How to choose the skiing adult and child

Increasingly popular among urban dwellers wins skating with steep slopes on skis. This wonderful form of recreation is becoming more and more affordable and widespread. This is due to the discovery of numerous mountain lodges and resorts. And in order to feel comfortable and get pleasure from the time spent, you will need to choose an appropriate outfit. First of all, many of the newcomers are wondering: "How to choose the skiing?"

The existing varieties of

So, how to choose the skiing? Of course, this case is not easy. To date, this product has an impressive variety of species, it offers a huge number of manufacturers. That is why, in order to decide how to choose the right skiing, you need to carefully study the theory.

How to choose the skiing adult and child

This option is divided into three categories. This skiing focused on different levels of preparation of the person. There are skiing:

- For tourists. This sports equipment is created for the passage of any distance, located in the rugged terrain. These skis allow to ride even on thumb piste.

- For athletes. This type of skiing is suitable for walks and for the more professional skating.

- Special. This type of ski is designed for those who are constantly striving to improve their skiing technique. These skis need a compulsive and aggressive to tourists.

Those who first decided to try his hand at the descent of a steep slope, it may be advisable to take sports equipment rental. But if the tourist has tried his hand at the track and I am confident that his passion will last more than one season, it makes sense to buy their own skis. That need to be considered when buying? First of all riding levels and the type of tracks that attracts you. If these factors are taken into account are not the purchased inventory you simply will not do. The money will be thrown to the winds. It should take into account the fact that the skiing are differences not only in the training categories. Releasing them for: - slalom;

- skiing with trails;

- jumps and acrobatics, etc...

The choice of the firm

Currently, the skiing available is almost fifty companies. It's hundreds of colors and a wide variety of models. By the opening of each new season almost each firm updates the existing range. From this extensive choice of eyes just run away. However, new items or proposed retail chains and brand models it is not necessary to throw. Does the quality of alpine skiing from the company-producer? Not at all. Good or bad skis does not happen. There are only those who are in all respects better suited to its owner. There are some general rules for selection of sports equipment, in which the price is not the determining factor.

mountain ski length

Selection of this option depends on the growth performance and weight of the future owner. Take into account the need to also skill level and riding style. Only when considering all of these indicators can give an answer to the question: "How to choose the length of the downhill ski?"

How to choose the skiing adult and child

This option for a beginner is to its growth minus twenty centimeters. After all, the classic long skis enable us to develop more speed. However, to manage such a sports equipment becomes more difficult at times. However, if you only occasionally spend your vacation on the mountain, the classic version will be quite sufficient for a pleasant and relaxing ride. How to choose the length of the downhill ski for those who wish in the near future to increase the speed of his descent? In this case, you will need to apply a calculation formula, when the growth is subtracted ten centimeters.

In the future you will be able to select this option yourself. When it's self-confidence, you will certainly understand how to choose the size of alpine skiing. Everything will depend only on the preferences of the kata. Skiing, approximately equal in length human growth, will give the speed on the descent. Optionally will leave more maneuverable and lighter version. How to choose the growth of alpine skiing, depending on the route? Longer model is preferable to the virgin and natural areas. They are great to ride on the long and wide slopes. And in any case, preferably short, easy and maneuverable skiing? Such an embodiment is recommended gambling tour - fans descent with icy, uneven, steep slopes and complex

alpine skiing Geometry

This parameter characterizes the heel length, waist and sports equipment sock. How to choose skiing for these indicators? And in this case you will need to pay attention to the condition of the track. If the descent is equipped, the maximum width of the waist skis should reach 68 millimeters. But riding on a virgin soil requires more parameters. For descent of unbroken slopes are considered a better option ski with the ski waist width greater than 75 millimeters.

How to choose the skiing adult and child

How to choose the skiing slopes for all? Widths waist universal instrument intended for skiing both equipped and non-equipped with slopes, it is in the range from 68 to 75 mm.

Manufacturers offer skiing, which provide large width socks and heels. It should be borne in mind that these models have a high resistance. But skiing with narrow heels and toes, can not boast of this indicator. However, they are very maneuverable.

There is also another indicator of sports equipment geometry for lowering the slopes - radius skiing. How to choose the best for you? It is important to know that the value of the radius is equal to the ratio of the width to the waist skis heel / toe width. This figure relates to carving implement maneuvers. At a smaller value of the radius can perform more precise and sharp turns. It recommended to select a novice skiing, having an average value of the indicator. However, your way you can start with the smallest radius values.

The rigidity of alpine skiing

This feature sports accessories designed for the descent from the mountain slopes, divided into two categories. The rigidity is seen as a torsional and longitudinal.

How to choose the skiing adult and child

The first type of measure is one of the most basic. This torsional rigidity, which determines the reliability, quality and manageability of skis as a whole. In this case, the principle is not only for beginners but also for experts alone. The greater rigidity of the better skiing. But it is necessary to bear in mind that self-check this indicator when buying impossible. We have to rely on the advice of sellers and experienced skiers, as well as the value of the parameter specified by the manufacturer.

The second type of rigidity - longitudinal. It is a measure of alpine skiing in the flexibility, which is conventionally divides them into:

- soft;

- having an average value of the indicator;

- hard.

How to choose the skiing at this value? Each of these groups is designed for people with different skill levels. Namely, for beginners and more advanced athletes.

How to choose the skiing adult and child

So soft skiing are recommended for beginners. This sports equipment easier to operate and has excellent cushioning qualities. However, when choosing skis have to take into account the weight of tourists. The higher it is, the greater the rigidity of the ski is required. In the case of preference virgin slopes soft skis need to be purchased is unique.

The ability of vibration damping

This factor is also not without significance when choosing a suitable model for you. The fact that the perfectly flat trails do not exist. When descending a slope on skis transferred to a series of small vibrations. For a more comfortable ride these fluctuations have to be repaid. Skiing, capable of absorbing vibration efficiently, allow to be assured not only at high speeds, but also in sharp bends. However, it should be borne in mind that the cost of these skis will refer to the higher price category. Cheap equipment can not have a high vibration damping ability.

Skiing for women

Selection of sports equipment has certain characteristics, although the main recommendations given above also occur here. For beautiful women how to choose the skiing? Female models are different from men's longer backs. Fixing these skis are placed slightly ahead.

How to choose the skiing adult and child

With regard to the choice of the length of the sports equipment, then this point is individual. For the skier, it can be selected for growth. Length skis srednekatayuschihsya should reach to between the chin and nose. More experienced skiers, this marker is located between the eyes and forehead level.

Retail chains offer special female models. They take into account the anatomical features of the weak half of humanity, moreover, they are lighter and softer than their counterparts. The fact that women are the center of gravity is slightly lower than that of men, to the same weight and ladies tend to be smaller. All this is taken into account in special models, which simplifies their management. Socks these skis are more flexible. This feature facilitates the entry into the turn.

Selection of women's ski is made not only on the basic parameters and characteristics. Manufacturers have taken care of the appearance of this sports equipment. Women's alpine skiing are delicate coloring and more elegant in every detail.

Selection of downhill skis for children

Teaching kids the descent from the mountain slopes it is recommended to start early as four or five years. The smaller the child, the more care requires the selection of skis for him. What criteria should be followed in this case? How to choose a children's skiing?

The choice of growth

The general rule for beginners to determine the length of your sports equipment is not applicable to children. The child, who is in the age group of up to seven years, should have such a weight that the average sag of the ski to its touch with the snow. Otherwise, the baby will not be able to stand on the track. He will continue to sink into the snow.

How to choose the skiing adult and child

The general rule skis for child weighing less than 20 kg in length should be about seventy centimeters, from 20 to 30 kg - 90 cm, and from 30 to 40 kg - 100 cm. Distinguish need special children's skiing and short, designed to adults. In spite of the desired length, such skiboard very hard and they come neotstegivayuschimisya fixtures. Buy Data skiing child in any case impossible. So sports equipment, he will manage with difficulty.

Skiing for growth

How to choose a child to skiing? This is a highly individual matter. By selecting this accessory, you should consult with an experienced instructor or consultant in the sports shop. But in any case, will certainly follow the rule, speaking about the impossibility of buying for growth. How to choose a children's skiing? Only the current size your baby. Otherwise skating for a baby can result in failure.

Price range

Children model in its price are no different from those produced by adults. Among them are economy class skiing, located in the mid-market, as well as equipment, made of the finest materials and the most advanced technologies. In this case, the choice depends on the financial possibilities of parents. However, as a rule, children are buying skiing, which are in the medium price range.