Alice Khazanov women

• Alice Khazanov women

Alice Khazanov women

1. Do not forget that the majority of women increased by tales of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty.

2. Submission women often illusory. It will observe and draw conclusions.

3. The Company imposes on us more stereotypes of the ideal woman. Do not give in, most people live.

4. Nothing brings as an opportunity to laugh together at his own stupidity.

5. The woman is not the radio. It is not necessary to disassemble it into its component parts, to find out what's inside.

6. Curiosity, of course, killed the cat. But we do it all the same characteristic.

7. We also do not like generalizations.

8. Intuition often replaces the women's ability to formulate.

9. Women's logic is very simple. It is not. And that's the beauty.

10. In fact, as the song goes, All we need is love!

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