Bicycles Mongoose: reviews

Currently, bicycles gradually becoming popular among people of all ages. They transplanted not only youth, but also representatives of older generations. Some people in this economy, as the cars are expensive, others are concerned about their health and about the environment. Urban residents may notice that the number of bicycle paths and parking areas provided for this two-wheeled vehicles is increasing every year. The object of attention of many people become Mongoose bikes.

Bicycles Mongoose: reviews


The company's products "Mongoose", judging by the reviews of consumers, distinguish high-quality assembly, clever design that promotes a comfortable fit of the owner, as well as a wide range. That is why the Mongoose bicycles are serious demand even for experienced riders. This American manufacturer offers a two-wheeled ekotransport not only for adults but also for children. The company was established in the seventies of the last century. It all started with a small "garage" human interests, which, being an engineer, decided to engage in the production of cast magnesium wheels. Fans of racing with great excitement began to buy up them because they were very strong and, most importantly, light. Soon the range was still a young company joined aluminum wheels. But the founder of the brand Skip Hess did not just limited to the production of these products. He founded the company Dorel Industries, which today launches Mongoose bikes. It is part of a huge group Pacific Cycle and produces more than forty different models of two-wheeled transport.

Bicycles Mongoose: reviews


Steel, aluminum, chrome-molybdenum frame, as evidenced by the numerous reviews, effectively ensure the reliability, strength and durability of the bike manufacturer. Some models are equipped with the highest quality shock absorbers. They help to reduce to a minimum those unpleasant feelings that occur when driving on uneven road. Increased stability and strength of the wheels provide double wheels. Often in bicycle design "Mongoose" used accessories or equipment, manufactured by world leaders in this area, including the well-known company Shimano.

The range of

Mongoose bikes on the market a wide variety of models. Out of the lineup a suitable option can choose both children and adults. On models equipped with comfortable seats that are tailored to the anatomical features of the rider - for women or men, as well as for consumers of different age categories.

Bicycles Mongoose: reviews

The range of Mongoose bicycles and professional or semi-professional, and amateur versions. Currently, under this already become quite well-known brand includes mountain, road model, the BMX, bikes class comfort and hybrid prototypes.

Bike Mongoose Montana

In the market today, the most great demand today enjoys it "Le Montana". Bicycles Mongoose Montana Le, which reviews indicate that they have little or no deficiencies have been put into mass production in mid-2015. They have non-standard wheel diameter - 27, 5 inches, are reliable aluminum frame. quality attachments applied in this model bicycles. From their previous counterparts Montana LE differs in several important characteristics. These bicycles have a particular strength of the joints, they are durable, and their design is resistant to various types of deformations. In addition, Mongoose Montana bikes are quite light in weight. This model is designed for entry-level user training, as well as The orderly use of the bike for short distances.

Bicycles Mongoose: reviews


This bike is intended for amateur ride through the mountains and rugged terrain. It has a fairly strong absorber fork and the frame of aluminum. Bicycle Mongoose Switchback made Hardtail scheme. On this bike you can ride both equally comfortable on mountain trails or the dirt road, and on the city pavement. Experts believe that this model is the best one for amateur mountain bike market. The manufacturer has provided the ability to customize all the design pieces model to your personal preferences and characteristics of the owner. On some bikes Mongoose Switchback wheel diameter - up to 26 inches.

Model Crossway

This series is designed for those who like long walks on rough terrain. These bikes are sometimes called Mongoose travel tales. They are highly reliable and are perfectly suited for off-road driving. For maximum comfort and increasing the cross for them provided enough large wheels - 28 inches in diameter.

Rockadile Al Boy

This children's bike Mongoose is considered one of the most popular bikes for younger and teen age categories of users of the brand. Although it must be said that the model is available, including for adults. However, the greatest fame was won modification provided for children and adolescents. It is interesting that the model is not simplified. It kept the manufacturer almost all design features adult version. In bicycles Rockadile Al Boy aluminum frame. The choice of buyers are offered two versions - the semi and amateur. The chain drive of the bicycle provides from seven to twenty-one speed. Its wheels do not exceed 24 inches in diameter.

Bicycles Mongoose: reviews


Another representative in the line of mountain bikes from the company The Mongoose, judging by the reviews, is perfect for exploring the intersection of type localities, and for driving on asphalt. In Tyax lightweight durable aluminum frame. The model is equipped with a fork to move no more than ten centimeters. Some modifications are disc brakes, which are remarkably responsive to the rider steps and ensure smooth deceleration. In 2007, the company has developed a model Tyax Comp. It is designed for semi-professional competitions held in the category of cross-country, - high-speed driving on rough terrain.

Bicycles Mongoose: reviews

Bicycles Mongoose: reviews

Lineup of products enables fans of two-wheeled vehicles to choose for themselves any available option. Each bike is distinguished by its specific characteristics, specific scope and design features. Therefore, judging by the reviews, stories of the brand "Mongoose" today deserve attention not only professional athletes, but also for those users who simply want to enjoy the measured ride in their pleasure. For example, installed on models Mongoose Montana Transmission Shimano RD-TX35, combined with far the lightest wheels hardly suitable for those cyclists who wish to receive from his "iron horse" some more than can give a simple two-wheeled vehicle. However, the low price of this series, its technical simplicity and at the same time - well-welded frame, judging by the reviews, bribe, making it attractive to the budget plan. As for Tyax models on them, according to users, are made very high quality weld joints. Among the disadvantages of some noted high prices for certain modifications.