Inflatable boat "Flagman 320": features reviews

Today to replace the traditional boat made of wood came high-quality PVC products. Inflatable boats are in great demand due to the greater ease of transport and use. And one of the leading roles of the domestic producers of plays "Flagman" the company in this direction.

Its products are highly appreciated by consumers. Especially it concerns the boats' flagship 320 ". Therefore it is necessary to consider its features, benefits, scope of use and user reviews.

The company "Flagman"

The company "Flagman", which is the main center in the city of St. Petersburg, already has been manufacturing inflatables for several years, including models of "flagship" series 320, 280, 400 and others.

The success of the company is promoted by two important principles:

  • use of high quality raw materials;
  • the use of innovative technologies.

In addition to the already proven preservation methods, the company is engaged in their improvement. This allows each of the new models address the shortcomings that emerged in the previous articles. In order to ensure a decent quality of each boat, part of the manufacturing steps are still performed manually. Rigorous approach to business provides the company with diplomas and awards at all levels.

Inflatable boat

Description of the model

Inflatable boat "Flagman 320" is a device that easily can be used by one person. It is compact and lightweight. This boat is easily assembled and disassembled, and a pump for inflating the housing included. Therefore, it is popular among those who like to travel on rivers and lakes, fish or just relax in nature. The boat is stable thanks to a well designed keel which prevents the roll during the movement of the water.

To the people on board were well protected from waves and spray, the hull is manufactured with a raised nose and additional cylinders of 460 mm in diameter. This ensures that the boat did not roll over on the waves of up to 70 cm in height.

boat design includes a transom designed for motor power up to 10 horsepower. Availability of the plaque and other features of the housing allows the vessel to move smoothly, without jerks and planing even at low engine. The bottom of this model is handled by threads, which are used in the manufacture of suits. They are able to withstand severe mechanical stress, which provides greater security for travelers.

Inflatable boat

Innovation at creating a model

As the boat "Flagman 320" is not the first company to develop, it traced a number of innovations, which are absent in the previous models:

  • these sample products were produced by a continuous coating technology;
  • as the base model 320 selected Mirasol type materials;
  • in the development process have been addressed and resolved all safety shortcomings committed in previous boats;
  • each product in this series is equipped with a seamless uniform protection.

All this is reflected in the indicators obtained during the testing of the new development, as well as on the amount of positive feedback from users.

Inflatable boat

boats Options "Flagman 320"

In addition to the housing with the motor, the set includes the following items:

  • a pair of oars, which can be used as an alternative to the movement by means of the motor;
  • a foot pump to inflate;
  • two removable seats intended for other passengers;
  • pump is actuated by a foot swap;
  • durable cloth storage bag;
  • Tethers;
  • product passport;
  • instructions for use;
  • a set of tools for repairs.

As can be seen, the product manufacturers have taken care of the needs of the buyer. Therefore, buying a boat from this leading domestic manufacturers do not have to worry about what additional equipment you need to buy separately. But you can buy Skipper seat, tilt holder for spinning, or underbody protection.

Inflatable boat


Model "Flagman 320" is highly regarded for compactness in packed condition and space disassembled. If launching of the product reaches 320 cm long, 150 cm wide and 46 cm in height. It gives you the freedom to place in her three passengers or cargo up to 400 kg. The mass of the vessel was 25 kg and as complete - 35 kg.

boat construction includes four inflatable elements: bottom 3 and the compartment. Therefore, in the assembled state, it is placed in a package the size of 95/45/45 cm. It is very convenient for those who use a car with a small trunk.

This boat is spacious, it comfortably sit, lie down, and you can even walk. The special design contributes to a good damping under strong shock waves. The boat has good buoyancy and high load capacity.

Inflatable boat


Boat PVC "Flagman 320" is designed for use in various fields:

  • on a fishing trip;
  • in the hunt;
  • for extreme water sports;
  • the transport of goods;
  • passengers.

This boat can be used for small ponds and large rivers or lakes. It is easy to operate, even overcomes the high waves. You can walk on it with both motor and oars.

Due to the high specifications of this boat successfully withstand all the difficulties of a long trip on the lakes and rivers. Therefore, its use ensures not only comfort, but also the safety of people and goods that are on it.

Inflatable boat

analog of

The reputation of the company is formed not only reviews, but also the opinion of other boats made by the manufacturer. All models have developed their own distinctive features. Thus, the "flagship 280" - a vessel with low weight and good dynamics.

Series 300 distinguishes the inclusion of additional construction elements - Cylinder - better containment boat afloat. Highlight "Flagship 330U" is in the original design. All these models are characterized by the following qualities:

  • mobility;
  • efficiency;
  • high speed assembly;
  • a long period of trouble-free operation;
  • Security.

Boats on the "flagship" of the company - it's high-quality products, distinguished by reliability and safety. A series of model 320 - a good choice in many aspects.

User feedback on the boat "Flagman 320"

Users generally speak positively about this model. Driving and speed of the vessel have been appreciated by its owners. Thanks to Fast Sliding plate and pitching the bottom of them easy to manage. A complex protection system provides a sufficient safety beginners and professionals. Therefore deserve Boat "Flagman 320" positive feedback from fishermen, sportsmen and simply by outdoor enthusiasts.

In comparison with the proposals of other companies, the development of "Flagman" compares favorably to the cost. value range from 30 000 rubles becomes worthy price to pay for the quality and safety of the product. Additional costs may be only the acquisition of the power unit.

A number of comments acquired a negative connotation. So, owners sometimes complain that the ship in a strong wind blows at trolling. However, this disadvantage is presented as subjective opinions of customers.

Among the recommendations is worth noting the wish to acquire motor 10 horsepower or power is not much less than this figure. Then you can fully enjoy all the advantages of an inflatable boat.