False eyelashes: what they are, how to glue them

Long and fluffy lashes - it's great. They do look charming and expressive. Unfortunately, nature has endowed this wealth is not every woman. But worry about it still not worth it. After all, there is the modern solution - false eyelashes. However, they must look natural. Therefore it is not necessary to get too thick and long eyelashes. They only attach special glue. Otherwise, the skin on the eyelids will suffer.

False eyelashes: what they are, how to glue them

The diversity of species

For evening makeup are perfect for a classic false eyelashes black. With their help, you can visually enlarge your eyes, emphasize the depth of view and give it expression. Natural hair that differ incredible softness, strength and ease of application used for making eyelashes. Wizard manually create them, gently turning to each hair. Many girls, going to a party at a club or a birthday to her friend, get false eyelashes beams. How to use them? It is important to implement all the recommendations, which will be introduced later. How much are false eyelashes?

To name the exact amount will not work, because the price of the product depends on several things. Firstly, it is the quality of the eyelashes. Secondly, their characteristics (length, thickness, amount). Third, it is also important materials used for decoration. These may be crystals, crystals Svarovski and even artificial feathers. In addition, false eyelashes from top designers, issued in a limited number, will cost much more expensive than the models that are presented at regular stores.

False eyelashes: what they are, how to glue them

Glue for eyelashes

If set to false eyelashes glue is not included, it must be purchased separately. Which option to choose among such a variety? Experts recommend glue called "Mod Lash Adhesive", developed on the basis of latex. He fixes the lashes without causing any discomfort and harm. On sale there are some species of the adhesive from the clear and dark ending. Girls often choose is transparent glue. But there is nothing surprising in this, because when dry it becomes completely invisible. How to glue eyelashes false

1) Using tweezers gently raise a ciliary series with one hand.

2) Try on whether the selected length suited to your eyelids. Too long can be a little trim.

False eyelashes: what they are, how to glue them

3) smeared with glue eyelashes pasted as close as possible to the roots of your natural lashes. All this is done carefully, lightly pressing. In any case it is impossible to apply adhesive directly on forever!

4) Total glue must dry (stop sticking to the fingers) in a couple of minutes. Then you can start applying makeup.

5) If you fail the eyes, use for this purpose liquid liner.

6) Once you remove the eyelashes, place them on a stand made of plastic. So they will keep long presentation and original shape. We hope that the information described in this article will be useful to you.