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About inheritance, as a symbol of sudden happiness, tell citizens who inherit two live turtles, suitcase of laundry soap and other riches.

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Heir: Olga Stepanova, a housewife, 49 years old

Legacy: Gold plate 999-carat gold, and two gold pieces

"At my grandparents kept 12 gold coins. Nikolaev epoch, and the highest, 999-th sample. But in Soviet times my family have turned into ardent Communists and decided to keep the king's house of gold they ought not. Then they melted gold coins in the crown: dentists, they were led to believe that because of the precious metal teeth are the most durable. When grandmother buried grandfather several bits is removed and remelted in the metal plate. So I inherited moved bag gold plates. I have made myself a ring and pectoral cross. Today remained one tiny plate, which is worthless, and two coins that my grandmother still had buried her husband on a rainy day. But Nikolaev ten rubles on the black market price is now 50 thousand rubles. "

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Heir: Zoological Museum of Moscow University

Legacy: 1200 birds' nests with eggs

Scientist Secretan Zoological Museum of Moscow State University Mikhail Kalyakin, 45 years old: "Vladimir Vladimirovich Leonovich was a specialist in European art of the era, as I understand it, the Renaissance and the many years he worked as a scientific secretary of the Pushkin Museum. But even professional zoologists, going on an expedition where already visited Leonovich, treated him as an expert. The fact that Vladimir Vladimirovich had a hobby - birdwatching. With thirty years, he has every vacation for forty seasons spent in the most interesting from the ornithological point of view, parts of the Soviet Union. Remember, the firm "Melody" in 1980 released a collection of birds' voices on seven or eight disks? Sparrows, warblers, warblers, buntings, larks. So, one of the drafters was just Leonovich. And for the life he has collected about 1,200 nests, ie, bird nests with eggs. This, incidentally, feature of the Russian school in the West eggs are collected separately, but the biologist is equally important to see itself a nest - material, shape, structure. In 1998 Leonovich not, and the collection of his will brought to the state storage in the Zoological Museum of Moscow State University. "

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The heir Maxim Rudin, MSU student, 20 years old

Legacy: 40 videotapes with Valery Leontiev performances

"My aunt was a fan of Valery Leontiev. You know, one of those who go to all the concerts, waiting at the entrance, the entire salary to spend on music ... My aunt bought the speculators photos, autograph it, some personal things: whether a scarf, or gloves, do not remember. She even went after him on a tour to other cities. In general, a real fan. During her life she gather up to 40 cassettes with video. Family she had: apparently, Leontiev was the only man she truly loved. So after her death all his aunt's belongings moved me and my parents. What to do with it, I do not know, I do not Leontiev fan. But just in case shore. Suddenly, someone will meet to open the museum Leontiev? There's even a recording of his first appearances on TV. "

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The heir: Lydia Ekeshina, retired, 71 years old

Legacy: two live turtles

"We have a neighbor in the stairwell friends. She was a little older than me. Her husband died 20 years ago, children did not give them to God, and to escape from loneliness, my friend has got a cat. But the cat stripped wallpaper, as a result, Grandma cat someone to shake off. A month later, he started a turtle. Omen I read in the newspaper where tortoise lives, the owner will have a long and happy life. She was often sick, afraid to die. I lived girlfriend after ten years. A few years ago bought another bug to that first, it was not boring. A year later a neighbor smashed a stroke. But shortly before her death she made a will: unsubscribe to my name porcelain service, and with me in advance picked up word that service to me go, only if we take care for its turtles. I thought at first to pass them to a pet store, but said such overage do not accept. And they live in, say, a hundred years. "

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The heir: Hope Starostin, subway employee, 56 years old

Legacy: a suitcase of laundry soap, three boxes of spirits "Tête-à-Tête" of Uzbek production

"My aunt was terribly wealthy woman. I lived in Vyazemy Small, rustic house. In times of scarcity it there once stuffed himself full cellar grains and sugar. Constantly repeated, we must prepare for the worst, a sudden hunger itself is not useful, leave their native language. And so it happened. Land and House passed grandchildren, cattle are sisters, one niece, my sister got two bags of tooth powder and three dozen woolen pants, and I walked away a suitcase of laundry soap and three boxes of perfume "Tete-a-Tete". On every bottle reads "Moscow-Paris", and on the box - "Made in Uzbekistan". Complain. Things are, in principle, necessary: ​​we are now these spirits grass mice in the country. Or use as an air freshener. Well, soap is always necessary "in the economy.

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The heir: Nina Ivanova, a pensioner, 76 years old

Legacy: shares of JSC "MMM"

"My sister was a single woman. The only thing she had - a tiny uchastochek and the house, the shed in the Oryol region. I often went to her, gave every possible help. Toward me she was not human. One day she broke her leg, then strongly fell ill. Then my daughter decided to move it to Moscow. It was the nineties; She was not a stupid woman, on the TV news constantly watched, read the newspaper. In short, he has been posted. And then I heard about the MMM. Without our knowledge, he sold the house in the village and all the money bought a bunch of shares; I waited for interest drip. But the money did not have time to remove: once caught a cold and died of pneumonia. But the hospital has had time to make a will - worried that the money will be gone. All shares have copied me. As we buried her, I immediately remembered the legacy, caught herself, then MMM and cover. I've recently heard on TV that Mavrodi promised to pay money to victims. Do not tell it where to go do you want? "