Manicure "Ombre" - trump true fashionistas

According to statistics, from the well-groomed hands depends on 50% of success in society. Raunchy, stubby nails can negate the impression from the most chic outfits and exquisite makeup. That is why the main tool of any young lady is a nail file.


The modern manicure: what is it?

To be honest, paint nails all the time in one color is rather dull and boring fast. Experts have long realized this, and therefore come up with many variations: for example, manicure effect Ombre, caviar, with cracelures, with sequins, with a list. All this multi-colored splendor can decorate your nails. By the way, in fashion today and the average minimum length. Special chic are those claws, the edges of which only 4-5 mm protrude beyond the edge of the pads. Naturalness, and naturalness - two basic conditions to adhere to modern fashionista. Therefore, the shape of the nail preferably oval or almond.

Manicure "Ombre": The art of being stylish

Many young ladies have long preferred the special technique of color nails and remains its priverzhenitsami so far. The name of this technique - "Ombre". It is often called a gradient manicure. Translated from the French language - legislators in the fashion world - its name means "feather". In other words, manicure "Ombre" - a smooth transition (gradient) from one color to another. This technique is not only nails, but also hair dye. Such is the universal method. If we take into account the manicure "Ombre", then there are two varieties of its creation.

  1. Solid gradient of nails. I.e. lacquer to each successive plate should be a tone lighter or darker (depending on the color of the initial agent) than the previous. Thus, you need 10 or 5 different colors. Do the manicure at home is very expensive, so it is best to apply to a special shop.
  2. The gradient on one nail. One of the most popular types. This Ombre manicure involves the gradual change of color from the base of the nail to the tip. Equipment of its implementation is rather complex, but it is done very quickly in the development of certain skills. And the effect of such coloring is stunning.

How to do a manicure "Ombre"?

The technique involves several stages. If at first you do not succeed, do not despair - you have a second attempt.

  • We must start with the usual hygiene manicure. Give nails a certain shape, cover them with the foundation, cuticles and surrounding skin smear with cream. So you protect yourself from stained fingers.
  • Then choose the color that you choose to make the determining factor in his manicure. Cover them with all the plate and allow to dry thoroughly varnish.
  • Take the sponge or foam, apply it strips the colors you choose to use in manicure.
  • While the varnish has dried, apply it on the nail sharp but energetic movement. The plate must remain an imprint.
  • Manicure Ombre can be considered ready. It remains only to cover the nails fixer, and clean the skin of fingers.