How to make hair soft? hair styles. Hair care

Hair styles are different. If you know which of them are yours, you can find the right care for them and make them soft, shiny and manageable. They will long keep in shape, stay clean and lush. Experts say that it is very important to learn to understand what to expect from his hair, and then it will be impossible to achieve them.

How to make hair soft? hair styles. Hair care

The main types of hair

Almost 90% of all hair can be divided into four types:

  1. Thin hair. This type contains about 50% less protein than thick hair more structure, and because they are light, delicate and quite often they have a sticking effect.
  2. Hair of medium thickness. In this type contains twice as many cells than contain soft fine hair. Due to this they are stronger, 40% more absorbent and therefore can be twisted.
  3. Curly hair. This type includes a variety of curls, waves and curls. This feature may cause a weakening of the cuticle, which in turn can cause a loss of elasticity and smoothness of hair.
  4. dyed hair. Since they are in the course of chemical treatment are undergoing structural changes, it is very easily adversely affected. Hair of this type is easy to become rough, dull and prone to damage.

What you need to determine the types of hair

To know how to make hair soft, you need to determine they belong to what type. What is it for? For example, there are certain ingredients Means for curly hair care products that give them a shine and healthy appearance, but they can not make the hard hair more manageable. This is due to the fact that curly hair rods form a complex mesh that captures the components of shampoos and conditioners. Thus the locks that are twisted, necessary components that reduce friction and prevent damage.

How to make hair soft? hair styles. Hair care

Correctly chosen means taking into account the type of hair will not only provide the right care for them, but also to facilitate the installation. Hair more dense structure, for example, easier to scroll when compared with thin. Consequently, for this type should be selected agents in the composition which contains ingredients that protect against moisture. With this hair will retain its shape throughout the day.

How to make hair soft? hair styles. Hair care

In order to thin the hair does not lose volume during the day, you need to apply for their care shampoo containing polymers with a high cleaning effect. This will help to bear the weight of the strands of sebum, various kinds of pollution and the effects of the previous installation. It becomes clear that it is necessary to determine the types of hair in order to find the right for their care products: masks, shampoos, conditioners or air conditioners.

Pro Tips: How to make hair soft

First and foremost it is worth noting that it is not recommended to comb wet hair with a brush, as this can be easily broken, damaged, or even vomit. After they are washed with shampoo, use a conditioner that will help them gently to untangle, without damage. Hair dryer, hair iron, curling irons and other thermal tools recommended for stacking up to three or four times a week, as they are extremely negative effect on the hair structure, making them stiff. Air conditioners can be used for daily care, but you should avoid contact with them on the skin, especially if it is prone to fat. Air conditioning keeps the hair two or three minutes, then wash off. Once the hair is washed, it is desirable to rinse with cold water, so they will become more smooth and soft. In addition, rinsing prevents an increase in their fat content.

Special hair mask

If you have a mixed type of hair or coarse hair, you'll like mask with mayonnaise. It is necessary to put the mayonnaise on the ends of damp hair, trying not to fall on the roots, then wrap the foil and a towel. An hour later, the mask to wash off the shampoo. You can also make hair softer using egg mask. We need to take two to four eggs (taking into account the length of the hair) and separate the yolks from the whites. Then thoroughly whisk egg yolks with a little olive oil and apply the mask to damp, pre-washed strand. After a few minutes agent may be rinsed with cool water.

How to make hair soft? hair styles. Hair care

Balm-conditioner with coconut and honey

If you are thinking how to make hair soft, it will help you a home-cooked conditioner on the basis of coconut milk (200 ml) and honey (2 h. Spoons). You need to mix the ingredients and rub into the scalp for about five minutes. Then rinse and rinse hair with warm water. Alternatively, you can apply and conditioner made from coconut milk and a few drops of lavender oil. This mixture should be mixed thoroughly, and then warm up gently massage movements rub into the scalp, wrap and leave overnight. In the morning, when you wash away the mask, your hair will become soft, obedient and shiny.

Tips cosmetologists

If we talk about how to make hair soft and how to properly care for them, the basic rule, which should know and remember - this is a regular wash. On the one hand, you just wash your hair with shampoo, rinse them with water - that's all. But in reality, we first need to determine the type of your hair and find the right means to care for them. And shampoo - that's not all there is to the hair. That they are well-combed and be smooth, it is necessary to use air conditioning. In addition, you need to know how to properly use cleaning products. For example, the air conditioner should be applied from the middle of the hair to the ends and, trying not to fall on the roots, as in this case, will shine.

How to make hair soft? hair styles. Hair care

Healthy and shiny hair always attract attention. Woman with luxurious curls will feel seductive and irresistible. In most cases, a beautiful hairstyle - is not a gift of nature, but the result of a regular and proper care of hair. If you do not care to give them proper attention, even elegant hair becomes dull and lifeless over time.