Snowboarding. ski equipment, snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners

Today training snowboarding can be carried out independently. However, it should first learn a few basic rules of the sport, as well as choose the technique. Beginners often make many mistakes due to lack of knowledge. Where do you start?

Snowboarding. ski equipment, snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners

Selection of clothes

Snowboarding requires not only skill, but also the special equipment. Without going into details, the clothes for this extreme sport you need to choose a warm and waterproof. It should be easy and comfortable, and the need to complete from the wind and cold protection.

Speaking more specifically, for beginners is better to choose pants with a high waist. The product also must be equipped with special rivets or Velcro. They allow to fix the belt without pants. In addition, the pockets are appropriate, which are closed with a zipper.

To snowboarding for beginners were comfortable, the jacket must be fitted with a rubber band and close the back. Otherwise, it will simply be lifted up.

Suit for snowboarding is better to choose a heater from processed down, since it is more easy and it is not an athlete will sweat profusely. In addition, the product must present special protective tab on the knees and elbows.

Snowboarding. ski equipment, snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners

Shoes should not reap, but it should be good to sit and hang out on his feet. It is best to choose a model with a thick and high language. Otherwise it will be quite difficult to find even mouthfuls belt and clips.

Basics of skating on snowboarding

After the clothing is selected, you can start learning snowboarding. First we need to get used to the board. Education begins with this. The athlete has to get used to the fact that his feet are firmly fixed. It is quite difficult. And the first step to success - is to learn to feel comfortable with it on a snowboard. Otherwise nothing will happen. If this lesson is learned, you can begin. First, you need to put on a snowboard. For this purpose we find a place where the slope is not too steep. Beginners extremals better to stay away from crowded slopes. To put on a snowboard, bindings put it down. This does not allow him to slide. Sit on your knees and, keeping tight snowboarding, flip it over so that the attachment appeared in front of you.

Snowboarding. ski equipment, snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners

Place the front foot on the board and start to fix it. In this case, the straps should be fastened at the ankle. Heel should be securely fastened. Otherwise, do not avoid trouble.

When the ankle is fixed, you can fasten the second belt. Attachment must be tightly fastened, but you should feel comfortable. Now, when the foot is fixed, you can begin to addiction.

How to get used to the snowboard

Stand up and lift snowboarding a few times. This should be fixed foot. This movement should be repeated as long until you are familiar and do not get used to the board. After that, put the free leg forward and back Lift up snowboarding behind. Continue until until you get used. These simple exercises - first lessons in snowboarding. Without them you can not do. Once familiar with this, you can proceed to further studies.

As the slide

Snowboarding for beginners extreme seems to be something very difficult. But in reality things are not so scary. When you get used to the board, you can safely begin training. However, before you begin to fully snowboard, you need to learn another skill - slip. It is this basic exercise will allow you to learn how to not only manage the board, but also bear the weight of his body. All lessons snowboarding begins with this.

It is worth noting that these skills will come in handy, and those who will use the ski lift - rope hoist. Where do you start? skiing snowboarding places are different, but at first it is not necessary to choose the challenging tracks. First of all look for a sufficiently gentle slope, where there are practically no skiers and snowboarders. First, you must learn to balance while standing. To keep your balance, lift a little hand. Now place the free leg from behind, front mount, and move your weight forward. So you will be able to roll forward.

Snowboarding. ski equipment, snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners

In this case, you should bear in mind that the more you put pressure on the board with your fingers the front legs, the faster you move. If you lean back, the speed will decrease, and you will be able to stop. If snowboarding is always looking forward, not on the board.

Of course, such activity seems tedious. However, this snowboarding will allow you to acquire the necessary skills and the basics. It is therefore important to practice a little. With the right approach you will soon be able to fully roll and choose your style.


This style of snowboarding for beginners is quite suitable. After all, freedom of movement on the board will open up and learn some tricks, or get the ultimate thrill. Switch, halfpipe, sliding on Reilly, all kinds of tricks and jumping - the main elements of freestyle. This technique allows you to snowboard athlete show all what he can do, and to learn something new.

It should be noted that the style of freestyle, unlike freeriding, consists mainly of air tricks. It also captures, and flips, and spins. However, there are more advanced techniques that are performed on the surface: Ground spin, pure grinding, bonking.

Styles of snowboarding are quite different, and each of them has its own characteristics. But freestyle is very popular. Most ski resorts offer the whole snowboard parks: Fan boxes, Heng-Raleigh, halfpipe. For beginners it is worth remembering that stand in the freestyle is very dangerous, and landing after performing aerial stunts require increased concentration of the athlete.

Snowboarding. ski equipment, snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners


This technique snowboarding is based on the speed and ability to enter into a sufficiently sharp turns. As a rule, required to perform tricks groomed slopes or smooth slopes. This style is quite involves jumping.

The basic techniques of this technique - this graceful turns and cut corners. It is worth noting that any of these tricks requires high concentration of attention an athlete and considerable physical effort.

Unlike freestyle and freeride, carving is not suitable for novice snowboarders. This style involves only downhill, but not study mountain trails.

It should be noted that this technique is a competitive Olympic disciplines. The key point here is considered skill athlete maneuver at high speed between the wands or gate.


All styles of snowboarding are unique. Freeride - a free movement on the board on the mountain slopes. This technique combines freestyle and carving. It does not require high concentration of attention. This style allows you to perform jumps and flips, make downhill and enter the carved turn. No specific requirements. It is this technique is most suitable for a beginner.

Snowboarding. ski equipment, snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners

Freeride allows you to feel the charm of snowboarding, appreciate the beauty of winter landscapes and enjoy skating on the board. All that is required from the beginner - a study mountain trails and learn tricks.

Choosing the right equipment necessary to

For each style of riding you need to choose the right outfit. Thus, for the equipment required plastic freeride snowboard equipped remeshkovymi clasps or fasteners flo-in. In this case, shoes should be soft enough to snowboarding fun. For carving should select the most appropriate plastic snowboards with bindings. But the shoes have to be tough. Boots for snowboarding in the style of carving should be similar to ski peksy. But in the area of ​​the ankle shoes should be soft enough.

As far as technique freestyle, for the best achievement of the goals requires a special snowboard. In such a board's tail and nose have the same shape. When selecting for freestyle snowboarding, consider the following: the greater thickness, less weight and length, the greater maneuverability.

Snowboarding. ski equipment, snowboarding. Snowboarding for beginners


Snowboarding - this is a very exciting experience. However, it is best to start with an instructor. After all, the right approach - the key to success. The instructor will show how to do stand as to slide along the slope, will help you choose the equipment. Many beginners try to learn how to ride a snowboard or learn it from friends. As a result, they perform some movements incorrectly. And this horse can lead to serious injury. It is therefore better to seek help from the instructor. In the future, do not have to be retrained. As for the cost of training, it is not so high. However, it is the instructor help to avoid many of the pitfalls and painful falls.