several hours. Hue is obtained smooth and beautiful, without stripes. Only one minus is at these products - an unpleasant smell after application. Unfortunately, many of these products do not have this drawback. Fragrance "burnt cookie" appears in the course of a chemical reaction of the upper skin layer with degidroskiatsetonom amino acids located at the facility.

"Yves Rocher" - exclusive cosmetics

Another popular cosmetic brand for our women - is "Yves Rocher". Producer from France said that its products are based on high technology with natural ingredients. Let's see how highly appreciate our beauty, for example, self-tanning lotion "Yves Rocher". Reviews women were divided on this product. Some write that plus his weight: chic scent, quick result, a beautiful shade. Others do not like the fact that the agent dries quickly on the skin. As a consequence - the appearance of spots and dark bands of light on the body. But the spray of the same brand beauties liked more: the color is good, and does not stain clothes, and absorbs quickly. Drawback - the price (about 500 rubles). It has given manufacturer, and another good product - a shimmering self-tanning gel for face and body.

Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning,

It lays down exactly, fairly quick drying, gives a beautiful shimmering color. The disadvantage is some stickiness and the fragility of the result. Those who wish to remain always swarthy should use it daily. Price had also not small - 540 rubles. However, despite all this, many women customers feel that shimmering gel "Yves Rocher" - this is the best self-tanning. Reviews Women Product talking about his high popularity among the similar cosmetics.

Napkins "Bronziada": easy and fast

Of cream - the band from the gel - stickiness of spray - irritated ... But many women believe that there is a means of self-tanning, which is devoid of these disadvantages. We are talking about such a product, as a self-tanning wipes. Reviews women about him mostly positive. As an example, you can lead the Spanish brand "Bronziada". Napkins this manufacturer exclusively of natural origin. They contain dihydroxyacetone, which starts in the epidermis of the formation of tanning pigments melanoidov, moisturizing complex to save the beauty of the skin and vitamin E, which protects it from premature aging. Many consumers believe that this product can not be compared no-tanning cream. Reviews women about these napkins reveal their following advantages: pleasant odor, ease of application, rapid result (effect is visible already after 3 hours). The only thing that does not suit them to our customers - the high cost. Package with 4 napkins costs about 370 rubles, from 8 - 600 rubles. One things is only enough for that to wipe her face and décolleté. It turns out, that means uneconomical and expensive.

Customer Reviews: Cream "Avon" - the best self-tanning facial

Reviews about women like cosmetics say that not all of them are hesitant to use the same means, and on the body and face. Some beauty buy a separate product in order to give fresh paint on his face.

Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning,

It attracts many American cosmetics brand "Avon". This manufacturer offers to clients shimmering moisturizing lotion Sun + Magic Tan. Why our women to choose your face is tan "Avon"? Reviews are full of complaints about the fact that many of these tools give too intense and not always a natural shade of your skin. For the person is inadmissible. But the lotion from the "Avon" has none of these drawbacks. He gives a very light tint that appears gradually. Price for this product is democratic - at least 200 rubles per bottle.

Summing up

To draw conclusions from the foregoing. A high price does not always guarantee a perfect result. We have the means and more expensive, and cheaper. Among the most affordable possible to allocate tanning "Floresan". Reviews women increasingly positive about it. Next him go for quality brand "Garnier" and "L'Oreal". Moreover, as seen from the user comments sprays are more popular than the products in the form of jelly or gel.

Best-tanning: customer reviews. What is the best self-tanning,

Why so? In the gel and jelly have several drawbacks: they long to dry, sticky to the touch, often have an unpleasant odor. Many people like an expensive tanning "Yves Rocher". Reviews women about it is different, but most of them are positive. Napkins "Bronziada" good, but it is very uneconomical. If you follow the manufacturer's instructions, they have to use every 4 days. For a month the application of the product have to shell out a tidy sum. But the cream "Avon" is inexpensive. Perhaps that is why it is popular with our beauties. Many of them are confident that this product - it is the good tanning. Reviews of this lotion is said that they trust him, not only his body but also the face.

Cream Precision Chanel Soleil Identite SPF 8 bronze tone from the "Chanel"

And what can be said about the class "luxury" makeup? It is known that it costs dearly. Is the high price of such products? Check it out on the example-tanning face cream Precision Chanel Soleil Identite SPF 8 Bronze tone of well-known brand "Chanel". Women who try it, write that it is perfect: lies flat, the tone gives a natural, lightweight, protects from sunburn, has a pleasant smell, color lasts a long time. And what else is needed for a good-tanning face cream? True, the price for this "miracle" rather big - about 960 rubles per bottle.

We have tried to choose the best tan. Consumer reviews on this product say that we need a personal approach. What is right for one woman is not always like the other. In addition, it is worth considering the cost of the goods. Not everyone can afford to buy cosmetics class "luxury". But we have tried to identify all the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular cosmetic brands.