5 crazy dishes in the restaurants of the world

Many restaurants specialize in their own specialties. Some of these institutions in different countries, are very proud of their special fabrications that they demonstrate in front of a huge number of customers in various culinary competitions. The custom is also preparing a similar signature dish incredible size.

Special guests satisfied with the whole race, trying to eat these wonders, though it is far from each visitor, and in some cases - it is simply impossible. Tourists from around the world visit these restaurants to take this challenge and enjoy a fabulous meal.

In cases where they are the winners, such an achievement is perpetuated on the improvised "Wall of Fame" of the restaurant. So, here are five places where you can enjoy some unusual and participate in competitions with mandatory bonus for the winner.

1. Stadium Grill Columbia, Missouri.

5 crazy dishes in the restaurants of the world

where to put tourist monstrous task and not everyone is able to cope with it. She is eating a huge burger, weighing 5 kg, consisting of beef, bacon, three kinds of cheese, pork, fried egg, onion rings, and a pound of potatoes. Contestants must complete a one hour lunch. Those who cope with such a problem, an opportunity not to pay for this dish put $ 49.99. In addition, the winner is awarded a gift card for $ 50, the current once a month throughout the year. the card has also interrupted in the event of a new winner.

2. Nitally's Thai-Mex Cuisine, St. Petersburg, Florida.

5 crazy dishes in the restaurants of the world

An incredible dish that should be eaten in Nitally is truly infernal soup. It combines several monstrous components. In addition to winning you need to eat a whole bowl of soup, a capacity of a half liter. And all would do, but this dish is replete with burning spices. It added 12 different kinds of peppers from different parts of the world. Many people try to eat a plate-like "liquid fire", but few managed to do in 30-minute period.

3. Paddy Long's, Chicago, IL.

5 crazy dishes in the restaurants of the world

The dish, which surprised visitors to Paddy Long's called a "bomb". Those who take part in such a fun contest, should use it for 3 quarters of an hour. "Bomb" is a piece of beef and pork sausage spice wrapped in fried bacon. This dish is baked in the oven and served with a large portion of French fries. Winner-take commemorative T-shirts and the ability to perpetuate itself, leaving your photos on the "Wall of Fame" institution.

4. Mallie's Sports Bar & Grill, Southgate, Michigan.

5 crazy dishes in the restaurants of the world

In this restaurant claim that they can make the biggest burger in the world. In addition, local chefs offer visitors a truly monstrous dish called "Hellfire Hat Trick". Before the start of the competition, each potential participant must sign a waiver of any claims related to the effects of competition. All health problems that may arise later, will remain his personal care. Each participant must eat one burger "Hellfire". It is prepared and not so great - only about 300 grams. However, there are mixed pungent local sauce, red pepper, jalapeno sauce "Buffalo" and some other exotic ingredients. Also, the participants will have to absorb all of this with two extra spicy dishes, containing only a few species of chili. And with all that is necessary to manage a half hour. Then the winner as a prize to be paid subscription for burgers for the next 12 months.

5. Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que, Kansas City, Kansas.

5 crazy dishes in the restaurants of the world

The neighborhood of Kansas City is famous for its barbecue dishes. Here they really love and know how to cook a variety of options. And Papa Bob's Bar-B-Que similar dishes in general elevated to a cult. Surprise for local and visiting fans of extravagant dishes here are prepared in the form of a huge sandwich, made on the basis of the 12-inch rolls.

On it is placed 250 g of pork, 250 g of smoked ham, 250 g of bacon, 250 g of smoked turkey breast, 250 g of bacon, 250 g of smoked sausages and many barbecue sauce. Served this "meat mountain", which is called "Ultimate Destroyer", a portion of potatoes and four whole pickles. If you can handle, then your picture will adorn the wall of institutions "Bob Pope". You will also receive from the institution memorable winner icon, branded T-shirt and, of course, the glory.