Wella color touch. The palette of your dreams

Entry into the science of beauty hair

The decision to radically change the image requires careful consideration, so today in the range of cosmetic accessories are very popular tinting agent. The thing is that they do not damage the internal structure of the hair. Completely washed away in a few weeks, leaving the original color curls intact. But it's worth noting that even in the selection of the best means of preference, of course, to give professional cosmetics. Wella company with almost half a century of history is the leader among the existing products for hair.

Wella color touch. The palette of your dreams

Brief Description of the series Wella color touch

The palette is varied colors, so that each woman can find the perfect option. Color touch a member of the popular series Color Touch Plus, (containing a special formula Trispectra) and a toning balm for hair-dye Color Touch Sunlights. This six gorgeous shades of blonde. Dazzling color from warm to cool shades.

Wella color touch. The palette of your dreams

Durability and quality which gives paint

Toners of a series of Wella professionals will help you not only to slightly adjust the hue, but also give the natural tone of the more bright colors. Special formula perfectly nourishes hair, giving them a dazzling light and well kept healthy. Especially the company has developed a series of Touch Plus for bright, bold and daring image that is different depth and color saturation. Semi-permanent color has a sparing effect on the hair, which, of course, allows you to change your image multiple times. Wella Color touch (Palette) certainly will please fashionistas with its bright colors. Lasting color lasts up to twenty-five times washing hair, perfectly fills the gray hair. Wella Color touch (Palette) is an ideal choice for those who wish to turn gray hair appeared in former hair color.

Wella color touch. The palette of your dreams

All for beauty and well-being of hair

Pigments do not penetrate deeply into the hair structure and do not damage it. Professional colorants from Wella contain a special formula designed to shine and strength to your hair. Wella Color touch panel offers a wide variety of the most fashionable shades. The paint is applied quickly and easily, even at home.

tint base

Wella Color Touch Relights combines a variety of natural and vibrant colors. A rich palette allows you to emphasize individuality. Fiery shades will please its saturation and brightness, which certainly will attract the attention of others. Impact special toner formulation, which comprises a conditioning formula that provides a rich and lasting color. Formula smoothes the hair structure, which contributes to the persistent and rapid consolidation of color, and gives them a glare. Professional palette of hair colors designed specifically for gentle coloring and hair care. Various components give strength and elasticity of curls. Finally, a small

Hair get healthy and well-groomed appearance, and a wide range of colors accentuates your personality. Experiment with images, while providing the necessary care of your mane.