How to dress the girl in the club is stylish and fashionable

How to dress nicely to the club? Now we shall understand in detail on this issue. Experience the excitement, going to the club, if he had not yet become a "home" - this is quite normal. Especially if you have to hike in the insanely popular, called "golden youth" pathetic, location. I do not want to lose face and look stylish, fresh and, most importantly, attractive. To do this, you need to be sure that everything is perfect - from the tips of the toe to the tips of the ears. And how to dress in the club? In order not to miss anything important, you need to follow some guidelines.

How to dress the girl in the club is stylish and fashionable

So, what to wear to a nightclub? First you need to decide for what purpose she sent to this institution. If, inter alia, there is a desire to stand out, then you should choose unusual clothes. However, it must be remembered that most of the nightlife there is a face-control, which is keenly watching to the club turned out to only the most-the most beautiful and stylish. And because some things, even if they have the most comfortable and convenient, should be excluded.


In particular this applies, of course, shapeless clothes or badly worn items. Taboo when visiting a club is also subject to all kinds of casual wear. Running shoes, however, can be useful. To reach the house. One should not try too hard, otherwise the order will provocative and tasteless that even if you are lucky to get into the club, will not make a girl is not what a star, but do not attract her attention. It is, of course, will be noticed and to celebrate, but on the negative side.


So, how to get dressed in the club? The first rule is that clothes should be ideally suited to sit "on the nose" and to emphasize the dignity of all women. To be bright, you can wear a skirt or a volume of interesting cut trousers. An excellent embodiment will be stylish and fashionable dress suit or. Also in the image must be properly placed accents. Club - not a business meeting, so you can safely put on all kinds of earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings. However, in this case the measure above all, otherwise she will be like a magpie, collect all bright and shiny. How to dress for a night club? It is important to pay attention to the color of the dress. If the choice fell on the black dress, overalls or a set, they should be incredibly interesting cut and style, otherwise she risks remaining unnoticed in the dark. It is best to choose the things of bright colors. Dresses in sequins or a skirt with a slight sheen - also a great option.

How to dress the girl in the club is stylish and fashionable

How to dress stylishly to a club? In many of these institutions specifically use ultraviolet lights to the dancers do not become a dark mass, moving to the music. White things in this light shimmer in different colors, which can be a great way to attract attention. It is not necessary for this to dress entirely in white. Even better, if the light is only the most profitable part of the body.

Another element of the image that you need to remember - this bag. No need to drag along great, which at a campaign to work, walk or university put a lot of things, a bag. It is better to opt for a clutch - a bright color or decorated with sequins.


How best to dress in the club? In all circumstances, the best option attire for such an institution, of course, is the dress. This is a winning choice for any of the fair sex, unless, of course, to choose the right style. If all sits and looks as it should be, then she will love a nice guy. Dress length is not critical. However, extreme mini look rather vulgar or at least lightly.

How to dress the girl in the club is stylish and fashionable

Dresses on the floor, on the contrary, give the elegance along, but at the same time can add excessive austerity and isolation. In addition, the dress is too long may cause inconvenience during the dance. It is best to visit the club to choose a dress, the length of a little above the knee. Recommendations to the contoured definitely not. Choosing the best part is that now in the trend and make sure only the dress that fits perfectly.

Skirts, pants

How to dress the girl in the club is stylish and fashionable

And how to dress in the club? Do not be upset if it was not possible to find a suitable dress, because in such an institution, you can go in trousers and a skirt. But you need to know exactly how to choose these things. The length of the skirt, for example, should be the same as that of the dress, while the long version does not look so severe, especially if combined with smart T-shirt, blouse or shirt. Only one condition - things have to "look" with each other. If your taste is not confidence, it is possible to consult with a friend. As for accessories, then these rules are always the same: the presence, but not too much. In addition, well, if they are combined in style and are set. And if you still differ, their mixing should be interesting.

How to dress the girl in the club is stylish and fashionable

As for the pants, they should not be strict as from the working set, and not as simple as everyday (especially jeans). Better yet, do not wear too tight, that they do not restrict movement, preventing start dancing. Pants can be combined with blouses, tops, shirts, jackets and vests. And, of course, do not forget about accessories, especially if the set includes jeans. Attire should be a variety of interesting belt buckle or a bright handkerchief.


Add the image of sexuality will help extremely short shorts. It does not look so vulgar as is the case with the skirt, and rather creates intrigue than once it opens. Suitable, though only for women with a perfect figure and long legs. It is better to choose denim shorts. Sports are not suitable for the concept of causality. You can combine them with a translucent blouse or a tight T-shirt. It looks great and tunic, almost covering shorts.

Helpful Tip

How to dress in the club, and if you want to hide some figure flaws, such as the abdomen or thighs? In this case, it is best to choose a tight leggings, tights or pants and put on top of an elongated shirt or tunic. Perfectly will look, for example, checkered pattern.


We figured out how to dress in a beautiful club. Now let's talk about what to put on shoes. A very important part of a club is a way of shoes. This is practically the highlight. Shoes, sandals or boots can be combined with the kit, and can, on the contrary, deliberately get out of the way, drawing attention to the legs. However, this does not mean that the studs incredible heights - a good option, because the club go not only to show off, and sit at a table, and in such shoes will be able to dance unlikely.

How to dress the girl in the club is stylish and fashionable

The sports and casual shoes such as ballet shoes, slippers, sneakers or running shoes just do not fit. Although it is convenient to dance, but the girl did not look impressive to be. Better to buy shoes with a small heel, the most simple example - a classic "boat" or sandals wedges.

complement the image

Having dealt with the dress, you can proceed to the hairstyle. Do not get too zealous, braiding the locks on his head and an incredible figure. Firstly, the club that no one will appreciate, and secondly, hairstyle still fall apart from dancing after a few hours.

There are two opposing versions, using one of them, you can complete the image of spectacular beauty. For the club it is best simply to make curls or straighten the hair.

How to dress the girl in the club is stylish and fashionable

Owners of a short hairstyle should make an interesting, yet simple and at the same time stylish stacking. Assist in the creation of hairstyles hair spray and mousse or wax. With these funds the main thing - do not overdo it, otherwise the hair will look unnatural.


Now you know how it is fashionable to dress in the club. We hope that these tips will help in creating the image. Good luck to you!