Chemistry on long hair: light, vertical or large curls. Hair before and after a perm

The eternal paradox lies in the fact that the lady with straight hair dreaming of luxurious curls, and a woman with wavy or curly locks with dreams of being with long straight strands. Of course, each of them have the option of solutions. In the first case will help the chemistry on long hair, while the second - hair iron for hair straightening.

Chemistry on long hair: light, vertical or large curls. Hair before and after a perm

The concept perm

Under the perm is a procedure that creates a lush curls, holding shape for several months.

Put simply, the chemicals contained in the media for curling, destroying the disulfide bonds in the hair structure. Therefore take the form of hair curlers depending on the type of wrapping. After that the hair treated with a special lock, fixing the disulfide bonds in the new position. Result: curly hair.

Chemistry on long hair: light, vertical or large curls. Hair before and after a perm

I want to say that the chemical waving of hair - a dangerous procedure for weak and damaged hair. Therefore, only the master can determine: whether or not to carry out "an operation" to create curly curls or not.

perm Pros

Of course, every woman knows that a chemical hair waving several detrimental to hair. However, this is more than compensated by the advantages possessed by this procedure.

  1. Durability. Curling the hair in such a way, the lady will enjoy the luxurious hairstyle for several months.
  2. Significant time savings on hair styling, whether it's the morning of the day or a romantic evening.
  3. The solution of the problem of thin hair. Perm will give volume to the hair so long awaited.
  4. Use gentle products for the procedure, so that the hair does not suffer so much.

It is necessary to remind women who are going to perm: it is necessary to choose the interior, where the said procedure will hold qualitatively highly skilled professionals. Otherwise, you can go without hair do.

Varieties perm

There are several types of curling:

  • acid;
  • alkaline;
  • neutral;
  • biozavivka;
  • amino acid.

The first type is the most popular and persistent among others. Such chemical waving of hair can last up to six months. However, acidic agents penetrate the hair, without revealing his flakes outside. Because of this, it turns out quite resilient and tough curl.

Alkaline perm no different as long "life". It can last up to 3 months. If heavy hair, straight and rigid, whereas perm will last no more than 1, 5 months. Alkaline agents act on the hair structure, revealing the external flakes.

In such curling can find the features of the first two types. The composition of such assets include allantoin, so this procedure can be performed on different hair. Curls are obtained as a result of elastic and strong. Resistance - relative.

Amino acid perm contains proteins for chemical products, t. E. Amino acids. They heal and nourish the hair, so the hair from negative agents is minimized. As a result, the curls produced gentle, natural, soft. But to enjoy such a wave will have a short time, especially if the hair is heavy, straight and hard.

Biowave involves the use of free ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, thioglycolic acid. They are replaced by drugs whose composition is similar to the hair molecules. This wave will give hair a healthy shine and natural, flawless appearance. By the way, those curls hold out long enough.

There are other types zavivok, but they are not as popular as the above.

Light chemistry on long hair

Chemistry on long hair: light, vertical or large curls. Hair before and after a perm

Carving commonly called a perm, for which the wizard uses sparing agents, not damaging the hair structure. Therefore, the light on the chemistry of long hair has become quite popular. Women can experiment with your hair, do not worry too much about it.

Light wave will approach the ladies who have thin hair from nature. With this procedure hair become more shine, volume and strength.

Carving distinguish two types: large or small curlers. Women with long hair can afford both.

By the way, I would like to remind you that categorically forbidden to do perm pregnant or lactating women, as well as ladies with damaged hair.

Carving whether all so rosy?

Chemistry on long hair: light, vertical or large curls. Hair before and after a perm

According to experts, easy chemistry on long hair, ie carving -.. Absolutely safe procedure. This is due to the fact that the funds affect only the upper scales of the hair. If you look, the carving - a long-term stacking, retains its shape over 4-8 weeks.

However, there are ladies who claim that even this procedure can cause irreparable harm to the hair. First, the wizard checks the condition of the hair, and cut them if necessary. Secondly, in the means of sparing irons have quite a small amount of chemicals that alter the structure of the hair.

By the way, carving does not create unwanted gun when winding down from the hair.

Vertical chemistry on long hair

Chemistry on long hair: light, vertical or large curls. Hair before and after a perm

The main feature of the vertical chemistry can be called hair location, wound on special bobbins in the "upright" position. Long hair is much harder to process during this procedure. After winding the hair on the bobbins must be warmed towel. It is strictly forbidden to dry hair or hair dryer to warm them. Vertical chemistry on long hair has become so popular because of the possibility of any curling hair any length. To make sure that this option - exactly what you need, you can try psevdohimiyu. In this case, the wizard makes the blow-dry without any chemicals. If the result is satisfied, then you can start the procedure itself.

It is not recommended to do the perm itself. It is best to turn to highly skilled professionals who will be able to find the right composition with beneficial components.

Chemistry: big curls on long hair - is it possible?

Chemistry on long hair: light, vertical or large curls. Hair before and after a perm

Today popular perm, big curls that can decorate a girl with long hair. Beautiful, lush, large curls - what you need modern girl watching over her hair. No longer need to tighten up every morning ends of the hair curling or doing superukladku. Current tools for perms do not hurt so much hair as 20 years ago.

It should be borne in mind that a large chemistry on long hair is determined by the residence time in the "curled" condition and size of the selected curlers.

If the diameter of the small curlers, then get a small elastic and Curly. And vice versa. If the size of a large curlers, then curl will be appropriate. It's worth noting that the result may vary, and because most hairstyles. Stunning effect can be achieved in the cascade haircuts. The person in this case is framed by a waterfall flowing, beautiful curls.

Best of all such perm suitable for thick hair. It's worth noting that the thin, discolored, damaged or weakened hair will be worse to keep the curls. The best that can be counted - slight wave.

Perm with large curls will stay for 3-5 months. Everything depends on the "nature" of hair. After curling hair becomes wavy and stunning volume.

hair before and after chemotherapy

Of course, before curling hair shiny, healthy and beautiful. (It's worth noting that the master will not do chemistry on a damaged, weakened hair, otherwise you can lose a good part of the hair.) And after the hair treatments began to resemble lifeless tow. Therefore, we must take care of their hair after chemotherapy.

Firstly, you need to buy moisturizing shampoo for hair. The procedure itself involves overdrying the hair structure, which is why he is suffering. Typically, such means includes honey, mango extract.

You can provide your head maxi of burdock oil. It rubbed in the hair and the scalp.

To restore your hair after a perm, you can make a "natural" shampoo from raw eggs. It is well whipped with a little water. If long hair, it will take 2 eggs. Hair should be moistened with water, pour on the head of the resulting mixture, wash my hair without soap. Then you need to rinse hair with warm water, and then acidified.

Hair care after a perm

Chemistry on long hair: light, vertical or large curls. Hair before and after a perm

Well, finally, the chemistry in the long hair has been successfully carried out. Now you need to take care of his shock of hair, even though she was perfectly healthy before the procedure. In any case, the hair is a negative impact, so the funds will be relevant to the care curls welcome.

You need to use shampoos and conditioners that are enriched with a permanent formula. There is no possibility to get such a tool? Then you can use the usual soft good quality shampoo. In the summer should protect your hair products containing SPF. After each fourth or fifth shampooing, it is desirable to use medical products for hair care. The number of such agents include those which are intended for damaged and split ends. After washing, the head need to form curls manually. It is undesirable to them once again to straighten or stretch. In this case, beautiful hair will keep its shape for a long time. You can go to bed after the hair is completely dry.

To restore the over-dried hair, you need to use a variety of means that are within reach: shops, pharmacy, household. It is best to warm up burdock oil in a water bath and warm to rub it into the hair roots and scalp. You can apply the oil over the entire length curls. Hair wrapped with plastic wrap and a towel. A few hours later, you can head to wash salt water. A similar procedure is carried out 1-2 times a week, and even more often.

Thus, the chemistry in the long hair, a photo which you can see in the article - quite a popular procedure. It remains to choose the type of curling and, of course, take care of their hair after chemotherapy.