Mascara "eyelashes": reviews, a review of the best means of

Many of the fair sex dream about beautiful long eyelashes. To achieve this, the capacity necessary to perform or gluing overhead beams. Now there is mascara with the effect of false eyelashes, reviews of which confirm the excellent effect.

As such carcasses

This type of cosmetics leads to voluminous hair and long, as if it's false eyelashes. Feedback from those who have already performed this procedure, evidence of the transformation view. That the product really stepped up, it is important that he had the following characteristics:

  1. To create cosmetic use of special micro-fiber, giving the hair through thick enveloping each hair.
  2. The special brush possible bonding of the cilia, the bristles on it should be thick, but the shape and size are different.
  3. The consistency of the ink should not be very liquid and very thick.
  4. Important soft texture, which is associated with elastin fibers.

Can I make the lashes from both the advertising?

Eye models with TV cause a desire to go to the beauty shop for buying mascara with the effect of false eyelashes. Reviews women have demonstrated that to obtain such curls at home with their own hands can not. If only not to apply false eyelashes.


makeup artist apply makeup models for advertising overhead beams and tape and then executes ink staining. Therefore, when buying cosmetics often comes disappointment of his non-compliance with the advertising results.

The features of such carcasses

The effect of false eyelashes is considered to be in demand, as evidenced by the numerous reviews. Many women choose cosmetics manufacturers who promise great volume and length. But the result is not always justified. What is the reason? All the matter in the application of mascara. Dense texture of cosmetics, it includes elastin, short synthetic fibers and auxiliary latches. Mascara coats the lashes, lengthens and thickens them. After drying qualitatively fixes in position. Brush is usually large, narrow at the end of the long fibers.

This type of ink is considered to be universal, since it works in 3 directions: bending, length, volume. It has a synthetic villi, which are obtained through voluminous lashes. Essential shape and size of the brush. The composition may be oil and vitamin components. And for a special way companies offer a variety of shades.

How to apply mascara?

To create the effect of false eyelashes, reviews indicate that it is important to not only choose the right mascara, but also apply it correctly. This procedure is performed by the following rules:

  1. Do not type on a lot of makeup brush.
  2. The brush should be held horizontally and dyeing short hairs in the corner of the eye have to flip it vertically.
  3. extra money should be wiped with a brush on a paper napkin.
  4. To avoid gluing hairs, they should comb a special comb.
  5. To prevent the appearance of lumps prokrasku should be carried out from the roots to the tips of a single movement.
  6. do not need to apply many layers, just enough 2.
  7. To avoid shedding means

  8. For prokraski lower cilia, so as not to stain the skin, should be substituted by hairs sheet of paper or apply makeup.
  9. If the lashes straight or lowered, it is necessary to advance to curl them with special tongs, otherwise no mascara does not provide the desired amount.

The use of this instruction will effect of false eyelashes. Comments on the application of such carcasses show that it will look impressive.

"Butterfly Wings"

With Loreal will create the effect of false eyelashes. According to reviews, this type of ink is considered one of the most popular. Product "Butterfly Wings" attracts the attention of the original design of the package. We brush mascara non-standard location of silicone bristles of varying lengths. Equipment has a fuse in a tube through which the dosed amount of makeup.

The advantages include the availability of mascara bristles of varying length that perfectly paints over even the smallest hairs. In cosmetics light pleasant scent, it is perfectly lengthens lashes, does not stick and does a magnificent curl without flaking. The cost is about 550 rubles. The disadvantages include sloughing and occurrence of aggregates when applied to three or more layers.

YSL Mascara

Since it is also able to create the effect of false eyelashes. Reviews of cosmetics confirm that it belongs to a class of luxury. We have some mascara shades that provide lasting curl, volume and color saturation.


Cosmetics has a pleasant aroma and a long narrow brush with short bristles. The advantages include enveloping each hairs, so that they become thicker, curled and lengthened. Of the minuses can be noted the high cost of 1,400 rubles.

"Teleskopik" from "Loreal"

"L'Oreal" cosmetics firm demand for an affordable price (around 550 rubles) and ease of application. Mascara brush has an unusual shape, which the bristles are not on a circle, and 4 in series with two sides.

Of the benefits you can highlight a rich black color, high quality lengthening eyelashes. The downside is considered osypaemost agent for thick application. Besides it is necessary to adapt to the brush.

XXL by Lux Visage

With this ink does not weigh down curl. He takes a deep color of the layer 1. XXL effect eyelashes gives volume and length. The result is stored throughout the day. The advantages include long silicone brush, creating a lush lashes and low cost (170 rubles). But cosmetics bad to apply and dries quickly, glues. Liquid mascara can flake off at the end of the day.


"Max Factor"

In this thick mascara brush with fine bristles numerous. Estimated cost - 500 rubles. Means easy to wash off, it does not fall off. With it rich color is obtained in one layer. The advantages include the absence of carcasses weighting curls. It does not stick their leaves supple, it has excellent durability. But if you apply two or more layers, there are lumps.


Judging by the reviews, enough demand mascara Maybelline. It costs about 300 rubles. Included present curved brush to which prilovchilis required. The benefits include a large volume of the bottle and the bright packaging. But there are drawbacks: the mascara quickly showered, there are lumps. The facility has a liquid consistency, a special smell, soft brush.



Demand, reviews, Mascara "Avon" with the effect of false eyelashes. Their volume becomes much more attractive. Women argue that lashes grow longer. The secret lies in a successful formula and a special form of a brush, which paints over all the hairs. According to reviews, mascara "Avon" with the effect of false eyelashes does not create lumps, it gets even awkward corners. As a result, the cilia do not look less impressive than overhead.

The customer noted the convenience of the brush and that it does not stick lashes. means the texture is not too thin, so watch out for it by applying simple. Especially because it is a long time kept on the cilia, and not showered. Mascara "Avon" with the effect of false eyelashes, reviews, lets make eyelashes long and lengthy.

Still, many say, and the shortcomings. To achieve the desired effect needed to apply at least two layers, that heavier cilia. There are reviews and that the mascara is difficult to remove. But if we compare the pros with the cons, then the latter can hardly be called significant.

Care for lashes

The problem of loss of eyelashes many concerns. This process should be stopped if you do the quality care:

  • Cosmetics for the eyes and eyelashes should be changed in 2-3 months.
  • It is necessary to use high-quality and rich in vitamins ink.
  • At night, it is necessary to wash off the makeup from her face.
  • eyelashes need food with vitamins that are present in the essential oils.
  • In the summer you want to protect your eyes from UV light, wear sunglasses.
  • In the morning is useful for washing rather weak, warm tea or pure water, and then apply the cream on the eyelids.
  • only special tools must be used for removing makeup.
  • At bedtime eyelashes necessary to feed vitamin balms and essential oils.

Performing simple maintenance keeps eyelashes health and the skin around them. It is important to use only high-quality cosmetics, which is enriched with vitamins and minerals. And of late, and no reliable means should be discarded.

Thus, there are many types of mascara with the effect of false eyelashes. Represented brands are the most popular. With them, it turns out the original and long-lasting makeup.