Bicycles Norco: manufacturer, customer reviews

In recent years, Norco bikes are considered to be the best choice for outdoor enthusiasts. They are characterized by high performance, decent appearance and a wide range. Therefore it is necessary to consider, as the first model of the bicycle began to be produced, in what esteem Norco company's advanced products. Large range of models of the bike allows you to select only necessary to understand their features.

A little bit about the history of the company

Start producing bikes that are popular for more than a decade, gave Bert Lewis. It happened in the town of Burnaby, Canada in 1964. His first office was the garage. Despite humble beginnings and plans to issue no more than 10 mechanisms in the day, the glory of the new production has grown rapidly. bikes designed them to attract their reliability and quality, which will undoubtedly impact on demand.

In 1967, there was a question about the change of the company name. Nothern Cycles Industries was long and malozapominayuschimsya. So this year it replaced by a shorter, but more recognizable name, Norco.

In an effort to make its products accessible to people of different age groups and income, the company's management has approved all the new developments. As a result, there were models for children and adults, designed for steep slopes or flat city streets. Robust materials and innovative technologies used in the production of the company Norco bicycle, allowed to achieve incredible results. And this determined the leading position of the Canadian company in this field.

Bicycles Norco: manufacturer, customer reviews

bike this brand Series

Creating Norco bikes, manufacturers have developed several series of machines that differ in parameters, purpose and value:

  • DH Rase - the models are equipped with two or four pendants the ART, the advantages of which is a combination of technology and accessibility.
  • FreeRide, the name speaks for itself about the broad capabilities of the bike on rough terrain, one of the main advantages of the line is reliable brakes.
  • All Mountain - a kind of mountain bike that can overcome quite challenging obstacles.
  • Trail represents the direction of development of bicycles, intended for sports.
  • Comfort is considered to be a series designed for a comfortable learning beginner cyclists.
  • Kids - is a line in which the greatest attention was paid to security for the benefit of children mastering cycling.

Among the wide selection made by the Canadian Bicycle very popular all over the world are 2 models: Chargar and Storm.

Bicycles Norco: manufacturer, customer reviews

Norco Chargar

This model is considered to be a universal, convenient for relatives highway, and for steep slopes. Equipped with 29-inch wheels, combining the reliability of functional units with the optimal cost (from $ 500), bicycles Norco Chargar enjoyed incredible success.

Technical equipment their mechanism includes a frame, by selecting a lightweight aluminum alloy as a material. The plug is so designed that combines the simplicity and resistance to shock. Mandatory part of the system are the hydraulic brakes with sufficient reliability. A solid, comfortable saddle will make a long trip on this bike as comfortable as possible.

Bicycles Norco: manufacturer, customer reviews

Norco Storm

Another favorite on the market two-wheeled vehicles is a bike Norco Storm. This model is often recommended for beginners training through a number of features:

  • chain drive;
  • light and sturdy frame;
  • The fork is 75 mm thanks to the technology of the elastomeric spring-interpretation;
  • Semi-Integrated steering wheel, which has a curved shape;
  • 21-speed mode;
  • wheels in 26 inch.

When creating this model, engineers were able to achieve a number of achievements. They were able to increase the efficiency of the suspension, while isolating it from the braking system. Center of gravity of the bike moved forward, which makes the structure more stable. And the improved pedal system allows you to achieve greater effect with less effort.

Bicycles Norco: manufacturer, customer reviews

Mountain Bikes Norco

Modern technologies allow to create models that do an excellent job not only with smooth paths, but also with difficult mountainous terrain. Wide wheel gives you the freedom to overcome any obstacles at high speed. Hard rocky trails, slopes for oblique roots ups - all available for Norco Bikes. Specially-designed suspension allows to overcome the scattering of stones without braking, but it does not sway the active pedaling. Reliability and ensures smooth braking bezovasnost on the steep descent.

Bicycles Norco: manufacturer, customer reviews

Bicycle size classification

With the release of Norco bicycle producing country is guided by the size of the table, recognized by the majority of European countries:

  • XS 35, 5 cm.
  • the S 40, 6 cm.
  • M 45, 7 cm.
  • L 50, 8 cm.
  • XL 55, 8 cm.
  • XXL about 60 cm.

This commonality allows everyone to choose the right size bike. However, the height of the frame - is not the only parameter to be considered. Since each person's body is individual, the purchase of the unit should only be carried out after the test drive, the most accurate method to determine the appropriate model in all respects.

Bicycles Norco: manufacturer, customer reviews

Tips for Choosing a bike

While the selection may be accomplished by trial and error, there are some principles that will be useful to everyone:

  • when cycling will be scheduled often necessary to prefer a smaller weight the bike;
  • distance between the crotch and the frame must be at least 5 cm, which would reduce the risk of injury;
  • for the person struggling with overweight, preferably a bicycle with a low frame, which will provide convenience of landing on it;
  • massive and large models are able to compensate for the wind resistance for a person with low weight;
  • long arms - it is a reason to buy the unit bigger, while smaller arms length should lead to the opposite choice.

In order to facilitate the choice of bike manufacturers have equipped their products features seat adjustment and steering.

Bicycles Norco: manufacturer, customer reviews

on the bike Reviews Norco

For people who are planning to buy a bicycle, the presence of positive reviews about them is one of the factors determining the choice. And the high popularity of the Canadian firm owes much to this factor. Parents who buy bicycles for their children to appreciate Norco for reliable systems to ensure safe skiing. Cyclists lovers prefer these products due to the achieved comfort. And professionals have appreciated the high specifications, providing the speed and allow the bike to overcome difficult obstacles.

Bicycles Norco - it is the quality sample, reliability and availability for different people. Therefore, the products of this Canadian company is likely to appeal to the beginner, amateur and professional.