How to dress for a wedding properly

Wedding - an important celebration not only for honeymooners, but for all the guests in general. Everyone wants to be beautiful, elegant and positively stand out against the others. So often weddings are becoming svoebraznym festival beauties and princes, when everyone is trying to look your best and simply outshine others by their appearance.

How to dress for a wedding properly

About outfits

But no matter how wanted guests to be better than others, look more beautiful than the bride and groom is unlikely that someone will. And to do that do not need to, because it's still newlyweds day. So how do you properly dressed for the wedding to look appropriate and stylish?


After the bride and groom the most important guests at a wedding party are witnesses. They are drawn to the eyes of many, they are the performers of a ritual and always somewhere involved. Therefore, their dress should be not only beautiful, but also as convenient as possible. The couple needs to know how to dress for a wedding properly. So, the witness should choose a dress based on the wedding dress of the bride. It will almost always be next to the photo, so dress should look harmonious together. Ideally one would cocktail dress knee-length delicate shades. It looks great and long dress on the friend, but it is not too convenient. Somewhat easier to solve the problem of how to dress for the wedding, my lord, t. E. A friend of the groom. It's simple - you need a good suit the right color. It is also necessary to consider the groom's outfit, so as not to contrast too, and not stand out from the other. A male guest

How to dress for a wedding properly

For men there is no problem with the selection of clothes, and usually there is no specific questions when you need to decide how to dress for the wedding guy. Everything is simple: a good suit, shirt, tie, shoes - and outfit ready. If you really really want, you can wear jeans, but the top should be a shirt or T-shirt. Pick up her need for eye color. It can also be a light, pastel colors. An important accessory for men is a tie, although today it is worn by no means all. And, of course, sorting out how to dress for a wedding a man, be sure to pay attention to the socks. They should not be contrasted with the whole outfit. Bright colors in clothes - bright socks, and vice versa.

A female guest

Options on how to dress for a wedding the woman set. But for some reason, often to give it becomes a huge problem. Choose a few - dresses, suits, skirts with blouses, etc. It is only necessary to avoid white and black... It is also important to pay attention to accessories. Here will suit a bright scarf, ribbon in her hair, or the original hat. The bag must be taken to match the shoes. By the way, the shoes should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. After all, it has a lot to dance and have fun while doing it is very difficult to uncomfortable shoes.

How to dress for a wedding properly

What should be avoided

Figure out how to dress for the wedding, you need to pay attention to what it is not necessary to pick up along to the wedding celebration. Taboos imposed too open and even causing dresses for the ladies, do not attract too much attention, because the wedding - newlyweds day. Also not recommended to wear heavy or very shiny accessories and outfits, casual clothes. It is essential that outfit was comfortable and unseasonably warm. It's hard not to agree with the fact that is unlikely to look beautiful girl in a smart dress with a light flushed from the cold nose.